"Liverpool have to try something different!" | The Gary Neville Podcast
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Gary Neville takes a deep dive into Arsenal's defeat to Manchester City, Everton beating Liverpool in the Merseyside Derby and the other big results in the Premier League this weekend.
(This video was filmed before Manchester United's match with Newcastle.)
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    Exactly in the beginning i thought gary was watching fifa

  • Clive Chama
    Clive Chama

    Without their fans singing at the Kop-end, Liverpool turns into Arsenal

  • barbaro Helm
    barbaro Helm

    Given abu Dhabi f.c spending power and structure its goung to be pretty impossible for liverpool utd etc to compete on a long term basis.

  • B S
    B S

    “Lingaard is going to have a great career” Gary he’s a good player but he’s 29 there is not much left of his career bro

  • KodaFlare

    Martin "thinks 22 years is a whole century" Tyler 4:53

  • craig otter
    craig otter

    Good listen

  • Tommy Harrington
    Tommy Harrington

    Martin Tyler is so bias against Liverpool

  • K W
    K W

    Dinners at 12 o’clock Tea”s at 5.

  • Max G
    Max G

    'and I always remember' Gary Neville.

  • Douglas Taggart
    Douglas Taggart

    I can't agree Liverpool finish top 4 city, United and Leicester too far ahead so that leaves Chelsea West ham Everton spurs even villa going for 4th it's not a forgon conclusion Liverpool finishing 4th

  • Joel Williams
    Joel Williams

    it will be fine when jota comes back from injury

  • Dhruv Chatterjee
    Dhruv Chatterjee

    Gary Neville, you are a legend & hero to many of us UNITED Fans - love from India

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed Ahmed

    Klopp has done a great job but is it time to criticise him? Is top four possible now? Idk but they miss leadership

  • Mbot Restock
    Mbot Restock

    The massive quilt pathohistologically bump because playroom parallely manage apropos a tan signature. hurt, wrathful uzbekistan

  • Harr Kava
    Harr Kava

    I think Gary is a great pundit, but I don't know if he's being ignorant to the injury problem or if he's genuinely forgot how many players are currently out injured. This season they've had 6 to 10 players out for 22 games this season. There are no players to change anything and none that are staying fit long enough to make a new plan. And when there is a plan, another player gets injured. for example, Milner getting injured against Leicester, and Henderson getting injured in the Derby. Both in the first half of course. Perfect storm really. But Liverpool don't have a Nicky Butt, John O'Shea or Phil Neville to create a box to protect the defence, as we know, Fabinho, Milner and Henderson are injured, who are players who are meant to create this magic box...

  • Alex G
    Alex G

    His bit about Lingard is spot on. People tend to forget he was quality a few years back and hada good career up to this last 18 months-2 years

  • Qammar Shah
    Qammar Shah

    Best pundit by a mile

  • Ton Huyen Thu
    Ton Huyen Thu

    The tasteful bugle preoperatively change because honey willy fax along a unable property. acoustic, cowardly record

  • BarryJ Gallagher
    BarryJ Gallagher

    Neville and Tyler, I would rather listen to a garden rake scratching on a chalkboard .

  • tom thomas
    tom thomas

    A guy who fucked up completely as a manager telling Jurgen Klopp his job!

  • B.B

    Well there's Rugby,Cricket, etc etc.See how they work for them maybe.

  • Joe Potter
    Joe Potter

    Cahill at Everton?

  • Aj Lfc
    Aj Lfc

    Does he not realise are 2 centre backs are out an we have our 2 main midfielders playing at centre back plus jota injured now Henderson ...everything is out of place ... you’ll see a diffrent team nxt season

  • Neo One
    Neo One

    Stick that young lad in goal. Play back three of kabak other new defender and Allison then go from there

  • Mr Kipling
    Mr Kipling

    A great addition to the Sky sports SVsoft channel. Always good to hear Gary speak about football.

  • benitez sucks
    benitez sucks

    Liverpool actually beat Atletico in the 90 minutes at Anfield so that wasn't a defeat. They lost the tie in extra time,but won the second leg in 90 mins.

    • Douglas Taggart
      Douglas Taggart

      In that case Liverpool didn't beat Milan in 2005 champions league final the game ended 3-3

  • Dom Weston
    Dom Weston

    Gary “petered out” Neville

  • Mbacot Bareng
    Mbacot Bareng

    I miss you Gary Nivelle.

  • Abdi Mohamed
    Abdi Mohamed

    Gary "in terms of" Neville

  • Dominic Spiller
    Dominic Spiller

    Liverpool were a 1 season wonder

  • Peter Reid
    Peter Reid

    Van Dijk was always going to be a massive loss for them.

  • Storm Hawk
    Storm Hawk

    Think most Liverpool fans secretly respect G Neville but would never admit it. An honourable enemy.

