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  • thefootienut

    Fantastic advert for whichever appliance company with the emergency number in the background! Am I the only one?

  • Beast Kganyago
    Beast Kganyago

    Pogba looks high asf😂🤣

  • John Hitchen
    John Hitchen

    Sorry Roy Keane y don’t u go and manage a team and do better oh yeah that’s right u can’t been sacked at every club don’t mention the goal we should of had in first half and other chances we should of won that

  • SkySportsBaker

    Gary right they bottled the timing

  • The Hairy Snot
    The Hairy Snot

    All part of the agenda to destroy the things men hold dearest, never mind eh we always have the expertise of chunkz and the skills and wizardry of women's football 🤢

  • Calvin Westbrook
    Calvin Westbrook

    Levy is English and a Spurs fan, what is he thinking?

  • Art Of poetry
    Art Of poetry

    Garry ❤️👏👊

  • schuletrip

    Good news. Football is just Bread and Circuses. The sooner you realise it’s nothing more than that, the sooner you will all wake up to what is going on. Let football die!

  • Lyan Fernandes
    Lyan Fernandes

    If the first match of this competition occurs, I bet it will rain....Johan Cruyff crying in heaven....

  • Slade Wilson
    Slade Wilson

    Juventus doesn't seem to be able to win UCL, Milan hasn't been to UCL for 7 year and Inter hasn't been to top 16 of UCL for 8 years. City, Tottenham, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid have never won UCL. Is that really the top 12 teams of Europe? Does this super league mean so much that teams like Benfica, Ajax, Sevilla, Leicester, West Ham (this year), Napoli, Borrusia Dortmund, Marseille, Celtic etc etc don't have a place among them? Top 12 my ass

  • Shane Kelley
    Shane Kelley

    My local postman is waiting for Sky to get in touch to guage his reaction.

  • Papyrus __
    Papyrus __

    I love united and football but unfortunately I won’t be watching them anymore if they join this super league

  • callum 1991
    callum 1991

    Could it be tested first or is it that if they agree there’s no coming back?

  • Fishermans Friend
    Fishermans Friend

    As a lifelong Spurs fan, who goes to matches and buys merch etc I am having nothing to do with my club anymore. I am completely distancing myself from Levy and his selfish behaviour. I suggest any fans of the 'big six' do the same. Hit them where it hurts, completely shelf them and show them where greed gets them.

  • A P
    A P

    for the algorithm

  • Musa Badjie
    Musa Badjie

    Roy Keane announce about Paul Pogba, I believe we can have trophy in this season or in the next season but roy king have to stop blaming Paul Pogba? Paul Pogba arrived in Manchester United in 2016 we see is our best player of those three years which he has spend before Bruno so no matter what we believe we can make it? We need signings in Manchester United we need a defender, left winger and striker😎😎

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson

    Lets go London gunners 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🤬

  • Justin Spenceley
    Justin Spenceley

    The one thing these owners know that we don't appreciate is that everyone has their price!! Gary and Roy and all the other top earners in football didn't mind earning thousands a week that contributed to working class fans not being able to afford the seasons tickets anymore. The game changed massively when these players were around and to speak from the high and mighty when they were happy when they benefitted. People in glass House shouldn't throw stones.

  • Phil W
    Phil W

    End of the day, if they want to leave the Prem and build their own leage I'm sure 90% of fans won't follow and the Prem will be better for it in the long run. Let them do one.

  • Captain Hindsight
    Captain Hindsight

    Funny how the next game after the change to black banners, their opponents played in a full black kit 😂

  • john mac
    john mac

    When Gary refers to the quiet force of football, the dangerous people who sit in the background controlling everything. Can you all not see the similarity with the world today ? Because make no mistake this is why we are exactly where we are with this plandemic nonsense. Those at the very top have decided the time has come to reset everything and we the people will be, as usual, the ones who carry the can for it.

  • Himanish sarkar
    Himanish sarkar

    I love his game, the game is dying and it hurts

  • ian morrow
    ian morrow

    Its only what the premiership did to the football league without relegation.

