"Liverpool are an easy touch!" | Graeme Souness on Liverpool's defeat to Everton & current form
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Graeme Souness gives his thoughts on Liverpool's performance against Everton during their 2-0 defeat in the Premier League, as well as his former side's current run of domestic form.
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  • Nathan Ball
    Nathan Ball

    Time for Gerrard to come in

  • Anthony Monaghan
    Anthony Monaghan

    Graeme 'the voice of doom' Souness.

  • first name last name
    first name last name

    "it was like watching 11 paul pogbas" souness

  • Jack Roberts
    Jack Roberts

    Why are all sky pundits Liverpool fans

  • Chin Yen Tay
    Chin Yen Tay

    Mark Clattenburg:’’"Kavanagh spent mere seconds at his monitor. It wasn't to check whether it was a penalty - he and VAR Andre Marriner accepted it was - but whether Alexander-Arnold should be red-carded.’’

  • Arun Hundal
    Arun Hundal

    Imagine how much stick Thiago would be getting if his name was Paul Pogba

  • Harry Ladkin
    Harry Ladkin


  • alan green
    alan green

    But this doesn't make sense. I thought Liverpool were mentality monsters :/ ... Lol

  • Vincent Collins
    Vincent Collins

    The Liverpool I grew up watching his back and I love it

  • Love Life
    Love Life

    Why does Sourness still have a job, regardless of whatever team all he does is whinge like a little bitch lol

  • Rick Karsan
    Rick Karsan

    Im a ManUre fan but, Liverpool have 20 first teamers out whilst they are the most fouled team in the league. What Jurgen has done on a shoestring budget is a miracle and thet are still the best team in Premier Leagu history. YNWA .

  • intelectualaffluence

    Souness is as thick as a Gurkhas foreskin

  • melvyns1975

    The only thing missing was the tears 😢 didn't think Souness was capable of criticising Liverpool

  • Abdul

    Who else to blame but FSG? Little to zero investment over the years.. buy to sell Yank mentality.. playing heavy metal Jurgen football for three years straight without any proper reinforcement, is begging for failure... Two trophies in like 10 years... Objectively worst owners we ever had on the pitch, surely.

  • Professor Posh
    Professor Posh

    I think it goes to show how reliant we were with Van Dikh

  • B2B Training
    B2B Training

    *Petition for Liverpool to sign me as a new striker* - credentials: - 13 years grass routes football - ability to pass a ball - ability to shoot at a goal - won't fall over when the wind blows - £1000 a week will do nicely Yours sincerely, random internet person

  • Tom

    12 months of shite football. I wouldn’t be surprised Red Bull going through either. Klopp your time is up,Stevie see you in June.

  • pepsicola

    Im sorry but as a Liverpool fan, injuries are not a good enough excuse for that performance. At least put some effort in lads. Absolutely embarrassing

  • Jim Clawley
    Jim Clawley

    Because we all remember Graeme’s stint as Liverpool manager 🤔

  • Just Some Guy Without A Penis
    Just Some Guy Without A Penis

    "That's why goalkeepers are in goal." - Graeme Souness 2021 ''That's his job'' - Roy Keane 2020

  • Phil Thornton
    Phil Thornton

    Where was pogba in all of this?

  • Warren Cooke
    Warren Cooke

    He was nearly sick in his own mouth when he had to acknowledge pickford 🤣

  • Dava Bolton
    Dava Bolton

    Liverpool are an easy touch because of the bad referys and VAR and not playing well

  • Jagraj Singh Wasan
    Jagraj Singh Wasan

    “Now everyone wants to play against them” hahaha

  • Adam P
    Adam P

    Salah needs to stop diving

    • melvyns1975

      Its embarrassing

  • philip bush
    philip bush

    Sourness before the game says Liverpool are in different league to Everton what a difference 90 minutes makes!

  • carl derbyshire
    carl derbyshire

    At their worst they are still better than the shite you managed

  • Max Lachance
    Max Lachance

    Getting to Klopp out

  • Phil

    An easy touch like a Graham Souness Liverpool team, he knows what he's talking about.

  • Rahul Kadam
    Rahul Kadam

    Minamino scoring every week & we loaned him out as we couldn't give him game time.. Let that sink in...

  • james morgan
    james morgan

    Souness dying inside, fantastic

  • Rufus Burne
    Rufus Burne

    Sack Klopp before its to late!