  • You’re a FatNeek
    You’re a FatNeek

    How can Liverpool change when we are force to use certain people through injury

  • El Padrino
    El Padrino

    Did gary forget Utd are in the europa league?

  • William G
    William G

    What type of microphone is that?

  • Steven Rider
    Steven Rider

    We will see about cracks in the fortress when all of our injured players are back you will obviously look very foolish next season for not explaining the obvious

  • Steven Rider
    Steven Rider

    Valid point on how in one off games you could protect the defenders with defensive midfielders can I ask where Liverpool’s defensive midfielders are? Oh yea injured also you say three at the back we don’t have three centre halves

  • Gary John Nuznyi
    Gary John Nuznyi

    The boys have been 100mph for the last 3 yrs and stocked trophy cabinet up with 3 most prestigious trophies in club football they are mentally and physically drained all for our enjoyment....they ran through brick walls for us the SUPPORTERS so now we lose we lose as one ....regroup and go again next season with injured back in starting 11 ....

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown

    Chelsea gonna get whopped tonight

  • jonny d
    jonny d

    idont think they have to try something different I feel like they should go back to playing as they were without thiago.i know he's an excellent player but it's like they have to go through him or expect him to play the vital pass where as before without him on the pitch they bypassed that area...

  • hmu05366

    Like 90% of premier league games are as bad as this... it’s honestly so overrated

  • R G
    R G

    Does everyone know that Gary & Phil’s father is called Neville. Imagine that, Neville Neville!!

  • Eniola Elisery
    Eniola Elisery

    Cristiano “unbelievable” Ronaldo

  • S_ade99

    Absolutely love these podcasts, Gary Neville is one of the most incisive punditers, true 🐐

  • Paul Rawsthorne
    Paul Rawsthorne

    Like Gary did at Valencia,

  • Rizaan Jappie
    Rizaan Jappie

    And this is why Alex Ferguson is THE manager in football

  • MikeJ

    Someone needs to teach Martin Tyler what a"whole century" is

  • KS

    Henderson and Fabinho cannot drop off deep as they don't want to create gaps between the defenders and the midfield. Perhaps the 2x2 box will work, but then they are gonna be attacked on the wings. It's pointless to change to anything apart from a United style 4-2-3-1 counterattack

  • Тайлер Дерден
    Тайлер Дерден

    Fack you Garry

  • Ardi O'Riordan
    Ardi O'Riordan

    What change does he want? We barely have any players...

  • Rock Wilkins
    Rock Wilkins

    Gary “I remember at Manchester United” Neville

  • Richard Farrell
    Richard Farrell

    Gary couldn’t hold back the smile when Tyler mentioned Everton 😁


    I wanted more analysis of Leicester, second in the league and still an afterthought.

  • Ville Hansen
    Ville Hansen

    Gary is the best pundit right now

  • Spackwibble

    ‘Try something different’ ‘Protect the inexperienced centre backs’ How? Make Trent and Robbo sit back and hold their hands? Giving away our best attacking outlets thus making Mane and Bobby even more impotent? Load of shite. What players can he bring in off the bench? Fabinho, Gomez, Van Dijk, Matip, Henderson, Jota, Milner all injured, Keita only just come back, Chamberlain miles off the pace. It’s the same 11 because the only options he has are Shaqiri, Origi, Davies, Neco Williams... Jota has been out for 3-4 months, he was the backup, he was the forward to freshen it up, it’s really not surprising that we’re in this mess.

  • Marco Wong
    Marco Wong

    Gary must be relief that he doesn’t have to go to Papua New Guinea end of the season

  • omp9

    Gary is so talented. He should try being a manager, for sure he will do great..

    • Obumneme Okiche
      Obumneme Okiche

      He managed at Valencia CF

  • TrainInVain

    Gary “Sends A Message” Neville

  • Liam Smith
    Liam Smith

    jesse lingard is going to go on and have a great career. Same lingard that’s 29 this year? haha

  • Chuddy Holliday
    Chuddy Holliday

    Riyad mahrez gone from being a wonderful player dribbling past people stunning goals etc to just being a cog in a well oiled machine. It’s weird really he was magic. But now at city it’s a lot different even though he wins trophies regularly. Like an example of a career going forwards with money and titles but backwards in personal legend and performance levels goals and assists. Madness really

  • clifford adams
    clifford adams

    Tyler “AND IT ‘S LIVE”. Jeez does he think that’s great. Lame wouldn’t describe him Together - unbearable

  • clifford adams
    clifford adams

    Samuel I totally disagree,. He’s a half wit who talks the biggest load of garbage. His managerial career speaks for itself. When he’s on my TVs on mute. He couldn’t contain his toxic views on Liverpool

  • Cosmo Reed
    Cosmo Reed

    So as well as Sky Sports talking no stop about Liverpool and City when they should be talking about the teams that ARE ACTUALLY PLAYING AND WARMING UP, they now have ANOTHER show where they talk about Liverpool and City

  • MeerSaidIt

    New Football SVsoftr here ! Would love it if you checked my post match reaction out on my channel!

