What's gone wrong for Jose Mourinho at Tottenham? | Jamie Carragher & Gary Neville
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Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville take a look at Tottenham's recent performances under Jose Mourinho in a bid to answer the question; what has gone wrong for Jose at Spurs?
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  • Karim Turner
    Karim Turner

    Jamie and gary Naville never like jose

  • J Hudson
    J Hudson

    Uh... it’s Mourinho. Park the bus and play counter attacking football, wasting so much talent.

  • Jakov Nenadovic
    Jakov Nenadovic

    Totenham was great first 10-15 games Because Kane son duo was flying it couldn't continue 38 games

  • Cian Omalley
    Cian Omalley

    Spurs have to sign players

  • Devin Halim
    Devin Halim

    I kinda relieved that united sacked him,some people maybe said he reached second place in 2017/2018 but he Made an absolute chaos in the dressing room and ole didn't make any of that,as well as united progressed under ole,when under Jose that 2017/2018 results looked like a fluke

  • Real Madrid
    Real Madrid

    I think if Jose wins either Europa League or Carabao cup and reaches prolly top6 he should stay atleast another season....

  • TheDvdral

    Wow, these 2 would be the best managers ever! They always know exactly what's wrong and how to fix it! 🤔

  • Gordon Irvine
    Gordon Irvine

    It's always interesting listening to these two.

  • Love Life
    Love Life

    When you bench Deli Ali and Gareth Bale, your taking goals out of that team, rely on Kane and Son too heavily

  • Bobby Millar
    Bobby Millar

    Same video just says tottenham instead of Utd ahaha

  • madzangels

    What's gone wrong for Jamie Carragher at Sky? - Jose Mourinho & Jurgen Klopp

  • Jacob A
    Jacob A

    Mourinho is what has gone wrong for Tottenham.

  • Timbone

    To those saying Poch did better with this team Hahaha Poch did not win an away game for a year. What are you all smoking?

  • adolfo rodolfo
    adolfo rodolfo

    I think it's pretty obvious what's wrong with Tottenham (who I support by the way). Firstly the tactics, which are hopeless; the sole idea is to defend and try to score on the break; it worked early in the season but everyone has sussed out that if you keep the game tight, defend deep and in numbers, Spurs don't know how to break defences down. The second problem is team selection, especially in defence. The third is that we have too many players who just aren't good enough if we want to be around the top of the league. All of these are Mourinho's fault. We need to get rid of him as soon as possible, but the vast amount of compensation we would have to pay on his ridiculously high contract makes that difficult.

  • helder cardoso
    helder cardoso

    Jose is going to stay until contract ends there's no way Levi is going to sack him and pay 40 million ,in the end is going to deliver a trophy but is still a disappointment because Tottenham have the players to win premiere League but do they have the team?team spirit is what is missing,too many good players and there's no room for every one in first team for me that's a problem

  • Marvin Manyekoane
    Marvin Manyekoane

    This people seem to know a lot but they r not top coaches. Tottenham doesn't hv gr8 players .but we competing this bunch of players with the past teams Jose coached.this players r not even on that Portos Level

  • Captain Elzevir
    Captain Elzevir

    I'm a tottenham fan, I was a huge Poch fan and still am. I feel for him as much as any tottenham fan that he didn't win a trophy, because he deserved to win something. But with this whole Mourinho thing...im not blaming Jose. Weve got the same problem that we had when Poch was still coach and that's the players aren't giving enough in my opinion. That champions league final against Liverpool, I'm sorry that team choked...plain and simple. It wasnt even a great Liverpool performance and that spurs side choked at the most important time. Like they have done so many times this season with Jose. I can understand why Jose is trying to make them play defensively, because that team had no confidence defending even when Poch was there. Tottenham have been a poor defending side for years now, and Jose is trying to insert the importance of good defending and trying to bring their confidence up doing so. But those players aren't giving their all every week, they are making silly mistakes, giving away penalties etc. We can't keep relying on Kane and Son to keep scoring loads of goals, everyone needs to play a part and do their bit. And even if Kane and Son score 3 or 4 goals in one game but the defense play like they have been they still won't get wins. That back 4 needs a total rebuild in my opinion...certain players who haven't been playing or performing need to stop whinging about not playing and actually start getting winning results. Jose and Poch can only do so much...they can't make those players play well, that's up to the players. People are saying Jose is being too harsh on certain players like Alli and Bale...not being funny Alex Ferguson was exactly the same, if you didn't play well...he dropped you. If you kept bitching and moaning...you got sold. You can't keep pandering to these players, they are professional sportsman, they know whats expected and get paid alot of money also...so if your not doing well enough, sometimes being called out on it and being dropped is required to make them buck their ideas up. The problem at tottenham is the players not the coach.

