"I don't need a break" | Jurgen Klopp responding to rumours linking him with Liverpool exit
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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says he is 'full of energy' amid speculation he would leave his role and backs the Premier League champions to overcome their indifferent form.
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  • Matthew Bullman
    Matthew Bullman

    I wonder if these journos have mothers??

  • Pushpdant Sharma
    Pushpdant Sharma

    What 😂 I would keep Klopp until 2040 if I can the man is the GOAT of managers .

  • Meetra Surrik
    Meetra Surrik

    Kopp for the chop

  • Wasim Mohammed
    Wasim Mohammed

    Some of the media have no humanity. Why bring his personal life into it. You can see he was annoyed.

  • king kong
    king kong

    How can anyone even put kloops name in the leaving liverpool that is crazy

  • king kong
    king kong

    Why would anyone want 2 get rid of kloop that is crazy

  • Child of Chief
    Child of Chief

    journalistic integrity is long gone. If he is having personal issues then jesus let the man be and stop fishing for headlines. Not a Liverpool fan either.

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T

    my manager

  • Rhys Smith
    Rhys Smith

    I'm a United fan but surely this man leaves Liverpool when he decides to. Provided a club that haven't won a league in 30 years a league title and a 6th champions league trophy for the club. He's got enough credit in the bank with that side. Been smashed with injuries all season, he's a great guy klopp. Don't think many people would say otherwise.

  • F1 Fan
    F1 Fan

    This Man is GOD level amongst us Liverpool fans, words can't describe how much he means to us fans and the love we have for him

  • Tha Likely Lad
    Tha Likely Lad

    Wonderful manager (City fan).

  • mahenaqila eka
    mahenaqila eka

    We will still give support you Sr for me your are best coach in the Liverpool teams .....

  • Patrick Todman
    Patrick Todman

    Klopp looks terrible, pale skin

  • Shawn

    The ones that needed a break are the players.


    English media are shameless ...ITALIAN and SPANISH media are much better when comes to asking questions show some respect to Klopp

  • Peter K
    Peter K

    Take note of the comments media. Yes, you will get clicks, but your reps are in the gutter. No one says "journalists" these days without laughing, and it's your own faults for following ambition/money over credibility. One could argue that it is us doing the clicks. But in those areas where we are that fickle, don't expect loyalty. We will walk out on you one day.

  • Jonny M
    Jonny M

    Liverpool exit, ridiculous

  • Harry

    In klopp we trust YNWA

  • hillsavage 88
    hillsavage 88

    Is that a tech fleece

  • Dylan Humphreys
    Dylan Humphreys

    We’ve had one bad run in the past 5 years and the fans who are saying he needs to get sacked either don’t know football or they’re plastic fans because personally I think he’s a great manager and needs to keep working hard for the club

  • Mr Emeng
    Mr Emeng

    Klopp Flopp

    • Vishal Bhat
      Vishal Bhat

      No one asked for your life story

  • Paralyzed Pirate
    Paralyzed Pirate

    Am for that Hoodie now its tidy

  • swamp thing
    swamp thing

    Leave him alone. His mother just passed away for gods sake. Everything is crumbling down under him. From a west ham fan.

  • Sadif Rahman
    Sadif Rahman

    Only idiots would be suggesting that he should leave

  • Mike Whiskee
    Mike Whiskee

    There isn’t even much to sort, they dominated us Saturday for 75% of the game then self destructed. Not too bad a problem to be world class for most of a game. They’ll be back

  • robbiepeterh

    He should’ve just walked out and not bothered to engage with these vultures.

  • New Jack
    New Jack

    The team turned into bunch of individual egos, the prob is not the manager.

  • Ollz Uploads
    Ollz Uploads

    As a Celtic fan I am mutual but I just hope If he is sacked he can replace the excuse that is Neil Lennon

  • Samanaye Cisse
    Samanaye Cisse

    If Liverpool go and win the CL, then all will be forgiven.

  • Ian Mackka
    Ian Mackka

    Jurgen, YNWA.

  • Jon Clark
    Jon Clark

    Losing a parent is difficult enough, but to be in the public eye must be horrendous. Thoughts are with you Juergen 🙏🏻

  • John Preece
    John Preece

    God bless you Jurgen klopp YNWA

  • Tony Donoghue
    Tony Donoghue

    He's a top class man....so please don't drive him away from the premium league........

  • kev bramhill
    kev bramhill

    stary strong jurgen,he is one of the greatest things thats happened to our city for many a year, good luck pal,just not when your playing everton

  • Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson

    I cant believe people are wanting him sacked after all he has done for liverpool

  • Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson

    Feel so bad for klopp

  • Maan K
    Maan K

    Leave LFC we don't want a manager spend 5 years and only one 1 cl and pl. Pep is much better.

  • Julie Higgins
    Julie Higgins

    He is amazing and will lead the Reds to glory despite losing his mum YNWA Jurgen

  • John Sumner
    John Sumner

    Klopps turned into a Flop, time for Stevie G

  • RTL

    You never see these journo's going in on Harry Redknapp or some other British mediocrity. Klopp won the Champions League and their first title in 30 years and get's no respect from these clowns.

