What's gone wrong at Arsenal and how does it get fixed? | Jamie Redknapp, Alex Scott, Micah Richards
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Jamie Redknapp, Alex Scott and Micah Richards discuss Arsenal's poor run of form, sitting mid table on the Premier League. What is required to turn the tide at the Emirates? More investment? Better transfers? An overhaul of the squad? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!
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  • ExFlying Object
    ExFlying Object

    Alex Scott is eye candy 🍬 to the eyes.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Iso

    Same question for years now, it's time to accept that the new Arsenal doesn't want to be like the old one

  • Matthew Drewett
    Matthew Drewett

    Alex Scott 😍😍😍

  • Spectrescup

    Arsenal are the Newcastle of the Big 6

  • Jibber Jabba
    Jibber Jabba

    As if you ask her. She has no Idea and it's embarrassing to watch. Why would you have a her? It's like getting the opinion of someone who used to play Sunday league football.

  • Goodvibes-seeen!

    Sexiest Arsenal fan lady. Man she has a voice that can make you dream

  • Daniyal Iqbal
    Daniyal Iqbal

    Alex “actually “ scott

  • Simon Williams
    Simon Williams

    Agree with Jamie, u can't compare city and arsenal anymore, its just not fair given the amount of money spent on the respective squads

  • Zelda Fitzgerald
    Zelda Fitzgerald

    Alex ‘Actually’ Scott

  • Brian Mrema
    Brian Mrema

    she said of our arsenal and changed her words quickk

  • John Malone
    John Malone

    There are certain sacred areas reserved for men....one of them is football.......no disrespect to Alex Scott but I prefer to hear the views of commentators who have actually played Premier League or managed in the Premier League.......I'm not in anyway sexist but it is a man's world.....Alex Scott has never played in a mens league so she is least qualified....

  • CyanideShock

    All excuses from Arsenal fans and pundits. Arteta is a poor manager. David Moyes has done wonders with less.

  • J S
    J S

    “Holding is good enough to play at this level” 😂 wtf are u smoking mate

  • Laik Ahmed
    Laik Ahmed

    If Arsenal don't qualify for europa Arteta should be sacked.

  • David Haines
    David Haines

    I have to say Alex Scott is up there as one of the best analysts. Great insights. Damn I’m sitting here thinking she’d be my dream wife, except for when she might breakdown my performance in bed 😅

  • Sharif Ali
    Sharif Ali

    It's OK, Alex will talk about low block, haha boom!

  • DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus
    DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus

    If you were a fan as a boy how can you not be now

  • Ian Holland
    Ian Holland

    I am only here to tick a box,

  • Ribsy Brown
    Ribsy Brown

    There was nothing positive about Arsenal,stop sugar coating how crap we are under Arteta the cone man. We are 11th behind newly promoted Leeds after 25 games and out of all domestic cups.2 seasons ago we finished 5th and got to Europa finals. We now have a better squad than the 5th place squad but we are playing worse,why? Answer. Arteta the cone man should have never been given the Arsenal job and you ex players and fans who supports Arteta have accepted mediocrity. It baffles me that people actually think he is doing a good job and we have improved under him.

  • Lee Winston
    Lee Winston

    It's obvious what's wrong. Half the team are absolutely crap. They would not make it into any tip 10 Premier team. Second half, did okay, dont be ridiculous. They never had a shot on goal in the second half. The manager is useless, and half the team are useless!

  • E3boss2003

    I thought about it maybe auba is underperforming now but I cant be a flip flop this guy has carried us for seasons upon seasons the least I can do is back him at his worst so rednapp stop talking crap.

  • Ronado Ron
    Ronado Ron

    Sack Arteta immediately..we should have gone for tuchel when lampard was there. Now atleast get allegri.. with Arteta max we can get is 10th

  • Moses Kimathi
    Moses Kimathi

    Arsenal loosing quality players buying quantity players will not earn them points leave alone titles.


    Jamie Rednapp pls go with your father and join I am a celebrity get me outta here show. What did you won as a player you are relevant cause of your father and James cordon so pls stand back and let Micah Richards and Alex Scott talk about Arsenal and aubameyang u bang average footballer

  • Prakash P
    Prakash P

    Arsenal has been inconsistent since Wenger's era. And now they have a politician as a coach 😫

  • Nat

    Arsenal's biggest problem is their recruitment and investment. Until that changes which will probably need an ownership change I don't think Arsenal will have a good enough side to be top 4 consistently.