  • Blessing Mbalaka
    Blessing Mbalaka

    "Liverpool are an easy touch. But the real problem is Paul Pogba😒, to lose 2-0 to Everton in the Merseyside derby he is a disgrace... an absolute disgrace to football "-Graeme Souness

  • Ronnie k
    Ronnie k

    Surprise it weren't pogbas fault cry souness cry!

  • Robert Lawler
    Robert Lawler

    All of you people slagging Liverpool of right now just keep it coming yes they have had a bad season that is for sure and they will right of the league but believe me they will be back to recapture what was theirs last year and they will be a very wounded animal so keep it coming any team in the world would miss the best central pairing any team would not making any excuses they have been bad this year but they will be back to show you sort minded people why they were worthy champions and congratulations to Everton because it will be last and only time you win at anfield in a long time and any other team for that matter

  • Ryan Navickas
    Ryan Navickas

    So thats just it on the derby, imagine if Liverpool won. Thanks sky 🙄

  • fire wood
    fire wood

    That obak is woeful can’t head a ball , makes bad decisions and ball watches , he is at fault for at least three goals since he came.

  • Julio Toro
    Julio Toro

    James the best player

  • Tshire Monchonyane
    Tshire Monchonyane

    I agree, Pogba could have done more.

  • 1341141 N4JI13
    1341141 N4JI13

    He Said That With Gritted Teeth 🦷

  • Chris Downes
    Chris Downes

    I still believe in Liverpool

  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison

    Souness is a bitter old man No praise at all for any team when they beat Liverpool! He done the same thing when City tore them apart instead of praising City for the win and having respect he couldn't even bring himself to say one good thing about them the bitter old fart!!!

  • Panda Luke
    Panda Luke

    "Best team in premier league era"....lol VanDijk is in the conversation for best CB in premier league era for sure, but this team completely collapses without him? Far from best team ever. This isnt even a poor run of form, they are now imploding

  • Sebrina Phillipe
    Sebrina Phillipe

    Souness actually talking sense in this

  • Gary

    The present Liverpool team has 2 good players , Salah and Mane . All their success was down to the forwards and their system . The ball is pumped long into space for their speedy attackers to run on to . Teams now sit deep and they struggle to break teams down . Their midfield is all about pressing and turnover ball . Opponents just aren't giving them the space to run into . A rebuild and new system is needed .

  • Rahizad Rashid
    Rahizad Rashid

    Kloop must change playing style or formation, now Liverpool is so predictable, the opponents will defend deep in numbers and hit Liverpool with counter attack, stop robo and TAA from crossing, done Liverpool will not score

  • RMC The Ramshackle Music Collective
    RMC The Ramshackle Music Collective

    Jordan Pickford killed Liverpool this season.

  • lazeris 16
    lazeris 16

    Its time to replace a few that arnt pullin weight..other than that its just a hiccup..probably.

  • Andrew Gray
    Andrew Gray

    we will get back soon

  • Roz Sa
    Roz Sa

    For once, I have to agree with Souness. Most of the time he talks tripe though. The first goal was the epitome of Liverpool's failings. No challenge for the headers, James allowed to control the ball under no pressure and then make a pass without anyone hurrying, pressing or putting a tackle in. I almost feel like that it would've been better for Liverpool if they played younger centre backs, than making experienced midfielders fill in whilst the likes of Gomez, Virgil and matip have been out. Around a year ago, they were almost impossible to dominate the midfield again. Saying that, injuries have maybe sped up the end of this first cycle under klopp. They do play like their bellies are full. Sad because I really thought they were going to dominate for a few seasons.

  • TopShottaz

    Sky please retire this clown souness, time to bring in some young guns

  • cheetah8667

    Klopp needs to follow what Pep does in purchasing players from La Liga who are technically very good, all of Klopp purchases of players from Bundesliga have flopped massively, stop obsessing over running more then the opposition and waiting for them to tire out, make the team technically better instead which is what is needed for EPL dominance, let the opposition do the running, while your players pass and move with intelligence, the passing and movement of these current players is very poor, this is not what pro footballers should be doing, no excuses for not being able to make simple passes as pro footballers especially those players regarded as being world class in this LFC side, also aerially in Midfield and upfront the team is very very poor, height is needed badly especially upfront to make full use of Trent and Robo crosses.

