Marcus Rashford reflects on his sensational five-years since 'bursting onto the scene' 🤩
Manchester United super-star forward Marcus Rashford reflects on his sensational five-years since 'bursting onto the scene'.

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  • sean robinson
    sean robinson

    He ain't all that. Just gets global attention for what his agent tells him what to do off the pitch...

  • Big Draco
    Big Draco

    Roy Keane wrote this title didn't he

  • ac17 140
    ac17 140

    Sensational ha. Typical english overrating players hes goalscoring and assist stats are far from sensational

    • sean robinson
      sean robinson

      Not all English people think he's a sensation... Overrated, overhyped, overpaid and overexposure courtesy of his money hungry agent.

  • Adam Iqbal
    Adam Iqbal

    The only way to deal with hate on social media is every account must be created or only to continue using social media a valid passport must be uploaded and identity confirmed

  • Mlondi Hadebe
    Mlondi Hadebe

    Kid is way OVERRATED

  • Dylan 04
    Dylan 04

    So overrated

  • Jean Jacques Lundi
    Jean Jacques Lundi

    I like the guy, but if he wasn't from the academy or english he wouldn't get this attention and would probably not still be a starter for Utd. I mean, really imagine him being another nationality and an outside-the-academy player......can you really picture him being selected as part of Utd's front 3?

  • Ernest Thesiger
    Ernest Thesiger

    Let's be honest, it's been diminishing returns every year since he burst onto the scene as a youngster who looked like he could be a great player in the future. He was pretty good in his first year in football, average in his second year, below average in his third, poor in his fourth and, in the main, he has been absolutely terrible since last June! I really can't see him ever becoming the great player people thought he could become.

  • robbiepeterh

    If we can get him firing for England with Stirling and Kane we’ve got a huge chance of winning something because they’re genuine class players ⚽️

  • Mikhail

    Desicion making Finishing and clinicality Consistency and drive - If Rashford works on these he’s as good as Ronaldo. Rashford, we want you to work hard!

  • 1341141 N4JI13
    1341141 N4JI13

    He Is A Great Person

  • Galway2015

    Why has he become so miserable?

  • Adeshina Olanrewaju
    Adeshina Olanrewaju

    He's becoming annoying on the pitch

    • sean robinson
      sean robinson

      And off the pitch.

  • RTL

    Rashford needs to learn when to pass, right now he hogs the ball and runs into trouble.

  • azerabear bear
    azerabear bear


  • Young Fizz
    Young Fizz

    What a player he is

  • Topaz dude17
    Topaz dude17

    Stat padder who will never lead United to leagues or UCL

  • Essey

    Ummm ummm ummm that’s all I hear in this interview 😂😂

  • MrBiaklian

    Dribble on Rashy lol

  • John Munro
    John Munro

    The prince of withenshaw

  • avfc 69
    avfc 69

    See how he’s Becoming a man fair play for the stuff he has done ✅

  • Ryan Kanungo
    Ryan Kanungo

    This man will go far in his career. Mark my words.

    • sean robinson
      sean robinson

      Gosh, it's like Mother Shipton just walked into the room.

  • IliyanDetty Ilievi
    IliyanDetty Ilievi

    Rashi stop smoke start speeding things u know :D

  • Osama Bin Laden
    Osama Bin Laden


  • Shaw Farrow
    Shaw Farrow

    Mancunian born and made but all this fukery of foreigners arrogance who want to come in so easy and takeover the club just like that but have no respect for the club's culture and our citizens because they simply just want in on that worldwide fan status and lucrative investment! Too many egos at the club but Rashford is one of the most humble going! Though he's not the lethal goal scorer of the club because he operates primarily as a left winger now, he should absolutely be the captain of the club!


    I love this guy so much man ❤️

  • Ranj Jabar
    Ranj Jabar

    He deserves better than Man UTD

  • BFB-DanceySteve

    Marcus 'knuckleball' Bashment

  • Kyle Matthews
    Kyle Matthews

    Been disappointing on the pitch, goal scoring record is awful.

  • smurfxvi

    Decision making is poor

  • evoke

    Probably most overrated player in the prem

  • Official.N1

    Marcus rashford truly one of the best players on the game

  • Ryan Coyte
    Ryan Coyte

    He looks like the brigertoon Duke.