  • B2leave

    Great analysis guys! Everyone is now dumber for listening to this. "They are not consistent…for me he was bang average…Is he good enough to be in the starting eleven…just want to see some signs of progress, don’t they…we sure do and I think it’s just that consistency…we that to come to fruition now…It needs to be a regular thing…we need to see signs of more positivity" "They showed a little bit of heart and desire…I thought Arsenal did ok today" "That hurts me…I’m not saying it’s all doom and gloom" "They’ve got to be realistic…They’re not the great team that they used to be"

  • William The 3rd
    William The 3rd

    Thank you for this woman she’s talking straight facts

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M

    What’s wrong with Arsenal? Bad ownership with KSE. Since 2006 Arsenal have gone 1 way and will continue their journey downwards! Fans will still spend blindly as the parasite owners capitalise

  • oggy jack
    oggy jack

    ⚠️🚼Wet Floor!!!⚠️

  • Ben Whitton
    Ben Whitton

    Wdym whats gone wrong with arsenal, since christmas weve been banging

  • John Jones
    John Jones

    problem with arsenal is the whole structure and mentality of the club. Signing bang average players and giving them huge wages, no wonder why the hunger and desire to do anything isn't there

  • Chris Nenshati
    Chris Nenshati

    Its called fatigue and there's nothing really left to play for dummies

  • Mat

    They Will attack Ødegaard every chance they have

  • Rands G
    Rands G

    He’s got to go blud, he’s got to go blud

  • itzzNay

    she is a fantastic pundit

  • Smoe ellot
    Smoe ellot

    Micah Richards is an Arsenal fan!!! Arsenal is everyone second team

  • Ze TheGame
    Ze TheGame

    Hiring Arteta was a terrible decision.

  • Fin .Reilly
    Fin .Reilly

    Fixed since what year? 2004? They only really had a purple patch from 97-04. They were there and there abouts before and the same after. I think they are where they deserve to be. Mid table

  • Alex Thelander
    Alex Thelander

    Arsenal was never a top team. Then Wenger joined and introduced som professionalism and bought some great French players. Now Arsenal is back to being a normal club. Nobody really wants to join them. No history, no glory. To get anybody in, you have to pay in todays market. Big bucks. Especially if your club doesn't attract anyone trough history and past glory. Arsenal wont pay big bucks, and there you have it.

  • Clive Gayle
    Clive Gayle

    Aubamayang ain’t past it when you have a clueless out of his depth fraud arteta what do you expect

    • cogamers84

      He's past it

  • Chuck Gillespie
    Chuck Gillespie

    I say Arteta should experiment with the rest of the season

  • Prisha Sharma
    Prisha Sharma

    She forgot where is kitchen

    • Sultan Saeed
      Sultan Saeed

      Ffs man you had to be the sexist one.

  • Project778

    Arsenal need that zing and pop

  • Joao Pina
    Joao Pina

    She begging for a football player lool

  • Matthew Kh
    Matthew Kh

    Arsenal lack a squad, simple! Loan players as starters? You kidding me? Arsenal need serious money to rebuild, they won't get that with Stan Kronkee... Arsenal are nothing until he leaves.

    • Kwayv LDN
      Kwayv LDN

      We better get Dangote this year because if we don’t and we are stuck with this corrupt fool then I am actually going to stop watching football

  • Mayuresh More
    Mayuresh More

    Alex Scott looks so pretty in that turtle neck top

  • Paul Healey
    Paul Healey

    More Alex and Micah please. Great debate, both charismatic and should be on each week.

  • Jack Hickey
    Jack Hickey

    I would have loved to see what Roy Keane would have said after this game😂

    • Tris 87 Don
      Tris 87 Don

      He would of killed us

  • Baz

    I hate to say it but Jamie is right, Arsenal is a big club but these players are not up to standard compared to other big clubs like Man City, Liverpool even man utd. How are we having teenagers like Saka, ESR and KT outperforming their seniors is disappointing, Arsenal better spend big on some great players because if not we are gonna be like this for a while.

  • Anonymo

    Kept and played Ozil

  • Wagner Brandao
    Wagner Brandao

    Funny how no pundit even Alex Scott mentions Martinelli, that kid's the real deal and future of the club if he stays injury free, all there to see really.