  • Leon Batey
    Leon Batey

    these questions at the press conferences are disgraceful. personal life should never ever come into it. he's been through a really hard time. from a united fan. all I have is respect for Jurgen

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    He's got that 'Mourinho' look.

  • Max Waily
    Max Waily

    I love my Liverpool Family, No matter what.

  • DinosaurDemon5 Mst
    DinosaurDemon5 Mst

    Liverpool’s performance runs with their passion and emotion. At the moment they are having a tough time and so is the manager I hope everyone at the club feels happy and you Jürgen especially. You’ll never walk alone Jürgen. I am an Everton fan by the way

  • The Blue Sea of Ibrox
    The Blue Sea of Ibrox

    The guy does need a break.....from the bloody media that were hailing him the messiah only months ago. If any team in the EPL lost both their main central defenders they would struggle because they're not just any 2 defenders are they.

  • Patrick Donnelly
    Patrick Donnelly

    Rattled since Roy Keane said they were sloppy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Patrick Donnelly
    Patrick Donnelly

    Klopp the flop.

  • MIST

    I feel sorry for klopp like srsly


    Klopp still got a great team who never got to celebrate the premier League the way he would of wanted if covid wasn't about klopp and the players would of witnessed the biggest celebration of all time. They have been amazing and are still really playing some great football. The team has lost its way abit and this season might not go as planned but 💯 believe next season when he's got his grip on them they will be flying high again . Klopp shows so much love for the team and his fans he deserves a little lift himself ....... Come on klopp punch them ✊ in the sky where with you no matter what✊💯

  • DeFox Volpe
    DeFox Volpe

    The guy deserves a break to be honest, can't imagine what was going through his head when his mothet passed. R.I.P

  • Al Mon
    Al Mon

    Ahh leave the man alone...

  • snakebomber

    This is what the English press has come to, give the man a break he's been through a lot. Coming from a non-prem supporter.

  • Mr Enemy
    Mr Enemy

    True LFC fans are behind Jurgen 💯 Only plastics want him out, the rest of us have seen him take a nothing team to the title we long desired, another European trophy and crowned best in the world, we know we still lack true depth, recurring injuries have plagued us for years and this season in particular, financially we have been restricted from bringing in our top picks, despite all that we support and we believe, come on you reds YNWA

  • Christophe

    He does look knackered though.

  • Younes larsson
    Younes larsson

    If they get rid of him liverpool will collapse As wenger when he left arsenal

  • Joseph Gemin
    Joseph Gemin

    He’s so goddamn articulate for someone who’s not a native speaker of English. The British football pundits could take lessons from this man.

  • Marc Miret
    Marc Miret

    Let's admit he is one of the three best coaches in the world currently, alongside pep guardiola and hansi flick

  • Tony Damian
    Tony Damian

    Lets remember what team in the prem gets to 2 finals, the year after 2nd in prem and win champions league, then win the prem the asia world cup following yr, when klopp came to lfc half way through a season that wasnt his team! He took lfc to to finals and lets not forget all the records beaten through players under his management at lfc. The man is Outstanding manager and sportsman all i have to say is mr Klopp YNWA96

  • nickzim

    Best coach. Best character. Big heart❤❤❤

  • Greg Pancoust
    Greg Pancoust

    Leave him alone and I'm a United fan by the way. He's having a tough time in his personal life which has zero to do with football. We all go through it as human beings and I feel for the guy.

    • Roger Moore
      Roger Moore

      Im also United fan. I love klopp. Why? Because im in love with the beautiful game and i deeply appriciate the football ive been served by klopp, doesnt matter if its liverpool. The 4-0 match against Barca is something i will never forget and im not gonna lie even i was a bit emotional this day. That warrior mentality. Breathtaking. Ofc as a United supporter i want to see Liverpool fail but i will always appriciate quality football, always.

    • Greg Pancoust
      Greg Pancoust

      @Chloe Fischer I'm like I'd like to believe most United fans are. Do I want to see Liverpool fail? Yes. Would I like your manager to fail? Absolutely, that's football and rivalry. However at the expense of a human being who is struggling because of the loss of his mother, Absolutely not. I cannot with any sanity look at Jurgen Klopp and say I'm enjoying this because it's wrong and quite frankly disgusting for anyone to do so. He has my upmost sympathy and hope he can get through this tough period in his life because I know first hand how cruel and tough life can be for us all.

    • Chloe Fischer
      Chloe Fischer

      Well that's a first. All I've seen from United fans are people hating on him and commenting on the official LFC social media accounts that he's using his mother's passing as an excuse which is absolutely disgusting by the way. I'm glad you're not one of “those” fans

  • trakermirage post
    trakermirage post

    Zeke 😳

  • con lynch
    con lynch

    if its anyone need a break its the usless shower on the pitch over paid over rated

  • mo Sener
    mo Sener

    The front 3 lost there passion after winning the league and defence got crippled. New players needed not a new manager.