  • Brian shockledge
    Brian shockledge

    He`s a lad with is heart in the right place but where football is concerned he remains unproven and statistically average. His first 50 prem goals arrived after 156 games where he stands as 7th best for young players to reach that milestone. Only the red media and his club would celebrate coming seventh a club that have presented their latest young player to come through as the new George Best for the last 50yrs. Down the road Gabriel Jesus has 43 prem goals from 109 games many as a substitute which means he could be pushed down the eighth. His club and the red media do these young players no favours at all.


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  • Jacob

    It’s so annoying when people say he doesn’t get hate because of the English bias. If anything he gets more hate because he’s English and use the excuse that he doesn’t get enough. The foreign players are always defended by fans saying “it’s because he’s not English” and then hate on a player because he is English

    • Jacob

      @Maximum NUFC 3-1

    • Maximum NUFC
      Maximum NUFC

      cry tory

  • Shahid Willie
    Shahid Willie

    Bursting on the scene

  • BugZ


  • Laugherboy

    Bet Marcus Rashford has never been a defender that burst onto the scene. Micah Richard's title still intact 👍

  • GokuPlays

    bang average player who has special moments every 15 games , prove me wrong players like rashy is why united will never win a title

  • Tiffa 01
    Tiffa 01

    Aint exactly one of the best talents in the prem is he . There's a few miles ahead of him

    • Tiffa 01
      Tiffa 01

      @Subhan KAMRAN average player . My opinion

    • Subhan KAMRAN
      Subhan KAMRAN

      @Tiffa 01 why are you calling him a striker don’t you watch us play? he’s a winger

    • Tiffa 01
      Tiffa 01

      @Subhan KAMRAN 8 goals in 23 prem games . Do your homework . He aint no rooney , ronaldo. Van nistleroy York or Cole is he . Thats awfull stats for a man u striker . Basically an average player

    • Tiffa 01
      Tiffa 01

      @Subhan KAMRAN my nan could of put them away

    • Subhan KAMRAN
      Subhan KAMRAN

      @Tiffa 01 Smith Rowe has had a few good games and this is Barnes first good season are you forgetting rashford has 14 goal contributions this season in the prem and 27 in all competitions and scored 17 premier league goals last season

  • A8. Sldn
    A8. Sldn

    Sky sports know exactly what they done with the title 😂😂

  • KingDoms Kingdom1985
    KingDoms Kingdom1985

    I admire him as a player but i admire him more as a human being, i wish nothing but the very best for him and his family should be so proud of who he is as a man. So much respect for Marcus.

  • Anonymous 123
    Anonymous 123

    Happy for him great start, went a little downhill but now he’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Maeid Uddin
    Maeid Uddin

    No one: Every English footballer after every 5 seconds: ERRRMMM

  • Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack Knows Best
    Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack Knows Best

    He should not get in the England squad on current form... But he will coz Gutless Gareth wears Big Club Blinkers while the FA count the money they get paid from those big clubs. So bloody sick of it. It’s for these reasons that I hope England Fail at tournaments coz players aren’t picked on form anymore yet you can guarantee that Kane Sterling Rashford will still be the front three at Euro 2024!!

  • Tito Jackson
    Tito Jackson

    Senstaional😂😂😂😂😂 Man United media biase. To keep the share price up. Rashford the tax dodgers. Promotes obesity in kids by promoting coca cola. Promotes peer pressure by promoting JD clothes, a range poor kids could never wear.

  • Tom Matthias
    Tom Matthias

    Your just another united fan tv

  • Will S
    Will S

    Rashford doing his best Ty impression

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole

    Anyone fear he may be peaking already? Just asking...

  • Migmar Pelkong
    Migmar Pelkong

    Sensational? I am not so sure..

  • Zain

    5 years later and he’s the worlds expensive player

  • S C
    S C

    Micah Richards: “When I burst onto the scene” Marcus Rashford: “Hold my beer!”

  • A A
    A A

    Hype job, same as lingard was and he’ll follow the same trajectory.

    • A A
      A A

      @Subhan KAMRAN that’s because of the players United had at the time it was more difficult for lingard. He’s a selfish mediocre media hype job and you know it in your heart it’s true.

