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  • Herbie Wares
    Herbie Wares

    how was tielemans goal in their?


    We are going to become the 3rd side to not win the title despite being top at Christmas, after a 2 year long unbeaten home run we lose 5 on the bounce for the first time In our history, we are going to have to make a massive comeback to even get ucl football now, can this season get any worse? 😓

  • D B Cooper
    D B Cooper

    Klopp has made a few odd decisions BUT the front 3 have been shite & that’s not klopps fault . Salah is hot and cold , I was watching the game for 20 mins and didn’t even know Maine was playing

  • Jordan Taylor
    Jordan Taylor

    The one mistake Jamie makes here, is calling Liverpool 'the best pressing team in Europe'. They WERE in the last 2 seasons, for sure. But since Christmas Liverpool have been abysmal. Near relegation form, and have lost all confidence. I couldn't give 2 shits about the champions League, we ain't getting close to that this year. Klopp needs a break, and we just need the season over. So many things have gone wrong, personally and on the field and training pitch this season, it's untrue. I am just waiting for the plague of locusts to swarm Anfield.

  • Noobontop

    1:00 , Burnley: We’ve been here before..

  • Abu Shaad
    Abu Shaad

    Unbelievable, Every day he is growing as a player.

  • Muhammad Essakjee
    Muhammad Essakjee

    Liverpool fortress turned into a mattress because we always getting banged there😭

  • Nate

    Why are we celebrating bale scoring against burnley?

  • mcfcguvnors

    well done gareth barry there we all know he stopped that gettin way out of control

  • The Real Boy Wonder
    The Real Boy Wonder

    Football fans, journalists and pundits think so short term is embarrassing. As a Spurs fan I want to defend Liverpool here. They've been phenomenonal the last 3 seasons, won the CL, premier league and played brilliant football and making it look so easy. Yes the results aren't going well but what they achieved deserves praise....and time. Its a sport. Form dips. Its not the end of the World.

  • key buckley
    key buckley


  • AnBuXLaZa

    Anime cartoon😂love this guy

  • aj lei
    aj lei

    sorry for my English - but I don't think Klopp is the center point of the whole discussion. The team achieved a lot in the last 3 years on very high level. Now many things come together: injuries, fatigue, bad luck and so on. Klopp or any other one couldn't do anything better, than he already does. What should he say after every game? That's normal. Premier league is very high standard and all the teams there can play football. Compared to his german days interviews he looks quite calm. just my opinion...

  • Nihh Nihh
    Nihh Nihh

    Jurgen “ excuse “ Klopp

  • Aheesan30

    Where the hell is the arsenal counter attack goal vs Leicester

  • Me

    Gives him the second yellow when his backs turned and he’s walking away. Proper rat behaviour from the ref that.

  • Jon Burrows
    Jon Burrows

    Dive dive dive dive dive

  • Dillerz

    Get rid of them subtitles can't see the ball play @skysports

  • Clark Clarke
    Clark Clarke

    Rapidly making me eat my words, well done I used too think he was Chelsea’s lingard but that goal was brilliant 👌🏻

  • Purnell Charles
    Purnell Charles


  • NotTrappedUp.

    mason mount

  • David Doonan
    David Doonan

    Sevco moaning about not getting their 100th penalty of the season...they have had plenty of penalties that weren't dry your eyes Scouse Steve...1 trophy in last 10 years well done ya twats ☘️🇮🇪☘️🇮🇪

  • Not Real
    Not Real

    Sky, 2months ago: liverpool is the greatest team the prems ever seen🤡

  • Frankie Ag Nostos
    Frankie Ag Nostos

    Fake crowd noises are so irritating.

  • Sadiq Joda
    Sadiq Joda

    If we don’t get top 4 sack ole

  • Slasher_ king123
    Slasher_ king123

    Burnley 0-1 Brighton 0-1 Man. City 1-4 (could of been 6) Everton 0-2 Chelsea 0-1 Who’s next.

  • Phoenix

    Anime? "Do me a favour"

  • Sameer Ali
    Sameer Ali

    Bale is back at his best

  • Ace J. 7 Million
    Ace J. 7 Million

    PMSL!!! And Everton are 4th!! That must sting the Reds, lol!! COYB!!

  • hamz

    Zoumas a weeb confirmed!

  • Virtuoso RacingUK
    Virtuoso RacingUK

    5 home defeats leave klopp and liverpool walking alone.

  • Virtuoso RacingUK
    Virtuoso RacingUK

    Its a shame to see liverpool walking alone.

  • D G
    D G

    Of course, Jurgen has and his team have the worst time in Liverpool, a deep crisis, similar to his Dormtund experience. The question is if he wil stay for another season trying to rebulit the team and back to a winning path or he will decide to leave. But I am pretty sure that a new manager will not be able to have a suuccess qucikly.

  • Jamie Louise
    Jamie Louise

    Mount=Hazard 👍😬⚽️

  • Cameron Hannon
    Cameron Hannon

    Var needs to change. How can a player in a running motion be offside for a natural movement. When you run you lean. That has to occur what are they meant to run with their back arched to they arent offside. It has to be feet and feet alone. If the feet are onside then thats it.

  • Faraz Abid
    Faraz Abid

    Chelsea & England Future Captain

  • rlmross

    Another game another pathetic VAR offside. Get it binned!

  • Virtuoso RacingUK
    Virtuoso RacingUK

    Its a shame to see liverpool walking alone.

  • Lincoln Lee Drever
    Lincoln Lee Drever

    watkins should had had a pen

  • FFF

    1-0 really flattered Liverpool

  • Erlind Dashi
    Erlind Dashi

    2:22 when did they make red cards circles????