  • trt trtson
    trt trtson

    I would like all fans to work together. Spread this to the fans of all clubs that are involved. DO NOT WATCH THE SUPER LEAGUE GAMES! If no fans are watching they won’t get the income. I know I won’t watch it. It hurts as an Arsenal fan not to watch my team play but I won’t watch the super league games.

  • Tristan Edwards
    Tristan Edwards

    Love the shade on the Americans for calling their league winners 'world champions' when it's only one country, maybe also Canada or Mexico. What a joke

  • silverbackdp

    Gary has poured his heart out in this podcast!

  • winny

    We Need To Stop This

  • Cian

    Save football

  • David Paulsen
    David Paulsen

    12:30 "Sport exists through fair and equal competion". Well said Martin Tyler

  • Kenneth Thompson
    Kenneth Thompson

    Feel sorry for Fulham very unlucky to have dropped two valuable points. Ref on Gunners side.

  • slashthe2nd

    Seriously who cares anymore?

  • rahowhero X
    rahowhero X

    Tbf the premiership has been pure greed and bollocks since about 2000.. this just highlights what's already been happening.

  • alan dalton
    alan dalton

    I'd rather see city in league 2 rather than compete in this franchised football league there is too much tradition and history behind the competitions now to change it well done Gary spot on

  • Nick C
    Nick C

    Once fans are allowed back in stadiums, not a single fan should set foot in to any of these clubs grounds or buy any merch until they drop this nonsense.

  • James Robson
    James Robson

    Very very rarely agree with Gary Neville but completely agree with him and thought he put the point across extremely well

  • Jeffry Jeff
    Jeffry Jeff

    How are they in that super league? 😂 😂 😂

  • leon henry
    leon henry

    STOP THE AMERICANIZEATION OF OUR GAME NOW! this is nothing but pure greed, get these owners out off football

  • Andrew Edwards
    Andrew Edwards

    Comes as absolutely no surprise tbh. Every wondered why your pie cost £5, program £4, shirt £100, season ticket £1500, sky £400, boots £120. Danny murphy: the players won't have this, they all want to win a Premier league or FA cup...yep, sure aubamyeng agrees with that, same with bale whos going back to real Madrid or pogba..time to take the blinkers off and realise every season we moan cus our team hasn't spent £200m in the transfer window is the reason this has happened. Managers given 3 months in a job, selling to the highest bidding sheik..etc etc. And now we are questioning why an American billionaire businessmen wouldn't join a league that guarantees a payment equivalent £300m...🤣🤣🤣 ask yourself this, how many arsenal players are british, how many honestly would turn down a 100k a week pay rise and turn down the opportunity to play ronaldo and messi?....

  • Steven Postans
    Steven Postans

    I'm surprised people are surprised. Money has dominated football for the last 20 years, even going back to the formation of the champions league and the Premier league. Football didn't die today, we should have been mourning its death for some years already.

  • MBA 95
    MBA 95

    Roy just completely agreed with Gary. History

  • Moe P
    Moe P

    I’m a life long Chelsea supporter and if this comes to fruition I’ll have nothing to do with the club ever again.

  • Streisand Neto
    Streisand Neto

    You can sense at 15:38 that Gary is broken by this proposal.

  • TheTruthHurts VaccinesArePoison
    TheTruthHurts VaccinesArePoison

    Greedy people need wiping out

  • Adomba Quadwo
    Adomba Quadwo

    Mikel Arteta and his squad should be ashamed of this horrible result. We had all the opportunity to closed the gap or possibly clinched top 4 berth. But Mikel is bent on making unnecessary rotations and that has hampered our European hopes next season.

  • AVB 81
    AVB 81

    shows the reality of greed and selfishness

  • Ben Beagle
    Ben Beagle

    if it does happen there will be a honeymoon period of 1 year a shiny new toy then it will just be boring.

  • MrRodzilla

    they should ban all the clubs involved and not allow them back into the regular competitions forever, especially liverpool edit: maybe let them back in in the 10th tier

  • Rudresh Kalgutkar
    Rudresh Kalgutkar

    Gary Neville the hero we need not the one we deserve. I am absolutely gutted by specially Real and United. I grew up watching these clubs, fans, history world wide presence and they want to fall to Tottenham and Arsenals level. Absolute Joke.