    • Subhan KAMRAN
      Subhan KAMRAN

      Since when did Lingard score 17 goals in a single season when Lingard was rashfords age currently he hadn’t even played 20 games for man united

  • Jorge Barna
    Jorge Barna

    He is a brilliant player, but just not clinical yet, would have double the amount of goals if he had clinical finishing, needs to work on his left foot as well

  • Gnabrynho

    He is the reason I watch Man United games. Fenandes aswell.

  • Bernie Mcdonagh
    Bernie Mcdonagh

    He should be dropped from the team right now. Not playing well

    • Subhan KAMRAN
      Subhan KAMRAN

      Drop him for who?

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob

    1 good game this season, that’s not an exaggeration, Yet Maguire gets all the blame, it’s raining, blame Maguire

  • E M
    E M

    No one can burst onto the scene as good as Micah tbh.

  • Abdirahman Idris
    Abdirahman Idris

    Fun fact: No english manager has ever won the English premier league.

  • Mesaka Putea
    Mesaka Putea

    He's going to be low and down down downs

  • awabos YT
    awabos YT

    Next ronaldo?

  • tommy m m
    tommy m m

    If we actually LOOK at the evidence as a united fan....he's burst onto the scene and done what exactly why is he held in this regard as a top 5 prem forward or like mbappe level type player. He hasn't ever been even close to hitting 20 prem goals or not even a sniff near getting top scorer. He also obviously doesn't provide much assists and his general all around play revolved around him losing the ball 100x a game. As a united fan we will never win a league waiting for martial and rash to hit this world class level just not gonna happen they've had enough time now. Time to get some real forwards

    • tommy m m
      tommy m m

      @Subhan KAMRAN sterling is only at the level he is because city put everything on a plate for him. Sterling is also alot more intelligent than rash. Rash can't improve that always gonna make bad decisions in game. I'm a united fan trust I want him to be good but he will never be consistent. 1 good game for every 3 is best we can hope for

    • Subhan KAMRAN
      Subhan KAMRAN

      @tommy m m the first time sterling hit double figures in the league was his 5th season rashford already has done that twice so why can’t he reach the same level

    • tommy m m
      tommy m m

      @Subhan KAMRAN doesn't matter he's had 5 seasons in the prem. It's not as if he doesn't know how to play football 23 is old enough now and his decision making is getting worse if anything. Loses the ball 30x a game. Runs in straight lines. Has no left foot. Inconsistent finishing. Sloppy passing. But pulls out a worldie shot or nut meg every 5 games and ppl like u who don't watch games think he's world clas 😂

    • Subhan KAMRAN
      Subhan KAMRAN

      He only recently turned 23 and he had 17 goals in the league last season. Where were salah and mane at the same age

  • Ritchie Mullins
    Ritchie Mullins

    Sensational 5 years😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 behave!! Apart from last season, he's been bang average, his finishing and decision making is woefull!


    Marcus is a good player but enough is enough,we united fans are fedup with him and martial and the defense!

  • Zac's Football Skillz
    Zac's Football Skillz

    Roy keane that's his job

  • Yudi Ardiansyah
    Yudi Ardiansyah

    overpaid and overrated

  • Rayyan Khan
    Rayyan Khan

    Already 5 years, time goes by so fast. I remember watching his first game

  • David Adetola
    David Adetola

    Rashford needs to stop feeding kids and focus on his performances on the pitch or hire someone to do that

  • rdfgg gghvdf
    rdfgg gghvdf

    he is so young and he is still growing as a player we just need to give him time and support

  • Harriet mc Glenn
    Harriet mc Glenn

    Hes an incredible guy !!

  • Sukhraj B
    Sukhraj B

    "not many defenders burst on to the scene"

  • Reservoir

    Lingard. Welbeck. Shaun wright phillips. Jack wilshere. Harry mcquire. MARCUS RAshford

  • Reservoir

    Overated. Yeh good for the kids. Him and agent thought of that to bide him some time....

  • T 4
    T 4

    Like him for his of field commitment but on field he’s useless, him and Martial need selling to make room for players who can win games against West Brom.

  • Alan Stewart
    Alan Stewart

    Bang average player

  • Rick Jackson
    Rick Jackson

    Amazing he had time for this interview in between making all the school dinners

  • Andy Gibson
    Andy Gibson

    He looks like he is about to open his own McDonald’s

  • Ralph Wiggum
    Ralph Wiggum

    He better pick up his form or me and Wiggum will have to replace him........

