"We made a mistake tactically" | Mikel Arteta on conceding to Man City after 2 minutes
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Mikel Arteta reflects on Arsenal's 1-0 defeat to Manchester City in the Premier League, with Raheem Sterling scoring the only goal of the game after just two minutes.
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  • Cairo R
    Cairo R

    Please please go Back to city arteta I beg you your actually killing us this is self harm

  • Isnan Raiyean
    Isnan Raiyean


  • That Guy Mo
    That Guy Mo

    My team is in a sad state man, Arteta clearly doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. How long do we have to put up with these atrocious performances, where is this process going exactly, the championship?! At this rate we’ll never play champions league football again

  • Anti Rust
    Anti Rust

    He seems proud that he conceded 1 goal only !! This guy is a politician not a coach

  • Torrential Rain
    Torrential Rain

    haha again what do you expect of Pepe who has no creativity to drive in with the ball, neither to offer quality crosses. This is not a training session lol

  • Cairo R
    Cairo R

    Lol wanna b pep

  • Svein Sigurd Gismarvik
    Svein Sigurd Gismarvik

    The world still go round. Who dont lose for ManC? In both good and bad times we must stay and support.

  • The King
    The King

    In the first half the mistake on attack was making them look like they were nervous like when Bellerin lost control of the ball

  • Omair Sheikh
    Omair Sheikh

    Arteta: "I made a mistake tactically" Roy: "That's your job"

  • Ben Buckley
    Ben Buckley

    1 mistake ? You were lucky not be 6 down by midway trew the 1st half was lucky see it was only one nil

  • Jonny Justice
    Jonny Justice

    Gudebening 👀

  • Thanos

    Arteta is not good enough

  • Tommy pillay
    Tommy pillay

    Can't listen to this guys bullshit anymore.

  • Joshua Timmerbäck
    Joshua Timmerbäck

    Not we - ’Arteta’ made that tactic mistakes, it’s his fault, no excuses like Klopp has all the time

  • SFN999

    It´s important that we have patience and trust the process


    Arteta and players fear pep but arsenal fanse never fear city and pep...

  • Lord Nicklas Bendtner
    Lord Nicklas Bendtner


  • Rewind N
    Rewind N

    Neanderthal caveman el neny

  • Gent Next Door
    Gent Next Door

    Why isn’t Martinelli playing? why? Every week Arteta loses more of the fanbase support, strange selection policy. And then there’s Willian, we are sharpening our knives Mikel.

    • Don Johnson
      Don Johnson

      Lacazette should be playing more also

  • Darren Baker
    Darren Baker

    This is typical Arsenal at the moment Kronky got a knock off version of Pep and as we know you buy cheep you get what you pay for. Auba and belerin have NO passion but Arteta keeps selecting them. Pepe is 💯 on the left but he keeps putting him on the right making the game narrow as both right and left come in from the wing. This is to accommodate Auba because he will not fight for the ball in the air from crosses or from goal kicks. Bellarin has no passing abilities and is negative. He doesn't close players down quick enough to close the space for crosses by the opposition. Holding is constantly miss judging the flight of the ball. And where is Martinelli he cannot make an impression on the game in ten minutes the same goes for Laca. Auba does not bring enough to the team he is certainly not a captain. The question is could he be the second Ozil he shows no passion to lead he can score goals when he is in the mood but my Question is what other attributes can he bring. He can't pass,can't control an airial ball. And don't challenge for any airial ball. If nothing else show some passion for the team.

  • UltimateHibz

    The problem was you went 1 nil down in the first minute of the game and then played the next 90 minutes as if you were 1 nil up.

  • OZZY Hono20
    OZZY Hono20

    He seems happy with this lose

  • Fullmetal Alkami
    Fullmetal Alkami

    The fact that he believes City werent just in first gear the whole game, City allowed them to have the ball coz they were no threat. Easily managed on and off the ball and Arsenal only managed one goal on target - useless.

  • AG

    whose we? Take responsibility for your mistakes. You made a mistake tactically

  • MrBazzabee

    Arteta shouldn't be in charge of an under-16s team (all due respect to under-16s though )....let alone Grown Men. My Auntie Phyllis could manage a soccer team better than he does-AND...what's more---they would know just who....IS THE 'BOSS' too....!

  • Red&White Army TV
    Red&White Army TV

    sack him if we out from uefa europa league


    Feel sorry for the arsenal fans having to tolerate his excuses

  • Sandesh Mishra
    Sandesh Mishra

    Nice interview

  • Edz HD
    Edz HD


  • Deva Ryantara
    Deva Ryantara


  • A Erdogan
    A Erdogan

    Let's hope the board trust the process and give him the financial backing to make the club a top 4 team again, we need to spend £200m to bring this team out of the mud. I would like to see Wenger as technical director also. I would like to see Xhaka/Bellerin/El-Neny and Willian go in the summer. If not Maybe sell Lacazette, Nelson and Nketiah for a shiny new striker and let Aubameyang play left wing, hes not physical enough to take on defenders arial or centrally.