  • Steven Ainsworth
    Steven Ainsworth

    Wait until our defense is back up and running then we'll be champions again

  • Shahid Willie
    Shahid Willie


  • Gary Flint
    Gary Flint

    Love this bloke 👏

  • adriel wo
    adriel wo

    Due to amount of injury, 🙏Hopefully the Welsh Lad🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Ben Woodburn is called up into the main team till the end of this season. He is a good and complete player who capable to play at LM, RM, AM, RWF, LWF, & CF.👍

  • bluegraham1

    Didn't hear about he's mother passing until today, may she rest in peace.

  • adriel wo
    adriel wo

    🙏Hopefully, there is a chance to try a new duo of Nat Phillips and Rhys Williams. Both of them are good potential CB.👍

    • Denita Delic
      Denita Delic

      Rhys Williams, no.

  • Angela Hdez
    Angela Hdez

    Thanks good job!🔐🎊

  • Kunzy W.P.R
    Kunzy W.P.R

    Elite mentality.

  • adriel wo
    adriel wo

    Thiago and Keita were Bundesliga 🌟great competitors, but now they are one team. 🙏Hopefully they will play together in the midfield to make a new a 🌟great chemistry👍.

  • Aleef Mohammed
    Aleef Mohammed

    Whoever started this rumours about him leaving is pathetic , no life and mentally deranged.

  • Undead Koala
    Undead Koala


  • Alan Kirkby
    Alan Kirkby

    Though I've never met this man, the way he somehow comes over, I sort of like him. Peace to all !! ( by the way, I'm not a Liverpool, Fan/ Follower )

  • Mouhssine Fadel
    Mouhssine Fadel

    All my respect for you klopp but; Strenght and agggressiveness are not all in football klopp to empty the players of their individualty and creativity. Alcantara talent player with liverpool changed To agressive player 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Levan Jeffers
    Levan Jeffers

    Try me he does i am a leicester city fan so that win yesterday 👍👍👏👏

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah

    He’s just lost his Mother. Give the guy a break.

  • Andy S
    Andy S

    As a life long Liverpool fan, this man has our 110% support

  • Adithya N
    Adithya N


  • Thaifoonthaiger

    Liverpool need a break

  • Lewis Gilfillan
    Lewis Gilfillan

    He Definitely struggling mentally

  • Steve Drewett
    Steve Drewett

    Stupid journalists

  • Phil Bridges
    Phil Bridges

    Well the gutter press doing what they do best and drag everything into the sess pit of false information, I am a big Klopp fan and regardless of where we finish this very unusual season it has to be said, I will always support Klopp seeing as what he's done in 5 yrs with us is amazing..YNWA

  • Mad Lad
    Mad Lad

    In a heart best I'd take klopp at united, hope the best for him

  • AndyArmstrong88

    The media are scum. I’m a United fan but Klopp is quality. And one of the best managers out there. They do the same with us too

  • annoying lad
    annoying lad

    it is sad that he is suffering and there are trolls in the comments section who just got the wifi

  • Tim H
    Tim H

    Well said 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Tom Wilson
    Tom Wilson

    Steve,G is coming for your jod

  • NothingWorseThanACrunchyBanana

    As a United fan, I don't really have a problem with Liverpool and I'm a massive fan of Klopp. I'd rather watch us spank Banter FC (Arsenal) than Liverpool anyday.

  • Mark Duxberry
    Mark Duxberry

    from a liverpool hater leave him allow ...

  • Andy C
    Andy C

    Real Liverpool supporters aren't putting pressure on klopp. The pressure is mostly coming from the media. Where was all this hate for pep last year? Ole's time at united has been a failure, yet he gets praised by the media 😂 Arteta is in a much worse place than arsenal's previous managers, but nothing gets said. Ancelotti/everton bottle it anytime they have chance to catch up to the top four. But gets praised for the job he's done 😂 Yet they slate klopp, who won liverpools first premier league title. Won the ucl. Media is a joke

  • i m
    i m

    Why would he need a break? If that's the case I think Liverpool would of needed a break for the past 30 years.

  • Adonis Blake
    Adonis Blake

    I hear you Klopp, I look fucked up too right now

  • Matthew Doyle
    Matthew Doyle

    This is a bad season for Liverpool, injuries to key players which has affected the results on the pitch, you can see Klopp is feeling the pressure as he set a very high bar with the teams performance over the past 3 seasons. I hope he finds a way to manage it and he and team comeback stronger next season. I think he deserves time to turn this year around with giving us the League, champions league and world club championship titles

  • I.P. Knightley
    I.P. Knightley

    even though he's 'the enemy' :-) we can still love him. He's a person and has feelings and problems like us all. Aside from the rivalry he is still a wonderful human being and coach.

  • Andy C
    Andy C

    Real Liverpool supporters are standing by klopp 100% Fake fans expect him to never lose a game and win everything possible, even when half the squad are injured. Rival fans are hoping he gets sacked or leaves, just because they are bitter and would kill to have him as their manager.

  • M Trade
    M Trade

    I think Liverpool will stay up next season

  • Cheeko Escobar
    Cheeko Escobar

    His defo younger than 53

  • 223_019_Emmanuel_Louis L
    223_019_Emmanuel_Louis L

    he just need another 30 yrs so don't worry leave him