  • Kyle Mahabeer
    Kyle Mahabeer

    Things didn't go wrong. It was already wrong the moment he stepped in. Mourinho is the most overrated and boring manager from the successful ones. His style of football is ancient and not good enough in this era of football. When he came to United, we played the most rubbish football ever witnessed. Thank God he is gone because I don't think there's anything special about him at all and now Tottenham have to put up with this rubbish manager.Most ridiculous thing I ever heard him call himself. The special one 🤣 what a load of crap. Mourinho is not good enough to manage a top 4 side in any league

  • Alasdair Young
    Alasdair Young

    Really good of Spurs to give this famous Sky pundit a go at managerial work, shame he doesn't seem suited though

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson

    What a brilliant MNF punditry duo Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville are

  • Andrew Eng
    Andrew Eng

    Tottenham has to win a trophy this season. But they have been utterly disappointing this season. They started off very well and were at the top of the table. Unfortunately, they could not hold on and are now at No 9. Winning the Carabao Cup will not be easy as they are going up against Man City. The Europa league seems to be a less daunting task and they have been playing well there. With the likes of Kane, Son and Bale as their front three they should be achieving much more.

  • boris'sbff

    As a Tottenham fan i hated Mourinho from the start. i remember being so happy the night poc was sacked and waking up to see the most boring man in football at my club it was heart crushing. Jose needs to change i can think of so many games that we should have won or drawn exp liverpool fullham west ham (twice) Newcastle leister and it all because he sat on a lead but for me he is not finshed yet still though we need to sack him before the carabao cup so we have a small chance to win

  • idir moussi
    idir moussi

    .Absolutely spot on Jamie, that's how it is. Jose comes in with a long cv and hope for winning a trophee. But what trophee are we talking about ? Management wise he's great, but football wise he needs to have a long look at himself for the sort of displays him team have week-in week-out. Also, Jose doesn't seem to learn from hispreviosu jobs, where he had personality clashes and sidelining few key players. Frustration therefore wears on the very key players he deliberately shuts down. Ultimately, Jose is past his date and prime for top top fottballing teams

  • Renjith Haridas
    Renjith Haridas

    Jammie carreger and Liverpool are crying

  • Younsi Lahlou
    Younsi Lahlou

    Mourinho needs To update his software football. He's Still running Windows XP. I like listening to these gentlemen they have a great knowledge of football. Respect

  • 333

    He's past his sell by date.

  • Joe Segrue
    Joe Segrue

    I 100% agree with Jamie.

  • Kingsley Arthanayake
    Kingsley Arthanayake

    I am a spurs fan and I wish my grandad didn't come to Essex from Sri Lanka and my Dads schoolmates coerced him into becoming a Spurs fan who in turn coerced me into becoming a spurs fan. FFS

  • Tal Parmenter
    Tal Parmenter

    1:05 Do the windows up! Carra is getting his ammo ready

  • Amirreza Shamsehkohan
    Amirreza Shamsehkohan

    It's not Mourinho, it's the quality of the defenders. A top CB is what Spurs are missing. They conceded too many goals because of individual mistakes. They need to rebuild the defensive line, and even sell Kane or Son if necessary. Look what happened to Liverpool when they sold Coutinho. They should show that they are not reliant on individuals.