  • Cute Smile Gooner
    Cute Smile Gooner

    Giving you the job was the biggest mistake!

  • Nik Patel
    Nik Patel

    Arteta you tactical fraud.

  • Uzair Jameel
    Uzair Jameel

    It's not the tactics city are too good

  • Bulent Unal
    Bulent Unal

    Senior Arteta is great in hindsight? He always has an excuse, always! What a joke really!

  • I am not your Kind
    I am not your Kind

    am i the only one seeing arteta as a gaming figure... he is not looking real... 😂

  • Anonymous

    It's time to go

  • Ashwin Langenhoven
    Ashwin Langenhoven

    You made a tactical mistake not we...same as always...You get a 0 rating for starting Auba who has been terrible this season while laca works his socks off...playing elneny over cabellos wen he was brilliant the previous game, starting odegard over esm, playing bellerin wen we all know he cant defend, playing pepe on the right wen the only time he performed well was on left, and last of all watching from the side and noticing anything wrong with your team selection!!!!

  • The Greatest
    The Greatest

    dead midfield, atrocious defense, poor strikers, that is arsenal for you.

  • Real One
    Real One

    This clown needs to be sacked

  • Ben Alexander
    Ben Alexander

    Well it's ok how you can lose only 1-0

  • Jayson Quirke
    Jayson Quirke

    P.e teacher

  • pokemaniac2702

    The way Arteta talks about football makes it seem like rocket science.

    • Bentl Blac
      Bentl Blac

      @UltimateHibz U are joking

    • Jerry B
      Jerry B

      Wenger in

    • AnniAnni_ 72
      AnniAnni_ 72

      I like it

    • PES GUY
      PES GUY


    • UltimateHibz

      Lol for him it is rocket science, that's why he's a terrible manager

  • st matt
    st matt

    we're not going anywhere with the man in charge. Cant motivate, does not demand enough, and simply isnt good enough.

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T

    pep's cone man

  • Mike5

    Tactical mistake made at 2 minutes in a 90 minute game?

  • Zxone Ruudrealityofficial
    Zxone Ruudrealityofficial

    My money is on he’s losing 15 matches this season!

  • maniackolder

    Xhaka should be put in quarantine till May. Just not good enough

  • Kamran Mohammed
    Kamran Mohammed

    Arteta is useless

  • fglend73

    A tactical mistake??? This obsessions with tactics is so annoying. They let tiny Raheem sterling go unmarked by 3 defenders and win a header in the goal area. This has nothing to do with tactics. It’s horrendous defending.

  • alfred river
    alfred river

    Man City was cruising the whole game with no worries like if they took pity on Arsenal.

  • Abu Yaqs Cruz
    Abu Yaqs Cruz

    I domt understand why doesn't arteta have the cojones to take off auba and change the system if it not working. Its like they scared and only have one way to play. Bellerin is a joke he cant pass to save his life.

  • akaHermes


  • Boson87

    Last match also didnt play with striker

  • Noah Bowie
    Noah Bowie

    Credit where credits due Arteta has massively improved since the start of the season but his starting position was not very good at all so he still has an incredibly long way to go

  • Mally richards
    Mally richards

    I tbink mikel gonna go back to city

  • Mally richards
    Mally richards

    Why do arsenal fans never just back the team

  • Malou Dier
    Malou Dier

    This isn't first time to concede in first minute, its almost gives games now or more this season

  • jainthan Gananathan
    jainthan Gananathan

    I feel like Mikel is making a lot of excuses. Does he genuinely believe in this team or not? If he want more signings then threaten Kroenke and say he ll leave if he’s not given them. We can’t do anything playing like this, so many changes are needed.

  • Carl D
    Carl D

    Arsenal were 💩 as always, City were passing the ball for fun in the secondhalf,City didn't want to score as Respect for their former Coach.

  • Dean Bradbury
    Dean Bradbury

    My manager

  • Raz Al-Ghul
    Raz Al-Ghul

    As a fan of exciting football Arsenal require a massive revamp, a lot of players not meeting expectations. Quality Home grown players, a good eye through scouts and of course money being spent... Unfortunately players must and need to be moved on

  • Adam Patel
    Adam Patel

    10th seems to be the new 4th for Arsenal 🤦‍♂️

  • nsmiracle

    You know it’s bad when you never win against the same at home nor away...whatsoever. Pep literally knows he can come to our gaff, push for 10-20 mins, grab 1-4 goals and then remind his players that our players have actual friends and family that don’t wanna see them dead. It’s a crying shame

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly

    He’s an embarrassment

  • Ash

    That's OK tho

  • misfit

    Arsenal did not look like scoring. Not often Sterling out jumps defenders but what a cross from Mahrez. City have never looked so good defensively. Diaz was a top buy.

