Could Manchester City do the quadruple this season? | Micah Richards, Alex Scott & Jamie Redknapp
Micah Richards, Alex Scott and Jamie Redknapp discuss Manchester City's performance against Arsenal, and whether Pep Guardiola's side could do the quadruple this season and win the FA Cup, Premier League, League Cup and Champions League. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.
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  • Sonny Liston
    Sonny Liston

    They are going to do it. It only makes sense when you consider that each team has an open window at some point to win something. This is as good as it gets for man city. They have the momentum and the form of the squad to do it. Its now or never. They will win the quadruple.

  • Itz Omar
    Itz Omar

    Alex actually Scott

  • Daze Lvp
    Daze Lvp


  • Oda Kauffman
    Oda Kauffman

    Better financial advice than anything else I followed this year

  • Luke O Brien
    Luke O Brien

    They will bottle Europe.... AGAIN!

  • a a
    a a


  • Sarthak Chaurasia
    Sarthak Chaurasia

    Yes,if sterling doesn't miss a sitter 😁

  • 666 BRLN 999
    666 BRLN 999

    0:43 Dodo

  • James Edes
    James Edes

    Alex "actually" Scott

  • Philip

    Seems to be the same discussion every year.. right before they get put out of the champions league 😆

  • S DSMe
    S DSMe


  • Obunika Oilada
    Obunika Oilada

    " How are they managing to win after win " Alex Scott - " Manchester city? " " No Arsenal 😑 "

  • Liban Dualeh
    Liban Dualeh

    Only team that can beat city... Is city

  • Alex377

    Domestic treble sure. Logically, if you haven't made it past the quarters for five years, you're not going to make that jump to winning it. This City team isn't much better than the one two or three years ago that dominated domestically but couldn't do it in the CL. A semi-final is probably likely though.

  • Worldwide Remix
    Worldwide Remix

    Don't count your eggs before they're hatched.

  • kootrell

    Say actually again.

  • Rithwik V Shet
    Rithwik V Shet

    Alex Scott - Actually

  • KIERBOY12 **
    KIERBOY12 **

    People who say city is now blue. Yes I agree, and I’m a United fan. But the amount of money they have spent compared to United and their 90s teams are so incomparable. 🔴🔴

  • Daidi Fanta
    Daidi Fanta

    Doubt it. I'll take 2 and a deep run in ucl. Our attack not strong enough to win ucl

  • Olwethu Silo
    Olwethu Silo

    Jamie Redknapp top assessment! 🔥

  • Mohammed Faisal
    Mohammed Faisal

    Funny how Liverpool 18 month span of ucl league super cup and club world cup is better than all the trophies Guardiola has won since he's been at city. Winning the ucl gives you a chance to win two more trophies so city main focus should be on the champions league because they're favourites for the capital one cup, FA cup and the league. They're most likely to definitely winning the domestic treble again but the ucl, that's the one they need to focus on. Rest their players before ucl game because they can afford to. Personally I hope they don't win the quadruple because they're a club who are only where they are now because of oil money. So I hope they get knocked out the ucl in the semi final or even the final. Let's wait and see. They can win the quadruple but will they remains to be seen. I think they have a better chance to get the quadruple now than they did when they were up for it before

  • jamesjacob21

    I don't think you can "expect" to win a quadruple. It's never been done. But we will try

  • onkar jagdale
    onkar jagdale

    😂😂forget about quadruple they will loose title to united GGMU

  • Jxdiael

    City on fire rn but that Quadruple 😬 that is quite ambitious

  • zibeddy

    They would trade all the other 3 trophies right now just for the champions league.

  • Kryten 2X4B-523P
    Kryten 2X4B-523P

    Stop. Saying. Actually.

  • George Gilmore
    George Gilmore


  • TT 97
    TT 97

    7 minutes without Micah Richards' laughter? What's going on??😂😂😂😂

    • TT 97
      TT 97

      @Mohamed damn😂😂😂cheers mate

    • Mohamed

      @TT 97 at 6:12 but it is one time.

    • TT 97
      TT 97

      @Mohamed Did he? At least not in the trademark way, though

    • Mohamed

      He did tho

  • dimitri azevedo
    dimitri azevedo

    Im actually impressed with man city actually...