  • Bertie Munn
    Bertie Munn

    I agree with Micah

  • Mark Cardwell
    Mark Cardwell

    Spurs have a crap keeper, and even worse defence, going cheap, if that helps.

  • Michael S
    Michael S

    Richards really shows how little he knows about football in this interview, how he is picked to be a pundit is beyond me. Name me a big club that isn’t aiming to win the league does he really believes other clubs are happy with their position, of course not, their all aiming to improve. None of them are aiming to say ok were not that good lets finish 5th if thinks they are then he’s a twit.

    • Liam C
      Liam C

      The sole reason Richards was hired and others sacked was because of his superior football knowledge

    • Michael S
      Michael S

      @Liam C i have often wondered , go on why was he picked

    • Liam C
      Liam C

      You know why he was picked a pundit.

  • Stanley98

    Arteta sucks

  • UraStr

    are they analyzing ARS based on MC game?

  • shivam singh
    shivam singh

    I am sure I am going to see another video with same title next season.

    • Kwayv LDN
      Kwayv LDN

      Hopefully not because we have a potential buyer of the club who is actually an active Arsenal fan and a renowned business man


    I done already told you fools that arteta is not the right man for arsenal. But yet he is still there

  • George Eldho
    George Eldho

    I definitely think we're improving,give arteta some time to form his squad

  • riquelmeone

    What is Micah RIchards talking about? They have good young players? Maybe on football manager. And Aubameyang is the last player they need to worry about at the moment. Arsenal simply lacks the quality overall, the squad is mediocre, the manager is mediocre and the board is probably even worse. It will take years to turn this club around. Crazy what has happened to Arsenal. Whenever I went into London with the train and passed the stadium I was in awe. For a few years now this feeling has completely disappeared.

  • Manaburden 2
    Manaburden 2

    Why is this female doughball talking about men's football.... I wouldn't let her cross the road on her own.... Ffs

  • Me Only
    Me Only

    These tv companies have turned football into a joke with these women refs linesman commentator's pundits presenters interviewers I turn the sound off . I am not going to listen to no skivy housewives tell me how to play football ain't gonna happen. Stick to netball rounders and hockey

  • Will Hale
    Will Hale

    Aliko dangote to the rescue

  • Rahul Karmakar
    Rahul Karmakar

    Bang average??? Everyone in this team is bang average 😂

    • Ben

      Except Saka.

  • Chris Downes
    Chris Downes

    She's stupid

  • Fayik Mujeeb
    Fayik Mujeeb

    ESR started ahead of Ødegaard against City is such a farcical argument. If we look at it objectively, Ødegaard was our best players against the Benfica and on ESR, he's been playing consistently without much break since he first came into the squad and needed a rest. Also, Arterta probably rested him against City as we've moved all our "eggs" in the europa league basket. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who's said it before, but, the English player bais always comes out onto the surface.

  • David Alexander
    David Alexander

    Calling Odegaard bang average shows how little this diversity panel knows about football.

  • Adam Lalana Rhoades
    Adam Lalana Rhoades

    Is Micah Richards joking? Arsenal showed no desire to win that game. They were perfectly fine with anything above a battering

  • Alexander Hoyer
    Alexander Hoyer

    It's quite simple. The board and owners do not have a plan to make the team competitive. The owner wont invest any money into the club which is what the team needs in order to make true progression. The club will not be relevant again until they start to spend.

  • sean

    They need someone to pump in the money or start getting better commercial deals on par with the big clubs those are their only two options.

  • Keion Garnett
    Keion Garnett

    It's real simple the entire board needs to go

  • Harry Mack
    Harry Mack

    Arsenal is like watch a slow dying death and quite frankly given the leadership at that club, they are exactly where they deserve to be.

  • Raymond Oakford
    Raymond Oakford

    Other teams score more goals! Too knackered by the ridiculous knee bending charade!

  • inaayat Hoque
    inaayat Hoque

    How dare she call odegard a erage Arteta is the one who is average

  • king kong
    king kong

    Arsenal are failing an arsenal can blame kronkee but surely the coach should be training them better

  • king kong
    king kong

    Arsenal really dont have no ambitions its actrally ridiculous can not belive Richards is saying we should b happpy

  • Mr Feather
    Mr Feather

    when you have the likes of bellerin xhaka elneny and holding in a team. you can't expect anything. bellerin for example is a sassy boi who can't jump straight ffs. and arteta keeps playing him. this club is dead. stop hoping.