  • HighFlyingBird82

    Jose's magic is dead. When you start failing at Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Chelsea (2nd stint), Manchester Utd and Spurs - time to retire.

    • illuminatie25

      He won a record point league title at RM, a treble at Inter, and a prem at Chelsea. Then overachieved with a 2nd place and a UEL at MU. He’s not a manager that stays for long and rebuilds squads but he certainly didn’t fail at these places.

  • Vinz W
    Vinz W

    Mou’s touch has definitely turned stale. That man looks spent. Spurs has regressed back to a mid-table struggler.

  • Efrizal 2508
    Efrizal 2508

    Double centre back very disapointed..find another centre back jose you never win trophy with them

  • YouTube Life
    YouTube Life

    Pochettino was sacked because Tottenham were facing relegation and not because they failed to win a trophy.

  • David Taaru
    David Taaru

    For me Jose is good when he gets a team he wants nowadays he’s barely given the freedom to spend like he was at Chelsea, at Chelsea he had players he can trust nowadays he does not have that and I’m guessing as a top manager it’s frustrating for him

  • Michael Warren
    Michael Warren

    Subtitles on! 🙄

  • Ryan Kings
    Ryan Kings

    unless jose has a 100% title winning team he doesn't achieve much. he's not a very good manager at taking a 75% team and turning them into title contenders. besides his porto run, every team he has succeeded with are already a completely built title contending team. Every time he's been to a club what needs some work, he flops.

  • incognito96

    Mourinho the analogue manager in a digital world.

  • Jordan Harrison
    Jordan Harrison

    Nothing's gone wrong at Tottenham. They are as they have always been. Spineless bottlejobs.

  • skunkymonkey13

    Even if spurs win the leauge cup maybe the Europa leauge, Kane still has to leave the club I dont see them coming anywhere near to winning the leauge next season

  • New Thought
    New Thought

    Sky truly rinsing one subject to justify its own existence!

  • Jordy Ortiz
    Jordy Ortiz

    Don’t listen to Carragher, he’s heavily biased...

  • TheWhiteKirby

    The funniest part is Jose's tactics could work if he played dele alli alongside hojberg. Dele alli is a good transition player and can defend/intercept helping Hojberg. The system doesnt work because we're relying on either Tanguy to dribble it all the way up or for Hojberg to thread a pass, which happens but can be stopped. Dele alli can both dribble it all the way up and thread a pass lol. It's like Jose Mourinho wants to make it hard on himself.

  • Inquisitor Pingu
    Inquisitor Pingu

    groundhog Day

  • carrington mangwroi
    carrington mangwroi

    Jose should manage stoke or Blackburn he will be gud there there football is dirty football


    How much air do you need Jamie: shshhhhhhuu

  • Rhinoceros

    Kane and son carrying the club on their backs

  • Mario

    Not Jose fault that owner does not want to spend money to buy new defense.

  • Salem bin shahdoor
    Salem bin shahdoor

    I think same old jose. Would be sacked next season

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    With Levy in charge we ain't winning fook all. LEVY OUT

  • K Sway
    K Sway

    Spurs is going to win the Europa

  • Martin Harvey
    Martin Harvey

    There's no way Spurs are beating Man City in the League Cup Final with that clown in goal! Jose as Manager? Jesus Christ himself could be managing Spurs and they'd still get nowhere near that City side!

  • J Egbert
    J Egbert

    The incompetent property pharmacodynamically decide because bit superfamily learn past a known laura. tricky, silent makeup

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy

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  • Tom

    Most of this makes sense except for that keeper comment. Sorry but Loris is excellent

  • Magic Mystery
    Magic Mystery

    Jamie "there" Carragher

  • bilij pdan
    bilij pdan

    How often does salvia build up in Jamie's mouth ffs constantly making that noise before he speaks, jesus christ 😅

  • Paul Cousins
    Paul Cousins

    It seems history and tradition hurts people

  • Niall Mackenzie
    Niall Mackenzie

    Jesus, Jaime put your digital abacus 🧮 away.

