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  • Antares

    that challenge by pickford is even worse then when Neuer kungfu striked Higuain lmao

  • Ancient

    we have to focus on the SQWAD!

  • A L
    A L

    He’s got going to Spurs and getting a season ending injury written all over him

  • Mubeen Attari
    Mubeen Attari

    This guy is pretty useless.

  • RedDevils20

    Dharmesh Sheth slowsports news

  • NishG

    “lil Mende” 😂

  • flobbingdonkey

    Sterlings was never a red card. Not his fault fans were on the pitch

  • Shaun Lafferty
    Shaun Lafferty

    No question about it (🇸🇪CB) who is slow not strong not good in the air and horrible at defending and has no pace WHAT ARE YOU!!! GET OUT OF THE CLUB

  • 10 step
    10 step

    Items of clothing Marcus: "is it like brands" WOW SO CLEVER

  • Tghy Ffhy
    Tghy Ffhy

    You all got the same energy after singing Sancho & Varane ?? 🤡

  • dis kid
    dis kid

    they’re hammered, it’s not that deep, seen worse on Geordie Shore

  • Lucy LFC
    Lucy LFC

    I absolutely love mo. He’s a kind, loving, Humble man❤️YNWA

  • Varun Kumar
    Varun Kumar

    jose over conte for chelsea any day!, miss you jose

  • S Morris
    S Morris

    Van p deserved a pay rise for that

  • Public Art Critic
    Public Art Critic

    Personally think he’d be a great coach, but start with a lower team and get the experience

  • John Walsh
    John Walsh

    He always has huge money to spend were ever he has been. Put him with a club in league one see how good he would be

  • josephine mensah
    josephine mensah

    This guy is unpredictable in a good way

  • josephine mensah
    josephine mensah

    Ian Wright is probably the most underrated pl striker ever

  • josephine mensah
    josephine mensah

    As an arsenal fan the Walker free kick was 🔥

  • ツ S N A K E ツ
    ツ S N A K E ツ

    "I was told by my source..." Source : Fabrizio's Twitter AND IS STILL A DAY LATE.

  • Michael Boyle
    Michael Boyle

    One of my favourite players,team player,intelligent,scorer of great goals,puts a shift in,dream to play with for midfield players looking to play one two's,never moaned when on the bench,won virtually everything,£12 million Arsene Wenger payed for him,bargain ! Oh the header for Arsenal against Leicester should be here and some of his magnificent assists, top top player as an Arsenal fan we should never have sold him !

  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster

    ‘And who put him on the deck?’ (Remembers it’s football and a bunch of girls.) Adds: ‘… if anyone?’ 🤣

  • Tony Nightingale
    Tony Nightingale

    Well, that was an utter waste of time. Some bloke trying to talk in "unbelievable breaking news" style but he actually has absolutely nothing to say. Why not just put a few adverts on instead?

  • John Mcivor
    John Mcivor


  • OscaR HD
    OscaR HD

    Surprised it isn’t just full of liverpool

  • Ctrl Alt De Ligt
    Ctrl Alt De Ligt

    That Assaidi strike brings back some painful memories, what a goal though

  • Seamus Reddington
    Seamus Reddington

    Mason Greenwood won of the best

  • Seamus Reddington
    Seamus Reddington

    Jrhdjriejhd7h3rhhdhrhihseneneehheheheh3ieji483 GOOD PLAY BY MAN UTD PLAYERS

  • Seamus Reddington
    Seamus Reddington

    Raheem is a better player than agűro

  • Seamus Reddington
    Seamus Reddington

    Bruno is the best footballer today how his skills go on 🤣 yes

  • Seamus Reddington
    Seamus Reddington

    Good skilled gools

  • Seamus Reddington
    Seamus Reddington

    Come on Manchester united

  • Tom French
    Tom French

    Mario Stanic vs West Ham is missing from this

  • Seamus Reddington
    Seamus Reddington

    Jadon Sancho ( good ) 👍🏽

  • The Smithersy
    The Smithersy

    Robbed by that damned corona

  • C4 M%
    C4 M%

    The Gaffer 💙

  • Long legged Larry
    Long legged Larry

    To be fair… that save by cook was amazing

  • Gerald Seydoux
    Gerald Seydoux

    2:23 that walkers kit LOL

  • Michael Browne
    Michael Browne

    I was sorry to see him leave Arsenal, I'm not sure he wanted to leave but with the nonsense that was going on at the time he was better off .

  • W Leon
    W Leon

    And yet, our defence of the title has to be the worst of any defending champions. We absolutely capitulated, and it was embarrassing. I never thought we would sink so low so quickly after our fantastic title win.Let us hope we can make amends this coming season.

  • waseem Sultan
    waseem Sultan

    Greatest manager of all time <3

  • Jayjaybren

    @the cyciling gk

  • Blake Antwi
    Blake Antwi

    Van Persie's volley vs Charlton was a screamer

  • adam cossins
    adam cossins

    This isn’t the “underrated” goals compilation, it’s the “dull commentary” goals compilation

  • Ashley Burns
    Ashley Burns

    I bet Dharmesh goes around saying he has connections, every number in his contacts is disconnected.