      Mr Feather I still don't know y arsenal keeping him let him go back to Barca and bring in someone who can actually jump and throw a ball

    • Mr Feather
      Mr Feather

      @AFC TEKKRZ well that is a given for him. but the guy can not jump. if you notice bellerin playing you will understand. worst defender in history.


      Think u mean that bellerin can't throw rather than jump

  • Chris Karatzis
    Chris Karatzis

    ill take the side..

  • SoulVibez

    People don't realise we beat man city a couple of times last year.

    • Kwayv LDN
      Kwayv LDN

      That is besides the point

  • cjewelz

    Did Arse'nal appoint Ethan Hunt as manager? It seems to as if it is Mission: Impossible...

  • Saware Kothari
    Saware Kothari

    Agreed Wenger didn't do well against top 6 in last few years. But still he knew how to get points from Other 14. And made sure they finished Top 4.

    • Saware Kothari
      Saware Kothari

      But wanted them out of your club and that AFTV has made arsenal Fans look like the most Toxic ever.

    • Shaker Alyasiri
      Shaker Alyasiri

      I guaranteed if we had wenger or emery we would been in the top 6

  • Karl

    Arenal are trying to learn a whole new system and way of playing. JUST like the Man City system that was installed by Pep. Look how bad City did in their first season of trying to learn this complex way of playing. It's a system that is intricate and requires time to learn. How professional pundits haven't realised or pointed this out yet is absolutely crazy.

  • Noah Sutherland
    Noah Sutherland

    THe amount of times a video with this title has been posted over the years is hilarious

  • Khalid

    Alex Scott is so peng

  • Collin Howard
    Collin Howard

    This redknap just talks shite and brings nothing intelligent to the board every time he speaks..

  • Benedict Wong
    Benedict Wong

    Why does the media keep asking the same question? just let the club go into non-existent. Basically a company going bankrupt, nothing can help them.

  • Daniel 3o1
    Daniel 3o1

    did he just say holding is good enough? lmaoo

  • Aniq Ahmad
    Aniq Ahmad

    They are mid table club since Wenger retired but as due they deserves to get all this crap because the way they treat arsene wenger was disgusting and ungrateful among their fanbase who later on bantering on the club freefall.

  • Abhishek Dantale
    Abhishek Dantale

    Quite a few things but, every club has a dip in their history and we are going through ours right now. We will get over it and be back to our best in due course of time. Till then we support our club. Social media hasn't made life easier for clubs. Let's go. What I will say for certain is, Arsenal has always been an ambitious club throughout our history, but our current top brass are not one bit ambitious, they only care about American sport and Arsenal for them is just a footprint and image enhancing entity. We will get through this and again be back to our best.

  • Hachi Riko
    Hachi Riko

    not a banter fc fan but Arteta is hot garbage, they need to pull a chelsea and hire someone who know what they are doing

  • Exodia The Forbidden One
    Exodia The Forbidden One

    I’m not gonna listen to this woman tell me about football

    • Tim Maddams
      Tim Maddams

      That women played for England did you?

  • Alex Alex alex
    Alex Alex alex

    Simple really. New stadium and everything aside. They became a business. Buy “cheap” young talent, develop them to stars and sell them. Its never been a “transitional season” they became a “transitional club” for football players on the way to the bigger clubs. And thats a sad fact.

  • Derp Herp
    Derp Herp

    They spend their money wastefully. $88m on Pepe. $70m on Auba, $58m on Lacazette, $55m on Thomas Partey, $49m on Xhaka, $30m on Tierney. $28m on Gabriel, $27m on Leno. $27m on Lucas Torreira and $45m on Mustafi and they had to offload those guys. Meanwhile they just let the best keeper in the prem this season leave for free.

  • james barry
    james barry

    Arsenal fans just need to accept their place in the world for the foreseeable. They are a mid table team. At least 7 teams better, at least. Below par manager, awful players bar 1 or 2 and no one wants to go there.

  • Elma David
    Elma David

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  • Mc N
    Mc N

    Bring back Arsene

  • Ali Siddiqui
    Ali Siddiqui

    The board and the bs mentality

  • Steve Gilham
    Steve Gilham

    Who's the bird ?