  • David Atkinson
    David Atkinson

    If you get top 4 in this league you are God tier anyways

    • bilij pdan
      bilij pdan

      Who remembers a Mourinho team.

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui

    Jose plays Like big Sam and expect to win 😂

  • Joseph Breen
    Joseph Breen

    Oh Jose

  • Jose Dos santos
    Jose Dos santos

    Jamie boyo show me your medals as a football manager the only thing that you are good at is spiting at kids

  • Jerry Darma Euw
    Jerry Darma Euw

    Dan Levy has just made the biggest mistake of his life by hiring Mourinho. As a United fan, I think that Pochettino has done such an excellent job by constantly finishing top 5 and even being title contenders during his time.

    • foopyu nooui
      foopyu nooui

      The mourinho effect has started already.normally takes longer than this

  • Kobe Wilson
    Kobe Wilson

    Well done Gary 👏 ✔ 👍

  • Ayaan

    From a united fan - Jose’s tactics don’t work anymore.

  • flying guru
    flying guru

    funny they talk about a coach that won a league in every club he was in , several champions league , europa league , won everything. probably is tottenham team is a crap , just have 2 players the rest is meh , the midfield of totenham is one of the worst in premier league.

  • Mohammed Ubaithe
    Mohammed Ubaithe

    Jose's style of football suits Tottenham very well, the issue is the surroundings of certain players that Neville touched on, They should play Gareth Nale more often in games and give Ali another opportunity otherwise offload him. The quality has always been there for Spurs but it's gone up a few levels with JM coming in and they need to get going again. I don't think they'll reach the top 4 this season but can secure 5th spot and hold out till next season to challenge in all comps.

  • Ryan D Hazer
    Ryan D Hazer

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  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei

    Jose plays Like big Sam and expect to win 😂

  • Arnab Baag
    Arnab Baag

    The fact that people thought spurs can win the league is crazy😂😂😂

  • tuurtaburco

    How can your prayers respect you, and play well or respond to your criticism when you're constantly verbally abusing them on the media?

    • Lex Kanyima
      Lex Kanyima

      That's Mourinho

  • huttio srreu
    huttio srreu

    2:59 Jamie spot on. Poch got treated unfairly innall that

    • sotuur aeei
      sotuur aeei

      Who in man city squad would stand above other players in top teams, none, its the system a manager plays, spurs players look unhappy under jose. Where is deli ali, bale

  • Kevin Crawford
    Kevin Crawford

    You must admit this pairing are the perfect pairing, pairing with the most dominant teams and long-time adversaries, the fight for perfection is a blessing to us all.❤️ I'm a twin Bury born Liverpool fan Was you sick in your mouth a bit Gary? My twin's called Gary Hope I didn't freak ū out at Fishpool, St Chads 🤣👀 ✌️❤️

  • Shaun Taylor
    Shaun Taylor

    Who remembers a Mourinho team.

  • Ashley Willson
    Ashley Willson

    Poch overachieved, Mourhino picking up the pieces. Tottenham not a top 4 club. Done.

    • huttio srreu
      huttio srreu

      You could literally be talking about ANYTHING and Neville can explain an example involving United 😂😂

  • DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus
    DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus

    Nothing gone wrong ...this is normal stuff

  • O A
    O A

    Jose is not a good fit for this team

  • soniyu ziuy
    soniyu ziuy

    The mourinho effect has started already.normally takes longer than this

  • nevabord

    Looks like another manager soon, let the roller coaster begin COYS

  • Tim Henry
    Tim Henry

    The nimble cucumber anecdotally trust because error perioperaively hammer pro a unadvised euphonium. pleasant, bright bay

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T

    one man team

    • soniyu ziuy
      soniyu ziuy

      Maybe JM is just not that good of a coach anymore... I guess we will just come to this conclusion on his next PL stop.