  • Ashish Karmacharya
    Ashish Karmacharya

    I am disowning Chelsea if it happens.

  • Tim Gazes
    Tim Gazes

    Well said Gary! Couldn’t agree more, with you 100%

  • Abdallah Ayaz
    Abdallah Ayaz

    "god help arsenal going forward" Roy Keane knows what arsenal once were and can see exactly what we have turned into. Pity the majority of the fans can't- Midtable joke.

  • Jacques Joubert
    Jacques Joubert

    Top lad Gary Neville.... with you all the way on this one

  • Pete Sincock
    Pete Sincock

    Seeing as the Premier League have to approve ownership takeovers. How about the PL and the Government embargo the clubs as businesses strip the owners of their right to own and set them up as fan franchises like Germany

  • Christopher Dakin
    Christopher Dakin

    Shambles of a club that have taken 4 points of your club having spent about a quarter of the money

  • northernmetalworker

    Doesn't this just open those clubs up to other clubs replacing what they're leaving behind? This all looks like a bunch of whining to me, like c'mon regulating them is just sour grapes, if they can do it, then they can do it.

  • Michael Paterson
    Michael Paterson

    Nice one Gary.

  • Dan Graham
    Dan Graham

    He’ll be analysing the games within twelve months.

  • Nicky Cotton
    Nicky Cotton

    Aye, they kept that quiet..! Obv' rumours, but always thought it'd be The League Winner each year. Wouldn't be able to have relegations anyway + wonder who'd be the other 6 in each of the other Divisions? Fair-Do's though Gary Neville.. Passionate & bet rants would be 'X-rated' off Camera.

  • Soham Mhatre
    Soham Mhatre

    Too late now All these owners shouldn't have been allowed to take such control in the first place

  • Tricky

    Gary’s right of course. But then of course Sky Sports and the Premier League set us on this trajectory. Everything changed when they got involved. The current powers that be are just worried that a bigger greedier pig is gonna stick its snout in their trough!

  • TheMassiveMidget

    ban the players of these leagues from every competition. world cup, euro's, champions league, domestic league

  • Johnny RETRO
    Johnny RETRO

    If this happens football is dead I think football is on the way out anyway over paid so called super stars they have killed the game I’d rather have guts and traditional ways any day of the week than these lot of players

  • UraStr

    Football fans are weird they want to watch boring matches to get rewired to watch few good matches a year :D

  • mr Lees
    mr Lees

    These chairman are globalists wake up people

  • mcfcguvnors

    ITS A GREAT IDEA but EVERYONE must be involved get rid of ENGLAND V LAPLAND friendlies - get all teams in a euro league for the games pencilled in for POINTLESS INTERNATIONALS ,get shot of the euros they are a joke ,world cup only thing with anty credibility EVERYONE must be involved

  • Elliott Singh
    Elliott Singh

    If this happens Football is finished forever

  • dude231ification

    Find me one person outside clubs who signed up that actually like this super league... I'll wait.

  • Minsoo Bae
    Minsoo Bae

    Roy Keanes missing the point of the interview. Pogba isn't saying Ole doesn't upset players. He's saying that even when Oles upset with you and benches you, he still makes you feel like a part of the team. With Mourinho, Pogba's saying that when he's upset with a player, he abandons them. The point of upsetting players is to make them better, not to dump blame on them and then kick them to the gutter.

  • JayB Producer
    JayB Producer

    Wow Gary, rate you even more just for the 1st 5mins. Glad you're being so blunt and mentioned the other club. Can someone tell me if this is definitely happening or we still just in the talking stage?

  • UraStr

    10 billion of solidarity payments, don't know what that means but sounds nice

  • G_GlasgowRFC

    Fulham should be in the Super league.

  • the ta{y}ble
    the ta{y}ble

    All clubs are motivated by profit so please 🙄 drop that stance .... putting sanctions in is a complete contradiction so ban players from competing where they want is a threat & trust me you’re pushing clubs out of the PL so be it just remember “be careful of what you wish for” also I am up for the Super League considering I am a sports lawyer just getting into the industry 👏🏽👏🏽 I welcome this