Watkins, Ings, Calvert-Lewin, Wilson? | Carragher on which strikers should make England's Euro squad
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Jamie Carragher and Chris Coleman go through the possible striker options for Gareth Southgate's England squad for this summer's Euros. Who do YOU think Southgate should pick up front? Let us know in the comments!
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    Sky Sports Football

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    • Aryan Virdi
      Aryan Virdi

      Cheers Jeff

    • hObnObsUTD


    • Mark Illingworth
      Mark Illingworth

      Pathetic over a few goals , it’s all about money money money

    • C Jallow
      C Jallow

      Stop playing with us. Either Show it or don’t at all. Offer something!

    • Brendan Seenan
      Brendan Seenan

      Absolute bampots.

  • Robert Tennyson
    Robert Tennyson

    Kane, Calvert-Lewin and Wilson (biased, but Wilson's played for England + is experienced, who has scored 10 goals for Newcastle, which makes him reliable)

  • Randy

    Rashford Kane Sterling Grealish Foden Rice Chilwell Stones Maguire TAA Pope


    For me Bamford offers more than any of them hes intelligent works hard and has a fantastic left foot he also holds the ball so well and brings teammates into the game .

  • Max carter
    Max carter

    Antonio got to be up there million percent

  • Mark Koehler
    Mark Koehler

    Come on, Bamford is average, Calvert Lewin isn't an international talent. We need the x factor in our team. Players like Greenwood have that, without scoring the goals. If he plays up front he makes things happen, he's a better player than Rashford and most Utd fans will think this. All in all okay, they're all doing well, but just because a few have got some goals doesn't make them a player that'll fit into the national team. Think of the game play before that.

  • Mum and the dog Two children
    Mum and the dog Two children

    U. Suck

  • Yem Yem
    Yem Yem

    I absolutely agree with that last statement. When there's a weaklink in your team, the opponents will find him out and punish you for it.

  • OLI music
    OLI music

    Maddison grealish better get called up instead of ward prowse and winks and maitlend niles

  • Yeni Fadiya
    Yeni Fadiya

    Phew!! Thought it was my eyesight. I had to put my glasses on to check but the clips were still blurry.

  • Laura Greenaway
    Laura Greenaway

    Where ademola lookman best winger in the world

  • leonardo ingram
    leonardo ingram

    I guess Jamie Vardy is just trash huh? Like what does he have to do?

  • Kartik Selvaraju
    Kartik Selvaraju

    Ham roll joke was cringe

  • William Barratt
    William Barratt

    Watkins should be there just for the Liverpool game

  • Si Jones
    Si Jones

    Chris Coleman is looking more and more like a G Nev replacement by the week!

  • Young Fizz
    Young Fizz

    Rashford in obviously

  • Young Fizz
    Young Fizz


  • BDAShadow1

    Watkins and Bamford are nowhere near the level of Ings or Calvert Lewin, god forbid a Kane or any other actual world class striker which should be playing for their national team. They're both young and inexperienced with quite poor finishing, Watkins in particular. Bamford plays in a side which has to completely disregard defence to create attacking chances. Sterling as a false 9 or other options would be so much better.

  • MasiYsi

    Vardy up top with Kane behind him

  • Tavaziva Kudakwashe Clinton
    Tavaziva Kudakwashe Clinton


  • JM

    Why are they doing this debate when the euros will probably get cancelled anyway due to COVID

  • Couture Criminal
    Couture Criminal

    Tammy is in not his fault that his managers have not selected him

  • Stephen Fisher
    Stephen Fisher

    They should just stick with Rashford Kane Sterling That's the forward line that's most familiar They've played most games together England keep making too many changes

  • LingardinhoSZN

    Has to be Kane to win golden boot

  • TheEdgyDoggo

    3 Strikers. Kane. Calvert-Lewin. Watkins.

    • Couture Criminal
      Couture Criminal

      Watkins for Abraham

  • Munchioes

    Bamford will be the best option. He's waited for years, denied Ireland who have begged for him. Being an Irish Leeds fan he needs it. He plays like Kane, nobody else does.