  • Ali Sallam
    Ali Sallam


  • DR Evil
    DR Evil

    team loses a game"team hopless players should be dropped"team wins next game"amazing team those players are world beaters"football presenters are more fickle than the fans

  • Rizwaan

    Dan James is so clear of that xenomorph looking clown mane.

  • Josh Davies
    Josh Davies

    The victims will probably demand the season is voided

    • melvyns1975

      Kinell.. brutal

    • Callum96

      What are you talking about?

  • Johneekash

    Sir Alex Ferguson

  • Ray Richards
    Ray Richards

    Well played the Toffees. Great all round performance. Listening to Souness at the end of the game was an added bonus 😂💙😂💙😂💙😂

  • steve tayler
    steve tayler

    Love souness

  • Scooter Mcgavin25
    Scooter Mcgavin25

    One season wonders. Best team of the PL era my arse. Bottlejobs at best. You love to see it. 😂😂😂

  • Mark Cordwell
    Mark Cordwell

    They need to get back on the performance enhancing drugs

  • James Kannan
    James Kannan

    Souness is absolutely right. Liverpool is an easy touch. Everyone wants to play against them. Klopp power is coming down. His team self also to be blamed,

  • G S
    G S

    Doesn't go in on Thiago like pogba

  • Mr Penalty
    Mr Penalty

    This shows how important one man can be

    • Mr Penalty
      Mr Penalty

      @Gareth M something not right at Liverpool then, maybe it’s to do with players wants out or they might not even playing for Klopp. Another 2 more loose then he will be out

    • Gareth M
      Gareth M

      @Mr Penalty Everton were without there best Centre back, central midfielder and DCL was on the bench? So EFC hadn't got a full strength team either. Same with Man City, they were missing at least 3 players when they trashed you. Any complaints from them??

    • Mr Penalty
      Mr Penalty

      @Gareth M yes VVD and Hendo in the middle with Fab was the reason We are in this mess.

    • Gareth M
      Gareth M

      Absolute nonsence. Are you saying liverpool would never have lost these games if they had VVD? That team won the league a few months ago and are former European champions. They are all serial winners. If it was any other team in this position, I think the media would be coming down alot harder in criticising them and Klopp. Using the VVD injury is a smokescreen for the real issue in that Klopp has no plan B for his team. He should be able to adapt and overcome the absence of key players through a system that suits the players he has. By persisting with the only system he knows using poor players. Example is that by playing his midfield in defence he is making a bad situation worse. But.... The red nose media give them a pass and want us to feel sorry for them. Sorry but everyone is see through all these pundits arguments and LFC's self pity but no one in the media wants to discuss it. Roy Keane was absolutely spot with what he said about LFC being bad champions and there constant excuses

  • yie _TW
    yie _TW

    the liv front trios now the worst of front striker result in the league! Keane: that their job...

  • unknown Unknown
    unknown Unknown

    Am singing the blues when everton win an liverpool lose am singing the blues 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Castor Troy
      Castor Troy

      @Ben McAdam could agree more since they last won a trophy back in 1995... the Mickie mouse cup hahahaha

    • Castor Troy
      Castor Troy

      @Ben McAdam lol

    • Ben McAdam
      Ben McAdam

      Save the blues for when you win a league. But, you'll probably be dead by then so you may as well sing the blues for mediocrity

  • Sanjay Demali
    Sanjay Demali

    You gotta ask yourself why is Pogba playing for Liverpool?

  • Thorpe 4901
    Thorpe 4901

    One season wonders

    • melvyns1975

      Let's be fair they won the champs league the year before...so 2 season wonders 🤣

  • Liam Floy
    Liam Floy

    Stop crying souness I love his salty tears sitting there face like thunder🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • mark capel
      mark capel

      how is he being salty , he isnt making excuses , he wasnt crying he said everton deserved to win it , basically said liverpool were poor

  • swewunna

    What is more embarrassing? Liverpool losing or Souness choking?

  • Camagu Livumile
    Camagu Livumile

    Liverpool is doomed 🙆🏼‍♂️💆🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤯

  • Lewis Howell
    Lewis Howell

    Souness needs to disappear forever. How are we supposed to listen to anything tactical that he says when his tactics were, if I lose the ball then I'll break your legs above the knee 🤔

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith

    Why is a woman there ?

  • life long
    life long

    The glue is gone...and it shows.

  • Paul 123
    Paul 123

    Souness sick as a parrot. He absolutely hates Everton.