  • Turnips

    They will never win the UCL...

  • SealTeamZero

    They won't get passed Bayern Munich.

  • Stephen Collier
    Stephen Collier

    No definitely not

  • Adam O shea
    Adam O shea


  • Paul Coffield
    Paul Coffield

    They could, but will they? No. We have this same conversation every single season.


    The covid cups

  • Keen Observer
    Keen Observer

    They always win quadruple in February but than champions league quarterfinals strikes 2017- Monaco 2018- Liverpool 2019- Tottenham 2020- Lyon

    • Turnips


  • Nat Reilly
    Nat Reilly

    short answer, no

  • Khalid Hawadle
    Khalid Hawadle

    No matter what they not winning UCL anytime soon !!!!!

  • Kerrie Lucrecia
    Kerrie Lucrecia

    The greedy click lilly measure because jumper spindly clear towards a lowly religion. dysfunctional, highfalutin tip

  • Remi Lombarda
    Remi Lombarda

    Ruben Dias better than glass knee van dijk

  • Maan K
    Maan K

    Bribe FC not to win Champions League.

  • Mohammed Ubaithe
    Mohammed Ubaithe

    I agree with all 3 of them IMO, But alex made the highlighted point in a nutshell that they are THE COMPLETE team in the EPL no matter who Pep chooses. In regards to winning all 4 Cups, I'll give them 1 more season before they can fully operate in 6th gear and go on all 4's, just not this season I believe they can't win will 4.

  • Tom Yeahs
    Tom Yeahs

    Definitely not, usual EPL/Britist hype.

  • Mohit Kalro
    Mohit Kalro

    Whether they do the quadruple or not, just absorb the fact that Pep and City will have won 3 premier league titles in 4 seasons. That is all. They are terrifying.

  • Jack Walsh
    Jack Walsh

    After all these year's still have to win the big one.. The champions league is the most prestigious trophy any football club has to own and City haven't even gotten into a final yet let alone win, they never will because they are kings of the premiership but european level is a whole new level

  • Damien Legge
    Damien Legge

    I thought pundits are supposed to be in bias . Micah is so far inside man city's arse he should not be allowed on when city play

  • Lex L
    Lex L

    Man City won't be winning the Champions League, Bayern Munich is capable of changing gears when needed, Man City doesn't have a plan b when things get messy.

  • Liam Cole
    Liam Cole

    City are getting closer and closer to European glory, the disrespect shown to them is unbelievable, they are on another level

  • 45HOT5 444HEADZ
    45HOT5 444HEADZ


  • Brett Riverboat
    Brett Riverboat

    Sky Sports ticking them boxes

  • twhiteofrd_110

    Alex Scott is sooo much better as a Pundit than as a commentator

  • Brim

    Actually Pep knew Arsenal will actually defend that box of theirs and actually forget they actually need to move to the other box to actually score Actually

  • football is my life
    football is my life

    Haha dreams🤣🤣🤣 Quadraple🤣🤣🤣 Lets see how far their defense gonna save them... They will fall apart just wait and watch

  • Kaz Fayz
    Kaz Fayz

    Alex “Actually” Scott

  • instigatordj001


  • aj satti
    aj satti

    At least they are talking about it every year except last season.

  • DizzyUpTheFool


  • Ephraim Akoto
    Ephraim Akoto

    It,s like Arsenal fans saying they would win the quadruple. 🤣🤣 Jokers cannot even score Lyon and Monaco.

  • Soundless Assassins
    Soundless Assassins

    I can only see Bayern and PSG as possible danger teams.

  • tomtomufc

    They've definitely got the squad depth to win 4,there definitely better than Madrid and bacca this year only teams you could look to in the champions league is PSG and of course Bayern and I'd say they beat PSG so Bayern or city for champions league.