  • Lewis Giblin
    Lewis Giblin

    I don’t think bamford deserves a spot over ings and Wilson I think both with England experience and very proven goal scorers one should go, stick them in that Leeds team with that service, especially Callum Wilson who has Jeff Hendrick playing the balls to him would score much more than bamford

  • Shadow Slayer
    Shadow Slayer

    If england could get a manager better than southgate then they could possibly win trophies......they got key players for each position

  • Zac

    Kane, DCL and either Ingsy/Wilson if fit.

  • Akwesi Appiah
    Akwesi Appiah

    Hopefully, England can make it pass the quarter finals!

  • joelquinn98

    That dude looks like that guy from the windtalkers

  • MenaceTwo2Society

    Chris Coleman is a very underrated manager. His knowledge of the tactical side of the game is up there with the best

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia

    Jjst pick from form and whoever’s in form come the euros take them lool

  • Vindicated

    Only Bruno Fernandes, Harry Kane, Lewandowski, and Haaland have more GA in all comps this season than Rashford in Europe's top 5 leagues. If you take away penalties, only Kane, Haaland, and Lewa have more non pen GA in all comps in Europe's top 5 leagues. Rashford deserves to go to the euros

  • Lcfcluigi

    No point talking about all this. Calvert-lewin or waktins will be treated like vardy and sit on the bench to allow rashford to play and do absolutely nothing all game.

  • Louis Nunn
    Louis Nunn

    1 Kane 2 Calvert-Lewin 3 Bamford 4 Ings 5 watkins

  • Fletch

    You need pace and agility to complement Harry Kane, you won’t get that with Calvert-Lewin or Bamford. You need an inform Callum Wilson, Jamie Vardy or Ollie Watkins.

  • Ash B
    Ash B

    Im a Villa fan but im not sure Watkins is ready yet he works his socks off but misses a lot of good chances

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    Bamford is 3rd top scorer and you've still got clueless mugs in the comments saying he's not good enough... they are deluded

    • Truth Seeker
      Truth Seeker

      @Harry Pezzolla he shouldn't be first choice but he deserves to be there, you're a hater if you think he doesn't

    • Harry Pezzolla
      Harry Pezzolla

      Hes not

  • D M
    D M

    The top 3 in that list should go to the Euros. Simple

  • Muhammad Tanvir
    Muhammad Tanvir

    Gareth Bale put a shift in by playing defence for wales? Tats bullocks

  • Kyle Cormack
    Kyle Cormack

    For once I’d like to see an England squad picked on form that year instead of name and what they’ve done in the past ye pick your top dogs Kane Sterling but give different boys a chance Scottish by the way so my opinion doesn’t count 😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Peaceful Guide 평화로운가이드
    Peaceful Guide 평화로운가이드

    Depending on who are injured or not tbh

  • Lindsey Gonzalez
    Lindsey Gonzalez

    The receptive bun ironically return because volleyball behaviourally cure over a ludicrous ceramic. flippant, hurt cuticle

  • bhopcsgo

    they didnt even say which strikers should be picked thanks for nothing

  • Aqib Hussain
    Aqib Hussain


  • carlo

    Trashford doesn’t deserve to be in the United team let alone the England squad. On of our most over rated players

  • Theo Nolan
    Theo Nolan

    DCL needs to go people don’t see the other side to him of tho goals he hold the play up brilliantly an controls if like it’s nothing he drops in to collect the ball then gives to a better option and bursts forward an does a 1,2 through ball he’s class if he’s not there England will miss him he’s a real cracking plurrrr

  • SirMonkeySuit

    Unfortunately Callum Wilson is injured now but SURELY you had to look at his stats considering he is playing for the worst Attacking team in the past few years? Southgate would never do it though.

  • Martin Fiddy
    Martin Fiddy

    The match footage is part of this video. It is hamstrung without it. Can't you make a SkySports international channel for this?

  • Carl Murphy
    Carl Murphy

    I’d only take Kane and DCL. Can take Rashford as a third option but he can play on the wing also.

  • UnbiasedOpinion

    Kane and Calvert are the only strikers they need to bring. Need to make sure that Foden, Grealish, Mount are on the plane. Rashford can always play striker if they really want to bring 3 strikers with them. Congrats to Ollie Bamford etc but this is Euro/World Cup level!