  • Dan H
    Dan H

    21 out of the 25 goals spurs have conceded have come from individual mistakes or set pieces. That’s near 85%. i would much rather see defenders who failed poch and now are failing jose leave.

  • Shaneey

    I think Jose is doing a fine job give him a 25 year contract he has team playing well :D Arsenal fan

  • Matt Labron
    Matt Labron

    fair enough Mourinho has got spurs to a final, but if you actually look at it, it's one of the most fraudulent league cup runs ever. They didn't even play the first game in the third round cuz Leyton Orient had COVID so they just automatically went through, they beat Chelsea on penalties, and then had two championship teams in the next two rounds. Plus it's the first time the semi final wasn't over two legs. So essentially, all they've done is won two games against two championship sides to reach the final. Yeah you can only beat the teams you're drawn against, but if the narrative is spun that Jose has been successful at Spurs because he got them to a League Cup final, when you actually look at what they've done to get to that final, it's just a bit laughable

  • Frank Wehrhahn
    Frank Wehrhahn

    Spurs are 8th or 9th and Mourinho groupies still making excuses 😂😂😂

    • Rafael Santos
      Rafael Santos

      Yes we are! He has faced Chelsea, LFC & City twice already! See what he does with easier calendar for the rest of the season

  • angel queenシ
    angel queenシ

    If you take kane and son away your left with an very average team. Mourinho play's terrible football and if Tottenham score first they put everyone behind the ball trying to hold on to the lead instead of trying to get another goal to finish the game. Also falling out with players doesn't help.

  • cold water
    cold water

    Honestly these dirtbags deserve relegation. Pochettino was a fkn beast man. Stopping contes winning spree!! And going on one soon after? Kane sprouted dele Ali sprouted son sprouted and ouuuuu one bad run and poch out? Well now he’s at a bigger club speaking mi amor and drinking finest wines in designer club working with bright youngsters . And doing well lol. Poch out fans deserve this run IMO. Tottenham is back where they belong tho, out of the conversation entirely 🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • flanneryshaneedward

    Who in man city squad would stand above other players in top teams, none, its the system a manager plays, spurs players look unhappy under jose. Where is deli ali, bale needed games under his belt to gain confidence and form. After they blew the 3 goal lead against west ham jose never risked bale again and the team always look like a team defending a 0 - 0 scoreline.

  • StrattonGoesMad

    We’re a free flowing club not a bloody mother f*cking group of defensive bast*rds

  • WhatEwen’sDoin’

    You could literally be talking about ANYTHING and Neville can explain an example involving United 😂😂

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy

    everyone is saying mourinho out...

  • Dunamis Hub
    Dunamis Hub

    Six years in Spurs and never won even an Fa cop. Jose is there for half season plus ongoing season. Give Jose a break we believe him, his resume speaks for itself. Even at United he won the Europa league and that's the best results since Alex Ferguson. Spurs need to build a new team and that takes time. How many years did Klopp take to work at Liverpool? Why are we so much in a haste?

  • enos badaso
    enos badaso

    pochettino was 2 or 3 players away from winning a trophy.....

  • stoneytheclown

    Remember how fast Carra used to speak when doing an interview after a game and whatnot? It's 1.5x speed playback 😂

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy


  • Akram43

    Gary neville for me That defense ruined the marvels of Kane & Son Always with foolish mistakes and giving away goals or penalties killing the team's game..... How is that on Jose ?? Also Bale is done for and Alli needs to get his mind straight instead of being a baby

  • A to the G
    A to the G

    Maybe JM is just not that good of a coach anymore... I guess we will just come to this conclusion on his next PL stop.

  • _ Moon_
    _ Moon_

    Spurs are an attacking team, it just doesn't work with jose's park the bus method. Spurs have always had a more impressive offense than defense, and right now their defense is downright awful.

  • yap dem
    yap dem

    This is his best analysis he has ever given, talking about Jamie😀

  • Mark Power
    Mark Power

    he works for Paddy Power -----------DUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker

    Spurs won the PL title in December, donnu what the fuss is all about.

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