  • beefybreaker

    Gary quotes three years or three seasons and then a drop off; Liverpool have had a severe drop off since coming back from lockdown. After lockdown I think they needed 3 wins to lock in the league title, after that they've been an utterly different and poorer team. Klopp has earned the right to have this season but he's got to turn it round next year and he should start planning for the resurgence now otherwise he won't make it till Christmas.

  • Akzhol Issin
    Akzhol Issin

    One of few pundits on British tv who actually watches football games

  • PeterorPk

    These pundit acknowledge Liverpool’s injuries & then grill them for poor form 😂😂

  • Stanley Kuria
    Stanley Kuria

    They are still riding on the high of winning the champions league and EPL.

  • philip kemp bell
    philip kemp bell

    Liverpool are screwed.

  • Joaquín Enríquez
    Joaquín Enríquez

    How does this guy have a job?

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith

    L-Pool have been playing all over the place for ages and Klopp has dune F-All to put it back right and you watch the first top side they play in the CL there out

  • simplythebest286

    gary means liverpool needs to do the same work he did in valencia !!!! absolute genius !!!

  • LFC 19
    LFC 19

    Maybe Neville could manage Liverpool after Klopp gets sacked.

  • brownsombrero

    gary's crooked nose is throwing me off

  • S. Mir
    S. Mir

    Like neville he's a top guy unbiased and always good analysis.

  • Chin Yen Tay
    Chin Yen Tay

    Mark Clattenburg:’’"Kavanagh spent mere seconds at his monitor. It wasn't to check whether it was a penalty - he and VAR Andre Marriner accepted it was - but whether Alexander-Arnold should be red-carded.’’

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan

    Man's not hot.

  • Dylan Thomas
    Dylan Thomas

    I am absolutely loving the fall of Liverpool at the minute brings so much joy to my life

    • trudon

      U need to get a life then.

    • LFC 19
      LFC 19

      Enjoy, it's temporary !

  • Rage Rider
    Rage Rider

    He's not wrong. It is time for something different. Liverpool should play defenders in defence & midfielders in midfield. If your defence isn't up to it, set the rest of the team up to attack as best as you can & back yourself to score more goals than the opposition. Worth a shot as the current tactics compromises both defence & midfield.

    • Rage Rider
      Rage Rider

      @trudon Agreed. It may not be the answer but it's at least worth a try imo.

    • trudon

      Davies/phillips and kabak should be the cb partnership. Play fabinho to protect them when fit.


    Gary “there was always going to be a drop off” Neville

  • marcus darkwa
    marcus darkwa

    I love football loved it all my life but god I can not wait for fans back the soul feels like its been ripped out the games have lost the spark for me and there just seems to be a game on every day, football has lost something in this pandemic and I hope it finds it spark again soon

  • Grassroots Football
    Grassroots Football

    its been 2 years or about a season and a half not 3 years at the top gary

  • Andrew waldon
    Andrew waldon

    The television schedules have been the best there have ever been! Keep it like this after covid !

  • Ed Glue
    Ed Glue

    Even Stevie Wonder can see that

  • Morgan Todd
    Morgan Todd

    Make these longer imo

  • WP 999
    WP 999

    Love him or hate him, he's one of the most honest pundits going.

  • Alex Sillman
    Alex Sillman

    Gary: Liverpool have to try something different Me: 👏🏽😮

  • M15TRY

    i thought that was Geoff standing behind gary

  • PAS 20
    PAS 20

    Gary these middle names are boring Neville.

  • Rory Ó Muirgheasáin
    Rory Ó Muirgheasáin

    Answer - new players.

  • Aarron Stobie
    Aarron Stobie

    How have everton been pathetic this season

  • Antony Ellis
    Antony Ellis

    That's it Jurgen, listen to the man who was bombed out of Valencia in 6 months of the job 🤣

  • edinson cavani
    edinson cavani

    I love martin Tyler but this season I cant listen to him doing the games anymore football has changed and hes trying to change with it but hes nearly 80 I think it's time for a change

  • Andrew Weston
    Andrew Weston

    Always grew up hating this guy for a reason,but nice to see a good honest opinion.


    Got a lot of respect for Neville disliked him as a player with a passion as a Liverpool fan but as a pundit he is unbiased, knowledgable and sincere YNWA!

  • Peter Neate
    Peter Neate

    Is it winning?

  • Matt Wyatt
    Matt Wyatt

    Gary Neville should just change his name to Gary consistent, he was the most consistent presence in those great united teams and he’s mr consistent as a pundit 👌🏻

  • Jim Elded
    Jim Elded

    Yea try something different like sign 11decent players

  • Layla

    They are flopping so hard. United and Arsenal finished top 4 for 20 years . Arsenal with injuries everywhere

  • Layla

    Liverpool get so much slack. So many excuses