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  • Warp75

    Blokes a drip 💧

  • Rohith Raman
    Rohith Raman

    Pickford James Maguire Stones Shaw Rice Phillips Foden Sancho Grealish Kane

  • mehul Lee
    mehul Lee

    Honestly, he should go to Barça. Messi has probably 2/3 seasons left in him and has started creating wayy too many chances now. With the emergence of Pedri and De Jong in the midfield, Ansu and Depay/Trincao/Dembele in attack and with Dest Araujo Mingueza Emerson in defence, it's perfect! He can take over Messi's mantel and rule Europe for the rest of his career

  • T M
    T M

    The world has officially gone mad. The end.

  • B -
    B -

    Luke Shaw or Kieran Tierney?

  • Jxm1e _
    Jxm1e _

    When the commentator said that it would knock Spurs out of the title race: Me: LIKES VIDEO

  • Dan 77
    Dan 77

    Why is chilwell and Mount isolating but not James

  • Monoï

    because UK is split into differents regions, if you'd split France by regions there would no be good teams neither.

  • Giannikos2006

    Who's here after scotland 0 england 0


    Why are Mount and Chilwell isolating but the whole Scotland team isn’t?

  • teak0h

    England fans and overhyping and overreacting. Name a more iconic duo. Lets see what we do in this last game before we crucify Southgate and scapegoat Kane. Adjustments are obvs needed tho. Sancho needs minutes. Midfield is missing Henderson's passing.

  • Tom Crossan
    Tom Crossan

    I think it is a bad test….

  • gonnaw1n

    Let's put this in perspective here...Gary is an awesome "pundit"...but this is a former player who got sacked after how long in his first and only managerial role? And also he was the assistant for England at Euro 16 when we lost to Iceland and he was the one making Kane take corners and free kicks....PERSPECTIVE!!!!

  • RichyRich

    The negative comments on this video are ridiculous. One bad result and everyone's going mad. Fickle

  • Abraham Chinye
    Abraham Chinye

    sack Southgate ffs

  • Leon Anderson
    Leon Anderson


  • Adrian Marrinan
    Adrian Marrinan

    I think the players would nod off in the dressing room listening to this clown

    • kevincarter2020

      The only thing this man can inspire is sleep . He could talk rohypnol into unconsciousness

  • Book Ain
    Book Ain

    I heard Dormund are holding on for a 5 million more!

  • Fredrik Dahl
    Fredrik Dahl

    Pele won the world cup at 17. He got three world cups at age 30. I mean, i am not even born in his time, but from what i have heard from other people who played against pele, he is certainly a top 5 player of all time. Only player to win three world cups aswell , although he didnt participate that much in the 62' world cup. Also, the best brazillian players played in brazil during Pelé' s time if im not mistaken. So the brazillian league was one of the best in the world at the time. And Pelé played mostly in an era before televised, and especially coloured games. so all in all Pelé was one of the greatest but he also overshadowed other great players aswell , like garrincha and so on.😎😀🇧🇷👍⚽️

  • Leon Anderson
    Leon Anderson

    Mount and Chilwell self isolating due to coming into contact with Gilmour but then didn't Mount & Chilwell then been in contact with the whole England squad in the changing room after that game... So shouldn't the whole england team be isolating and not just mount & Chilwell.... "MAD" Can they not hear what their saying their contradicting themselves.... So funny....

  • Scottys shizzle
    Scottys shizzle

    To even mention Kane and shearer in the same sentence is ridiculous… Kane’s overrated big time

  • Alessandro Antolini
    Alessandro Antolini

    Calling scrolling on Facebook “research” is scenes

  • The CNSR
    The CNSR

    At the start and end of the match, doesn't everyone shake/slap hands anyway?

    • jay horsley
      jay horsley

      They take a test and test positive ,or not and play simple as that ,you've either got the virus or you ain't simple as that

    • jay horsley
      jay horsley


    • A M
      A M

      Wings n dat 😂

    • Olibhear Corey
      Olibhear Corey

      Exactly big connoisseur love your videos but shaking hands and all has to do something

    • Nathan Moore
      Nathan Moore

      I know, how did no one else in the Scotland squad not catch it, mate? I might be wrong but I thought all the teams were in a bubble!?

  • Yusuf Islam
    Yusuf Islam

    These yutes don’t know anything about football

  • Daryl Jones
    Daryl Jones

    What about the Scottish squad self isolating 🤦‍♂️

  • Matty Cockburn
    Matty Cockburn

    How out of place does this clown look 🇬🇧

  • Nathan Hawkins
    Nathan Hawkins

    The English media really are awful aren’t they

  • James Gifford-Hull
    James Gifford-Hull

    Ffs Kane is tired. We know he's a great player but he needs resting. And I really don't rate Sterling. He's quick and good for teams that play high lines. But his touches and shooting are far too inconsistent for me to regard him as a really good player. Just sort of good on his day. Some of Gareth's selections beggars belief. Still could be worse. Could still have Roy and putting Kane on corners.

  • Christian Winters
    Christian Winters

    I got him out Toby Alderweireld and place him for Johnstone's

  • Tony

    Cue the fickle ‘fans’ 🤦‍♂️

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T

    sensible southgate

  • Brian Doran
    Brian Doran

    Harry Kane can never score when he needs too Overrated big time

  • Jay T
    Jay T

    I won’t lie I hate English fans. Booing players in the Scotland game just because we drew a they think that’s going to help?

  • Nate UwotM8
    Nate UwotM8

    Watch him pick Calvert Lewin over Grealish.