    • Ralph Wiggum
      Ralph Wiggum

      @Chief Wiggum Indeed....

    • Chief Wiggum
      Chief Wiggum


  • Nicholas Rossi
    Nicholas Rossi

    Tbh 6-0 is not the same as 1-0... 6-5 is the same as 1-0. we are united you shouldn't stop attacking.

  • Christian

    Is it just me that thinks he is massively over rated

  • John Humphreys
    John Humphreys

    Best player in the WORLD on his day

  • Seb Exall
    Seb Exall

    Micah "burst onto the scene" Richards would be proud

  • rndom persn
    rndom persn

    He needs to get technically better. I feel like he has plateaued like Oxlade Chamberlain did. Too reliant on pace and work rate but he needs more end product to his game.

    • Calz bando
      Calz bando

      Hes dribbling is world class hes in the top 20 dribbles completion rate in 2020/21 season and hes in a team with alot more posseion of the ball than alot teams in the league so he would take playere on more hence why being top 20 is so impressive and hes creative numbers have improved massivley

  • The Monday League
    The Monday League

    Top player and top human being

  • Andrew Vaughan
    Andrew Vaughan

    Did he burst onto the scene? Very few United players as of late burst onto the scene.

  • Alex Holmes
    Alex Holmes


  • Tahir M
    Tahir M

    My mums friend taught Marcus rashford when he was in school my mum told me the other day and I was shocked 😳

  • James King
    James King


  • yosef saqer
    yosef saqer

    The most inconsistent player I've ever seen

    • Ryan Rogan
      Ryan Rogan


    • Loftus Blake
      Loftus Blake

      This will be his 2nd 20+ goals season,so he's going in the right direction

    • Gnabrynho

      I've seen worse, and they play in big clubs with high wages.

  • SUTG

    If he wasn't English and charitable he'd be playing for a midtable team right now. Change my mind. He's a moments player, terribly inconsistent for the majority of his time at United. Not even trying to hate on the guy, but I really think he's just a "good" player, even mediocre at times. Nothing more, nothing less. Not a great player, not even close to world class as I've seen some exclaim. I genuinely don't understand United fans' infatuation with him.

    • Subhan KAMRAN
      Subhan KAMRAN

      He had 17 goals in the league alone last season

  • Jerome Johnson
    Jerome Johnson

    Talented footballer still improving he will be world class soon

  • Jj Olijede
    Jj Olijede

    Whoever is reading this god bless you and your family

  • Piyush Joshi
    Piyush Joshi

    Almost full 5 seasons and how many trophies???? Bang Average player.

    • Subhan KAMRAN
      Subhan KAMRAN

      So Kane is bang average


    He needs to improve his decision making. And definitely United should get grealish instead. He's a different level to Marcus rashford.

    • tommy m m
      tommy m m

      @MHD PRODUCTIONZ can't watch a game and not be frustrated with his performance the fact he's talked about like mbappe. He's not even good at what he's meant to be best at taking ppl on


      @tommy m m thank you. At least someone knows this guy ain't all that.

    • tommy m m
      tommy m m

      has 1 good game for every 10 stinker and even when he does score hes stil played bad. Will never be close to being a top prem scorer and general all round play involves him losing the ball so many times and his decision making is vile. If you watch games you would know this

  • Zeta reticuli
    Zeta reticuli

    Brother Rashford stop kneeling to the elites, lead the way brethren

  • U T
    U T

    Would be more suited to a steeple chase, constantly takes the wrong options on the park, lacking football Intelligence

  • Hilman Danial
    Hilman Danial

    Marcus Burst Into The Scenes Rashford

  • Regan

    He ain’t no Micah Richards

  • Victor

    Sensational?? Were beginning to overrate him ffs, he barely has 50 pl goals to his name and no major titles. Trents rise is sensational not Marcus Trashfords.

    • OneChezzyBoi

      @Victor Obvs a full back would play a small part

    • Victor

      @OneChezzyBoi Played a small part? Are u high? Im not even a liverpool fan.

    • OneChezzyBoi

      @Victor He couldn't have won it without the rest of the team m8 he played a small part

    • Victor

      @OneChezzyBoi Trents a Champions league and premier league winner, he is still in the CL and just 4 points begrund United. I know whos shoes i would rather fill.

    • OneChezzyBoi

      @Victor Better season than TAA so far