  • Mitchell Cryer
    Mitchell Cryer

    Bamford is only there because Leeds are so attacking, he doesn't fit the woeful style England have. DCL, Watkins, Ings. I'm not sold on Rashford or Sterling, from the games I've seen they're very wasteful and these stats are probably a little padded. I'd actually avoid Kane, his diving is a laughing stock, even if he is a good playmaker this season.

  • Harrison Baker
    Harrison Baker

    It should just be kane, vardy, dcl and then pick the last one out of a hat if you need

    • Baldinho

      vardys retired

  • 10mangakid

    Instead of Kane i think the best striker to chose in terms of how well they fit into the squad would be dcl. You’ve got all these creative players on the wings, as fullbacks, and in the midfield. Dcl is a greater scoring striker. He won’t always beat someone off the dribble and score but you give a good ball to finish and he can do it.

  • Jamie

    blurring goals so the rest of the world can see them, we are talking about English strikers for the England squad..... I couldn't careless about other countries strikers. Forget your view numbers, give us a proper clip -_-

  • Oh sugars plays
    Oh sugars plays

    I thought Vardy retired from international football

    • aidan wilson
      aidan wilson

      He has

  • bob lilley
    bob lilley

    U got english names up there sterling wasn't born in england so his name needs erasing

  • Elliott Dodson
    Elliott Dodson

    Gotta be Kane as top dog, Vardy and then DCL

    • Ching Chong
      Ching Chong

      Vardy retired from international

  • Boring Name
    Boring Name

    Impressive that Wilson has 10 goals considering how defensive Newcastle have been.

    • aidan wilson
      aidan wilson

      He’s contributed 70% of our goals

  • Jack Lucas
    Jack Lucas

    Why is Chris sitting like that

  • Blake Apostu
    Blake Apostu

    Though Chris was Gary Neville😂😂

  • ace99boom

    They are all average! Calvin is so over rated. Watkins and Wilson shouldn’t be mentioned at all. Kane a defo! Ings and Bamford should be given a chance!

    • kel zing
      kel zing

      Why shouldn't Watkins and Wilson have been mentioned?

  • Cant Believe
    Cant Believe

    Who cares we wont win it, dumped in quarters or the groups as per normal.


    Ollie Watkins

  • Aditya Chettri
    Aditya Chettri

    Rashford Kane Sterling .. best front 3

  • d3willow

    Where's Neville, I was dizzy by the end of this listening to Carra start and not finish simle sentences over and over again.

  • Jaskaran Bhangu
    Jaskaran Bhangu

    Everytime I hear Jamie talk, he says something which cracks me up. I Love you he says But😂😂

  • Ian Cheng
    Ian Cheng

    Sancho should be in the conversation! Great player abroad.

    • Carpet Muncher
      Carpet Muncher

      Ian Cheng they never mentioned sterling in the debate

    • Ian Cheng
      Ian Cheng

      @Carpet Muncher Well...why is Sterling on that list then? They're talking about prolific attackers whom are english

    • Carpet Muncher
      Carpet Muncher

      He ain’t a striker

  • Omar Mohammed
    Omar Mohammed

    @skysports...... Y u blurring ur own goals Bruh 🤔🤯🤬

  • Julian DiGiuseppe
    Julian DiGiuseppe

    At 3:30 I swear he was explaining nketiah

  • J R
    J R

    I didn’t know Harvey Barnes is striker

  • Craig Hughes
    Craig Hughes

    Spoilt for choice right now but injuries and loss of form will be factors that can only be assessed right before the tournament

  • Marcus Flynt
    Marcus Flynt

    Wow cullum wilson at 10 goals!? GET IN!! best buy of the season me thinks

  • Dean M
    Dean M

    The establishment won't let Bamford in. Shame but it is always soo clickey, less about form and more about the club and name....

  • Unnamed Shadow
    Unnamed Shadow

    I still believe had Garreth Southgate brought in Jamie Vardy much earlier against Croatia they could've probably turned it around. The game was looking like the perfect counterattacking for Vardy to shine. Also Croatia had played 2 extra time games previously.