  • north lad
    north lad

    Last year Liverpool looked like they didn’t believe they could be beat even if they went behind,now they look almost ordinary and on edge.

    • Ace J. 7 Million
      Ace J. 7 Million

      Look worse than United under Davie Moyes, lol!!?

  • Moynur Rahman
    Moynur Rahman

    Well they've won the league.. they can take it easy now.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lewis

    We are the champions, 6 time Champions league winners ❤️

    • Lewis

      Imagine naming your kid Arlie 🤣

    • Arlie Pattinson
      Arlie Pattinson


  • Nathan

    Is it pogbas fault for Liverpool's decline EY souness

  • Tony Celestino
    Tony Celestino

    Souness , try opening your mouth when you speak

  • dunholm1

    Liverpool haven't had a decent defense for years and Klopp has done little to nothing about it. Their only real defense has been their attack, with other teams forced to focus their attention on the likes of Salah.

    • m p
      m p

      "Liverpool haven't had a decent defense for year's". Where were you last season, or even the one before?

  • Dean Bun
    Dean Bun

    said they would go on to dominate for the next five years a few months back,..

  • Emeka Osisi
    Emeka Osisi

    Liverpool are in a transition, loosing VanDijk and having not brought in more world class players in the summer transfer window seems to have done them in. City been 10 clear doesn’t help things either.

  • Zaid Mir
    Zaid Mir

    Klopp out. Need Roy Hodgson back. He knows how to play proper football

    • Tandav Koushik
      Tandav Koushik

      You're a dumbass

    • Zaid Mir
      Zaid Mir

      @Ross Moore Na mate.. I'm dead serious 😂

    • Ross Moore
      Ross Moore

      That's a joke, right?

  • Garry Bonner
    Garry Bonner

    Cmon look at all the players we lost

  • Madhurjya Das
    Madhurjya Das

    It’s still not too late but Liverpool have to find a different way to play. All the goals Liverpool conceded so far is bcs they get caught on the break bcs of the highline with which they play. The highline works only with VVD in defence and Fab and Hendo in midfield. Just play with any system but not the 4-3-3 with a high line with which they normally play.

  • Ankan Gupt
    Ankan Gupt

    Hey Liverpool lost but Thiago had some passes so Liverpool fans must be happy.

  • Kreig Rastalovich
    Kreig Rastalovich

    There's many uncharacteristic mistakes being made all over the Liverpool side, and it's been happening since before Christmas. There's part of me that thinks he should keep Thiago out of the next couple of games, I've seen his mistakes and they're in the center of the park. But then there's Trent's form, it's been poor all season - defensively, the fullback area I think other teams have done their homework but even so, he was touted as worldclass. Virgil hasn't helped, but you'd think it would mean conceding an extra goal whilst still scoring 2 or 3. Something really up with the players I feel and Klopp is struggling to rationalise it. If this was Chelsea, or Man Utd, I'd fear for his job - same with JM at Spurs, if he was at those two clubs, he'd be sacked.

  • Herman Neah
    Herman Neah

    Liverpool need to change the way they play...a lot of the PL teams know how to play against them now.

  • Fede Wesley
    Fede Wesley

    saw some pool fan acting like a right knob and saying , " This liverpool team will not fall as far as the madrid team which won 3 ucls in 3 years" on Football Terrace....There are literal levels to this game smh.

  • Ministry Of Poetry
    Ministry Of Poetry

    Who would have thought having your first 4 centre backs unavailable would affect performance...

    • Ministry Of Poetry
      Ministry Of Poetry

      @Scott Harrison Yeah and we where top of the league not long after that game.

    • Scott Harrison
      Scott Harrison

      They were fit when villa spanked you 7-2

  • Norman Lee
    Norman Lee

    You can go on all day about the problems at Liverpool but my concern has always been the bench when they have a fully fit team and a front player gets injured who do you bring on to get you goals shaq no origi no ox no who’s left no one the only one you had has been loaned out compare that to city’s bench doesn’t make sense to me

  • Stu Don
    Stu Don

    Klopp out. Kenny Dalglish in.

    • Stu Don
      Stu Don

      @mark capel 174 million is what we received from last seasons efforts. You're telling me some of that couldn't have gone towards a new quality CB?