  • J W
    J W

    Absolutely devastated this uninspiring tactically inept yes man is in charge of my national team.

  • rocstar2001

    It's a repeat of the World Cup, going into the last game and not wanting to win it. It was the right outcome to lose against Belgium in the group stage and tomorrow a draw would probably be the best outcome so England finish second.

  • G P
    G P

    If we go out tommorow, can we have a pizza hut remake 'miss, misss' 'hang on boys, this isnt 96, they maybe neutral gender'

  • Adam Edwards
    Adam Edwards

    Everyone thinking Grealish will be starting because of Mount but really he'll pick a 3rd cdm!.

  • Dark manX2
    Dark manX2

    He said the players can't contract covid from each other because they're not in contact for long enough 🤣🤣🤣🤣 if all fails Gareth will make a very good government shill

  • Siro M. O.
    Siro M. O.

    3:50 you re welcome

  • Pedro Maverick
    Pedro Maverick

    There ain’t gonna be a ‘The Boys of ‘21’ in 25 years that’s for sure.

  • Conor McGregor
    Conor McGregor

    he doesnt mock ronaldo dont be a hype man

  • Foodways Distribution
    Foodways Distribution

    They looked just like you Garry when you played for England, they didn't care or had the hunger to perform for England.

  • dannyboywhaa

    If he played two holding holding against Scotland he’ll probably play three against the Czechs and four or five against anyone decent lol...

  • Woz ed
    Woz ed

    Manchester united are the worst negotiators ever !! Just pay the god damn transfer fee !

  • walkers wrath
    walkers wrath

    Such a dull bloke. No wonder we are playing such dull football

  • Abdirazaq Hussein
    Abdirazaq Hussein

    Grealish IF-L / Sancho IF-R if they're being touted as 80-100m they better play like Neymar and Robben.....Rashford or Kane up top, they need to press from the top and be quick on the break....Sterling should be sub for extra time lol.....Kane need's to stop dropping deep to collect the ball, you're #9 not #10 and you can't be both....he hasn't got the skills of Lewandowski...he need's to be more like Muller and exploit spaces, if you play 4231/3431/531 side ways football he is gonna look pedestrian and he is gonna drop deep to collect, play 433 pressing and counter football. Rice/Hendo/Philips fight for the DM position....Mount/Fodan/Bellingham fight for the 2x creative LCM/RCM...Have go, let Grealish/Sancho/Fodan/Mount/Saka express themselves, play with out fear like Rooney in 04 against France. Forget about the press waiting on them to mess up so they can slaughter them. If Southgate keeps playing for draws, the press gonna get him sacked anyway so might as well go for it.

  • VoiceOfTheSoul

    Covid nonsense. Scaremongering propaganda at its finest.

  • derek hattingh
    derek hattingh

    I would recommend this!! To all football fans

  • FenkinBu

    2:33 he didnt name kit-kat

  • Aymaan .T
    Aymaan .T


    • Realist Gooner
      Realist Gooner

      Foden plays both wings and midfield for City.

    • Tm Larkynado
      Tm Larkynado

      Foden right now is a better winger than Central attacking midfielder, what are u talking about?!

  • Aymaan .T
    Aymaan .T

    This clown has already made sure that he's not playing Sancho cause of "inexperience" What an absolute idiot. Sancho is never playing under Southgate until the day he leaves the Bundesliga

  • phineas gosalbe
    phineas gosalbe

    He is going to need more than a haircut, too get through the group stages

  • Armbando

    Science completely disregarded with covid. Isolating because they embraced on tv after the game. But contact with gilmour would have been made by both teams and especially scotland coutnless times

  • Aymaan .T
    Aymaan .T


  • just me
    just me

    Absolute pathetic manager 🙄

  • TonyGMichael

    Clueless political Hack....Your tactics are atrocious~!

  • Mike Sharp
    Mike Sharp

    Fraud shouldn’t be anywhere near the team

  • Plug Plugintons
    Plug Plugintons

    Instead of Rice and Phillips in a defensive two, why don’t we try Shaun Wright-Phillips on his own and kill two birds with one stone.

  • averagegamer

    Raheem Sterling isn't world class for me, he looks good in a great side but he isn't a player who can win a game on his own. He got a goal the other day because Phillips did all the graft. If I were a defender right now I would be happy if Sterling was coming at me because as soon as he gets close to a defender he stops. He used to be fearless and try and beat defenders but he just doesn't anymore. Most over rated player in our whole squad.

  • Unknown Tv
    Unknown Tv

    This guy needs to go smh

  • Three Sword Style
    Three Sword Style

    Brrruuuuhhhhhhh 💀

  • Sid007 Nirmal
    Sid007 Nirmal

    Why is Gary so persisted in protecting Southgate and his tactics? England's issue has not been talent but coaching...

  • DJ Obscene
    DJ Obscene

    Does Gareth want to give Kane a back rub in a warm bath,even a cheeky bath bomb thrown in for good measure. Why take players that ain’t gonna touch a blade of 🤦‍♂️🙄

  • Nene 139
    Nene 139


  • buckbumble

    Kerry wasn’t on mute. She was just shaking her head.

  • tony freedom
    tony freedom

    Gilmour is the boy to be watching.

  • AB Smith
    AB Smith

    Particularly liked the , “the vaccination doesn’t stop you getting COVID “ statement. Looks like a lot of people should be getting done under the “trades description act”. 🤦

  • buckbumble

    PLAY 👏🏻 SANCHO 👏🏻 PLAY 👏🏻 GREALISH Bench Kane!