  • Stephen Hodgson
    Stephen Hodgson

    One thing that often goes unnoticed from Bamford is that he is constantly in the ear of defenders winding them up. Because he speaks three other languages as well as English it doesn't matter where they come from.

  • caelo2000 HDgamer
    caelo2000 HDgamer

    It has to be a 4-4-2 formation with Kane and Calvert-Lewin

  • Fawzan Alfawzan
    Fawzan Alfawzan

    You forgot to put “HEATED DEBATE “ in the title lol

  • Colin Kelly
    Colin Kelly

    Who’s Patrick?? 😭😭

  • Icewallowcome 1
    Icewallowcome 1

    Bamford is overrated one dimensional and does good only some games

  • Icewallowcome 1
    Icewallowcome 1

    Kane vardy dcl

  • Silver Power
    Silver Power

    Dislike because of blurred highlights

  • co2maker88

    1.Kane. 2. Vardy. 3. Ings. Thats my top 3

  • Arsalaan Ali
    Arsalaan Ali

    Neither. Let them do this next season then we’ll see. Englands front 4 should be sterling rashford kane and grealish. Not even sancho can get in. Ideally i would like calvert lewin but let him grow as he’s dealing with club pressure, won’t be any point giving him extra responsibility just yet.

  • J G
    J G

    Exclude penalties in this because they would all score the same amount for England

  • FC Liverpool
    FC Liverpool

    So an Egyptian player is better than an English player

  • Grassroots Football
    Grassroots Football

    Ollie Watkins for me

    • Grassroots Football
      Grassroots Football

      @Icewallowcome 1 if he were playing for a big six I would see that as cause for concern but he's has bagged 10 goals already for villa.. impressive nonetheless and he is also very intelligent in the positions he picks up

    • Icewallowcome 1
      Icewallowcome 1

      He had a 8 game goal drought

  • Michiel de Ruyter
    Michiel de Ruyter

    Barnes, Kane, Vardy, Bamford should be there

  • Jinzo

    where is garry neville?

  • Lw 094
    Lw 094

    Well Kane starts obviously

  • Zayne Bruno
    Zayne Bruno

    I bet you all Tammy Abraham will be at the euros

  • Young Fizz
    Young Fizz

    Watkins should make the squad

  • Sotiris King
    Sotiris King

    Wilson over DCL

    • Sotiris King
      Sotiris King

      @Icewallowcome 1 Wilson plays for Newcastle, DCL plays for Everton. They are pretty different in terms of created chances. Clearly delusion gets the best of people 😂

    • Icewallowcome 1
      Icewallowcome 1

      That’s the most retarded thing I’ve heard Dcl is almost top scorer while Wilson nowhere near that

  • chero joyie
    chero joyie

    This league's camera ain't lyk la liga that's why antonio plays every wea the pitch.poor cameras we can't see players work rate properly.please fix it for us to enjoy the game.

  • Kun Fantastico
    Kun Fantastico

    Just don't pick abraham over these guys 😭

    • Kun Fantastico
      Kun Fantastico

      @Icewallowcome 1 yes

    • Icewallowcome 1
      Icewallowcome 1

      @Kun Fantastico live?

    • Kun Fantastico
      Kun Fantastico

      @Icewallowcome 1 yes i do watch most of the PL matches including Leeds

    • Icewallowcome 1
      Icewallowcome 1

      @Kun Fantastico do you watch Leeds games live Be honest

    • Kun Fantastico
      Kun Fantastico

      @Icewallowcome 1 then I'll just leave you and your world about tammy over bamford 😅



  • zorg_deadshot

    Kane and dcl and get corner tactics that are as effective as us in 2018 world cup

  • Andrew Joyce
    Andrew Joyce

    With the attacking talent available and I believe only France have more attacking quality we should be semi finalists at least. Defensively we aren't at the top but stones gomez tomori maguire are all very good defenders. Fullbacks we have some outstanding talent. Just midfield where we lack but I'm sure we could change the system so we utilise our attacking talent

  • Jermaine Harrington
    Jermaine Harrington

    I’m sorry but you can’t play anyone apart from Harry Kane he’s world class no other English striker is near his quality