  • Frankie Ag Nostos
    Frankie Ag Nostos

    Fake crowd noise is terrible - repetitive and completely not matched to the action.

  • Propaganda F
    Propaganda F

    Classic liverpool won the ucl got knock out next season won the PL not even top 4 next season lol

  • AW

    how did the linesman not see it! Baffling!

  • James' Jukebox
    James' Jukebox

    They are in free fall, Salah top scorer so what, her did nothing, nothing, nothing! top four a myth this season.

  • james kiwoi
    james kiwoi

    As an arsenal fan At this point Id rather rewatch us get smashed by city than rewatch any of our games v man utd, the boredom is unreal

  • Jack Gallagher
    Jack Gallagher

    He's paid millions to tell you what you see on TV

  • LFC 1892
    LFC 1892

    I think it is time we appreciate how important Van Dijk is to this Liverpool team, I was seeing people say Dias is better than Van Dijk, he is POTY but that is ludicrous. Van Dijk allowed the full backs to attack even Gomez with his pace, he is basically our high line, without him it will continuously get exposed, its always the same old ball over the top, because we are slow at centre back and in midfield, we are playing our most mobile midfielders in Fabinho and Henderson are playing centre back when they should be in midfield, but we can't because we have no other options. Notice the midfield is slow now without their presence, and it slows down the attack because the link between the midfield and attack is non-existent. To summarise we are 'Slow FC'.

  • szsmix

    There should be a rule where you can punch refs if they make stupid calls

  • Humaid Shakir
    Humaid Shakir

    Christensen has one good game and is praised insanely but Dias plays well the whole season but he’s overrated.

  • Dwayne Rodney
    Dwayne Rodney

    What happened to running on the pitch and fist pumping about??? That's looks like a depleted man to me lol

  • Eoin Rouse
    Eoin Rouse

    Where's Diddzys goal against Aston Villa

  • MrWalrusmuncher

    Slash isn’t good on the ball that’s a new one Jamie

  • Dwaine Johnson
    Dwaine Johnson

    *ANFIELD has turned into JOKE-FIELD*

  • ben2339

    Even VAR cant get liverpool a point at Anfail 2021

  • L Blades
    L Blades

    Morelos play this season has been different class honestly 🇬🇧 involved in loads now and still chipping in with the Goals 🇬🇧

  • Ahmed Hussein
    Ahmed Hussein

    Sky sports has to learn from Bundesliga

  • Oscar95 YT
    Oscar95 YT

    Is no1 gonna talk about that ihenacho volley

  • 0ffic1al_rj

    Fulham had 4 very good chances and a stupid dissallowed goal. Feel bad for them, shoulda won.

  • Finn Casley
    Finn Casley

    Who’s watching after the cycling GK channel was created?

  • O O
    O O

    How is a deflected Goal in this list? ah ofc its Harry Kane

  • Pete Maverick
    Pete Maverick

    Shocking display, completely inept performance, very frustrating to watch. Klopp's lost the plot at present although I do have faith in him, hope it turns around soon.

  • Rob W
    Rob W

    He’s not even from liverpool 😂

  • James Tarbet
    James Tarbet

    Jhon beton is a mong

  • Andrew Dickie
    Andrew Dickie

    Seen better Atmosphere at a grave yard

  • spaace

    that is handball, hitting a hand/arm in an attack that ends in a goal is always ruled out. that is not the same as the handball rule, of course if that is a defender then it is no penalty but if the ball his an attacker on the hand/arm in the build up to a goal then it is ruled out, stupid rule but it has been that way since last season.

  • Rashid Almaeeni
    Rashid Almaeeni

    the players are burned out its obvious two seasons pushing the defenders to make mistakes is not happening anymore and this is causing problems on the break when they counter attack them they are exposed because they didn't put pressure well in the front.

  • Muhammed-usaid Khan
    Muhammed-usaid Khan

    Liverpool 0 fulham 1. Next result for liverpool....!!!

  • Rustythesuperdehero

    As a neutral Werner can't score with his hand unless I'm missing something 🤷


    Easiest Chelsea game so far this season.

  • Luis Polkey
    Luis Polkey

    Richys goal


    Easiest Chelsea game so far this season !

  • One Love
    One Love

    All aboard the Tuchel Train!

  • Sean Hayes
    Sean Hayes

    “Yeah of course you get a penalty when it’s deserved. But Ole comes across there as it’s like categorical, it’s impossible, it was a definite penalty. No it wasn’t!” Ummm, yes, Graeme, it was: • Hand/arm in an unnatural position • Hand clearly touches it before it hits Greenwood anywhere • Changes the path of the ball • Ends up with Hudson-Odoi gaining possession • Plain and simple penalty Anyone, including idiotic Souness, that disagrees is either: • in denial • doesn’t understand the rules of the game/what handball means • just dislikes United being given any decisions at all never mind warranted ones Pathetic. Then he has the nerve to go on about distraction tactics as if it is just some side issue that didn’t directly influence the result of the match as well. Projection at its finest since he’s the one distracting and trying to take the talk away from United deserving a penalty and the fact they should have come away with 3 points by just giving a general analysis of the game and that neither won between two top teams. Pathetic punditry. Just when you think he can’t outdo himself... He’s found new material in order to not have to concentrate on Pogba any more. Not a chance they keep him on for his standard of punditry but more because he talks utter shite and causes debate where everyone just debunks his bullshit.

  • Tommy Shacklady
    Tommy Shacklady

    liverpool have lost all it"s confidence as a team 5 defeats now how many more if it is not the players then it is the manager because watching last night that done it for me