  • Rahff London
    Rahff London

    They will flop against Monchengladbach😂😂

  • Darth Watson
    Darth Watson

    They ask this question every season

  • Gloves are off Sweet Science
    Gloves are off Sweet Science


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    Gloves are off Sweet Science


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    Gloves are off Sweet Science


  • Gloves are off Sweet Science
    Gloves are off Sweet Science


  • TheJotaEra


  • illhavenoneofthat

    I think you can only get excited about the quadruple if you’re past in quarter finals in all cup competitions and favourites in the league. The carabao cup won’t be easy, Jose will get the bus ready and all it takes is one early goal for them. If Kane scores that free kick at the ethiad it would have been a whole different game. There’s still a bit to go in the FA Cup but if they manage the squad well I see them getting to the finals but it takes one off day. UCL will be the toughest by far. I think there is a bit of a mental block here, they’ve gone out against Monaco, Spurs and Lyon in recent years. I can understand losing 1, but all 3 against teams teams you should be beating suggests something mentally. This team seems the best equipped however, they are defensively very solid and have more control in games. Mönchengladbach will be a good test, they’re a decent team that could cause problems but city should get through comfortably.

  • My life My experience
    My life My experience

    Here we go again 🙄

  • Ste Comer
    Ste Comer

    I hope they do and I'm not a city supporter,they are playing football that's easy on the eye and they deserve to win the lot.

  • Mavic Warrior
    Mavic Warrior

    City will get found out in Europe. Even with the 100s of millions they have spent over the years. Chelsea fought against one of the best Barca sides in Europe and have a better record than Man City

    • Mohammed Haris
      Mohammed Haris

      What are you talking about?

  • Kevin Ye
    Kevin Ye

    If pep doesn’t overthink, he can win the CL. Hes learned from all his mistakes by now

  • rcastellon55

    Watch pep come out with a 4-6-0 against gladbach lmaooo

    • TheInvincible H
      TheInvincible H


    • TheInvincible H
      TheInvincible H


  • RK2K11

    Saying actually so many times is actually Anonying

  • dethanos _jk23
    dethanos _jk23

    City needs to cement their legacy by winning the champions league

  • dethanos _jk23
    dethanos _jk23

    Pep just needs to not complicate things in the champions league, this is season in the champions league he realizes that the only challenge in the champions league is bayern psg and Atletico

  • Nick McIlveen
    Nick McIlveen

    City beats the tenth place team 1-0 Sky: WILL THEY WIN EVERYTHING??

  • ItsDiz Productions
    ItsDiz Productions

    Where’s Uncle Roy?????

  • ninjamonk3y1987

    Alex actually Scott

  • Kaiju Hunter
    Kaiju Hunter

    Not sure about the Champions League but they could definitely the win the other three.

  • Devil red 7
    Devil red 7

    Jamie “leader of men” redknapp

  • Luke

    Alex “so actually” Scott

  • Study92 Song
    Study92 Song


  • Hashmaster98

    We talked about this 2 season ago, why is this being talked about again

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    Elma David

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  • tony montana
    tony montana

    Every time the quadruple gets mentioned City start dropping out the cup tournaments won’t be long now lol

  • Sparky1

    Redknapp and Scott giving the boring sound bites taking themselves seriously but Micha is a breath of fresh air. He is funny and brings something different to the stale world of punditry.

  • Tasty

    They can But they won’t.

  • Sir Auryn
    Sir Auryn

    the only win city got in UEFA js when they splash the cash in court!

  • Willam Millar
    Willam Millar

    Hmmm let me think about that title... oh wait that was quick NO

  • Joseph Robinson
    Joseph Robinson

    can we do it? yes will we? probs fukin not😭

  • Cameron Stone
    Cameron Stone

    I like Alex Scott she's a great pundit.

  • PeterorPk

    I like how these guys repeatedly reiterate how important Man City’s centre backs are but hardly seem to acknowledge that this is why Liverpool are suffering.

  • Philo King
    Philo King

    'actually' talks s***e.

  • lou marg
    lou marg

    hmm actually i think they could do, actually nah they wont, actually you know what i think they actually might actually

  • Levi Coker
    Levi Coker

    Alex Scott is one of the only female pundits that i can watch

    • Levi Coker
      Levi Coker

      Across all sports

  • Levi Coker
    Levi Coker

    The depth of their squad has kept them levels above everyone else in England & even Europe tbh so it is a fair question to discuss. - Liverpool fan by the way

  • MUFC Legend
    MUFC Legend

    Easy answer: No

    • TheInvincible H
      TheInvincible H

      Short answer: no Long answer: hmmmm hmmm hmmmm...... no

  • 1341141 N4JI13
    1341141 N4JI13