    • mark capel
      mark capel

      @Stu Don i dont think it was klopp being arrogant , i think his hands are tied by fsg , a pandemic is on , be a bit crazy going out buying top players putting them on top wages , when you dont know what the future holds , running a club isnt cheap when you already have big wages to pay and staff , fsg are a sporting franchise , a pandemic is on where is the money coming in from when stadiums are closed ? city have oil money of course they can buy , oil is a major commodity in the world even during a pandemic , so money is still filtering into their bank accounts at a large rate

    • Stu Don
      Stu Don

      @mark capel Klopp was too arrogant in the summer window. We should have gone out and bought some proper players to strengthen the squad (the same way City do, and Utd used to do when they were the tits). But he thought we'd go another season without injuries and we'd be good enough. Face it. We had a lot of luck injury wise for those 2 seasons. We made the most of it and got the silverware, but Klopp missed the chance to make us a powerhouse.

    • mark capel
      mark capel

      @Stu Don at dortmund he lost his good players to bayern , then got a load of injuries too , its not like the players arent playing for him , just way to many injuries and strikers that just arent finding the net

    • Stu Don
      Stu Don

      @mark capel Nah we’re cooked mate. The players aren’t playing for Klopp anymore. The same thing is happening to us as to what happened to him at Dortmund

  • MR K
    MR K

    Paul pogbas fault

  • Wesley McLeish
    Wesley McLeish

    Wonder when he is gonna blame thiago.

  • Robert George Miller
    Robert George Miller

    The main excuse is 'injuries' ...... but there are other issues. Teams may have learnt how to deal with LFC. For sure, every team misses the crowd - but perhaps LFC most of all. Klopp appears unable to change structure of 433. Bobby F, although we all admire him, is no longer earning his position - we need a 'fighting' striker.

    • Logan W
      Logan W

      I'm a man u fan but injuries isn't an excuse to be fair, they have been fucked over big time. Good for us tho

  • Ed McGuigan
    Ed McGuigan

    There is no God given right to the title. I remember Andy Robertson saying they intended to defend it at the beginning of the season and to be fair, with Jota in the team they were looking pretty good early on.If you don't focus on any one player and look for movement in the midfield as the defense bring the ball up, it doesn't seem to be happening and link up from mid to attack seems to be broken. They aren't overwhelming the opposition with simultaneous attacking threats and everything looked very deliberate. Everton managed to both press high and do it well and also pack the last third when Liverpool did get up there. Thiago seems like Liverpool's Xhaka at the moment. Apparently he is a good player but I have never watched Bayern so I don't know how he is supposed to be good.

  • Dope Lyrics
    Dope Lyrics

    Best sight in punditry: Souness when he’s realised he’s been given a 5h1t sandwich instead of a Nutella one

  • Marty

    99% of Liverpool fans see the bigger picture. Any team losing VVD, Gomez, Matip, Fabinho and now Henderson ( 5 first choice centre backs) at various stages of the season would struggle to cope like the reds are. The whole shape of the team has been compromised leading to inevitable inconsistency. Add on all the other injuries and its understandable. Sadly we will have to get on with it and regroup pre season because this season looks dead and buried. The rmighty reds will be back. YNWA !!

    • Marty

      @ckjb macamenny highly unlikely with our centre back issues. Imagine Mbappe and the likes against our makeshift pairing 🙈 As you said with a full strength squad again and a couple of new faces next season we go again.

    • ckjb macamenny
      ckjb macamenny

      @Marty man city this year but you's will be back stronger for the league next year, love to see you's winning european cup but has the injuries scuppered that as well ??

    • Marty

      @ckjb macamenny yes i expected more to be honest. Hopefully he'll improve when the team are showing improved form.

    • ckjb macamenny
      ckjb macamenny

      @Marty exactly my point, great on the ball but..........

    • Marty

      @ckjb macamennybecause the likes of Fabinho, Milner and Keita have missed a huge part of the season. Add to that the fact that Fabinho has had to fill in at the back hindering our pressing game. Thiago is a player not a tackler.

  • Anfieldtheplacetobe

    Now it the time to support the team! Klopp is going to make drastic changes to the team in the summer i would guess. Lets not forget the previuos 3 years, and what Klopp and Linjders have done👍🏽 Gini, Chamberlain, Keita, Origi, Shaquiri will go and be replaced! I'm guessing Harvey Elliot is going to be a regular in the squad! Curtis Jones Will be much better and so on! Look on the positive side😎