Leyton Orient coach Errol McKellar’s inspiring campaign to help fight prostate cancer
Leyton Orient coach Errol McKellar talks about his inspiring campaign to help fight prostate cancer. To find out more and join the fight against prostate cancer visit: bit.ly/ProstateCancerWebsite
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  • The roadrunnereid87
    The roadrunnereid87

    what a man always smiling over the orient you can approach him before or after à game and hes allways happy to talk with fans COYO's

  • Johnny Khoury
    Johnny Khoury

    Well done Errol

  • Haz Woodcock
    Haz Woodcock

    only knocked you down , hasn’t knocked you out🗣

  • wilcox tam
    wilcox tam


  • Iglooman

    Thank god your good man

  • Tayma E
    Tayma E


  • Mickey Brian
    Mickey Brian

    That man is a complete legend in thaxted essex . My youngest boy loved talking to him everytime he delivered parcels to us . Respect to that man .

  • Gaffa


  • Marcus Flynt
    Marcus Flynt

    I remember when harry kane used to play to leyton orient

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T


  • Shahid Willie
    Shahid Willie

    Well done

  • Michael McIntyre
    Michael McIntyre

    This guy is a legend 👏🏻 would love how to someone as inspirational as him to be my coach

  • D T
    D T

    Errol is a legend met him a couple times love that he works for my club now up the orient 🔴⚪️

  • Roger Moore
    Roger Moore

    Good luck brother. We are all equal

  • Danny Campbell
    Danny Campbell

    Tragic news, my grandfather passed last weekend after his prostate cancer returned 11 months ago, keep spreading the message Erroll. I think the NHS should be pushing these kinds of checks alot more, the "checking age" is too late for many people.

  • Ben Robson
    Ben Robson

    fair play lad

  • Jack Curtis
    Jack Curtis


  • jaydenpriestley1

    Inspiration to us all🤝🤍

  • Samuel Giddens
    Samuel Giddens

    Up the O’s❤️

  • DJ

    Good luck to the fella

  • Paul Koncheskey
    Paul Koncheskey

    well done.

  • Phoenix-King 77
    Phoenix-King 77

    Man is actually doing bits

  • Dave Boon
    Dave Boon

    🎩 Top Man 🎩 He is an Os Legend

  • Ege Jan
    Ege Jan

    Good man.

  • xjay1234

    Great story!

  • hayleymorrell1


  • Manav Arun Aravind
    Manav Arun Aravind

    Prostate cancer ain't no joke Leyton are such a big club historically hope he does well

  • Oli TTV
    Oli TTV

    The fact I live in leyton this is unbelievable

    • D T
      D T

      @SlimjesuslookinBoi J ffs u legend

    • SlimjesuslookinBoi J
      SlimjesuslookinBoi J

      @D T wagwan son

    • Oli TTV
      Oli TTV

      @D T I don’t wanna chat to u lol

    • D T
      D T

      @Oli TTV chat to me when u win a trophy

    • Oli TTV
      Oli TTV

      @D T and u see me do

  • 2rtd

    Inspirational, a living legend

  • Ihsan Asif
    Ihsan Asif

    Who’s here waiting for them to post the Liverpool Leicester highlights

  • Updalle De King
    Updalle De King

    Please help me subscribe For the sake of Allah

  • waliddddd

    Good man

  • Football Memes.
    Football Memes.


  • TG

    Big respect

  • The Bored Youtube Gamer
    The Bored Youtube Gamer

    Let’s see how many subs I gain from this comment subs gained:0

    • Yule Never Wore Cologne
      Yule Never Wore Cologne

      You don't unfortunately. I had over 1K likes on a comment and No one subbed me as well mate. We in the same boat 😔😔

    • Kids Fun Videos
      Kids Fun Videos

      And hopefully it stays that way

  • James Blu
    James Blu

    Leyton orient to win the champions league and they just signed messi remember ypu heard it here first at James newsagents

    • wilcox tam
      wilcox tam

      And then you turned off your FM

    • James Blu
      James Blu

      @Yule Never Wore Cologne no trust me

    • Saka da Goat
      Saka da Goat

      @ׁ 😂😂😂😂😂

    • ׁ

      Can I have what ur smoking g. Asking for a friend

  • Jx2 HøddęrŹ backup
    Jx2 HøddęrŹ backup


  • Hisham Riaz
    Hisham Riaz


  • Jadon Sancho
    Jadon Sancho

    Arsenal should have gotton lingard instead of odergaard in January

    • Jadon Sancho
      Jadon Sancho

      @D T i did

    • D T
      D T

      No one asked

    • Steven Ebirim
      Steven Ebirim

      What has that got to do with the video😂

  • # Mr gamer
    # Mr gamer


  • Szillar


    • Manav Arun Aravind
      Manav Arun Aravind

      Shut up

    • Stevie R
      Stevie R


    • bbrandon

      not now mate

  • Liam Talks Football
    Liam Talks Football


  • ZaidX7


    • mustafa abdullahi
      mustafa abdullahi


    • Tasty

      @Ethan Nash fantastic let’s give him the Nobel peace pri- *no.*

    • Ethan Nash
      Ethan Nash

      ur first