  • TekkerzHD

    Holding and bellerin are poor man stop playing them this guy why is Gabriel on the bench Cedric is better than bellerin and eleneny only goes sideways and backwards

  • F

    They made a mistake tactically when they hired him

  • Merhaba Entertainment
    Merhaba Entertainment

    villa is better than arsenal

  • Fasil Terefe
    Fasil Terefe

    You just made a favor for Gardiolaa, first of all your team is not good all time. But you dont want to fight , i can see from your eyes and feeling . You lost intentionally👎

  • Trippyplayz 451
    Trippyplayz 451

    At least we didn't concede about 3 goals haha

  • Kevin D
    Kevin D

    Arsenal fan for over 50 years. Why are our fans such a bunch of self-entitled moaners? It is embarrassing.

  • Harry Sheen
    Harry Sheen

    Ffs can he stop saying we made a mistake no “you” made a mistake ffs man

    • Kevin D
      Kevin D

      He wasn't on the pitch, he didn't let Sterling get a free header FFS.

  • Rizwaan

    Arsenal in the mud, u just love to see it. Banter club with even bigger clowns as fans.

  • Tekkerz 318
    Tekkerz 318

    Because he speaks better English and is media trained fans won't get on him like they did emery. I think he's out of his depth 😑


    We made a mistake tactically...you mean YOU did!

  • Seyaam Khan
    Seyaam Khan

    This fanbase is far too reactionary. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Klopp didn’t turn Liverpool into champions in 2 seasons, this club is being completely rebuilt. Have patience.

  • Elon Dust
    Elon Dust

    This guy is turning our club into more of a joke than we already are!!! Well done 👍🖕👏👏👏👏🖕👍

  • ZxerK

    We got in no good position, there was no chances, it was completely poor, no attack and the interviewer is terrible, arsenal didn't get into any game, we didn't get better, dreadful performance, no heart or passion. Spineless😔.

  • Michael Patterson
    Michael Patterson

    If the manager is mentally weak, then it will show in the players own mentality and performance. There needs to be more hunger, it doesn't matter how good the other team is. We focus too much on how good they are and not on how we can hurt them. I really hate what has happened Arsenal. It's sad to see. I hope things turn around for the future of the club.

  • fazren roslan
    fazren roslan

    He's missing City😄

  • Shiran Omar
    Shiran Omar

    It’s to big for him this job . Arsenal fc to big for him . I respect him but I’m sorry he’s very weak. He doesn’t know how to lineup. Don’t say we made mistakes. You made mistakes don’t blame everyone. Why keep playing with bellerin and Pepe. They are not good enough. Martenelli 💯 better than Pepe. I’m really really mad 😡

  • Straight Outta Eire
    Straight Outta Eire

    Get out now

  • Stevie steve
    Stevie steve

    Wenger rises Again!!

  • Iain Bickerstaff
    Iain Bickerstaff

    How many Times this season have we gone one-nil down in the first five minutes? Too many!!!!

  • steve cheevers
    steve cheevers

    Come on, Man City toyed with us and didn't get out of second gear. Arteta set up to keep the score down. Poor performance and a shambles. Any Arsenal fan happy with that performance did a kick up the ass. We didn't even have a shot in the second half.

  • Teamtakage 2
    Teamtakage 2

    Who’s we ? You’re the fkn manager

  • superman3000

    Be careful what you wish for..

  • VE_:

    Supporters are too emotional imo. I get it, I'm Arsenal and it hurts me too. But this man walked into one of the most difficult jobs in football, with not as much money as the best teams, and is learning as he goes. Add to that the pandemic and that it's his first role as a manager. Critique him all you want but chill the f out and give him time. He's already won us a couple trophies for Christ sake. And btw, there is nothing at all to suggest that any other manager would be doing better right now with this group of players, you have no idea what their supposedly better choices would lead to. Yes, we've fallen far since the Invincibles, but personally I'm judging him after next season when he's been given another summer transfer window and more time with this group. It was only last month that he got a load of dead wood out. He still has Bellerin and a few others that should really go imo. Let him bolster in the summer and then see how he manages games, substitutions, players etc. This was a cowardly performance today, but based on the values Arteta said he wants at the club, i.e. energy, fighting spirit, etc. I don't think he'll be happy with what he saw today.

  • John Edwards
    John Edwards

    Shocking manager . shocking team

  • Darnell Shaw
    Darnell Shaw

    How this fella is managing arsenal is beyond me. Shows how desperate the club is

    • MAN UTD YT
      MAN UTD YT

      I dont know as well. They've had more losses this season than the whole of last season. 11 losses is shocking for a club like Arsenal

  • MKN

    Can't believe he didn't make a sub til the 70th minute! The team clearly wasn't working from the kick off 😤

  • dun waweru
    dun waweru

    Y the hell is this guy still at arsenal,wen will it be enough for him to be sacked? since Wenger left we have done two stupid,foolish and idiotic decision 1 way unai 2 was replacing unai with this clueless arteta,he Neva says it was his fault and still some pple are saying "let's trust the process" which process ???

  • mohamed salah
    mohamed salah

    Mistake he says, u gave ur mate the 3 points, will never be a good arsenal manager.... just keep collecting ur wages arteta

  • Mighty Villa
    Mighty Villa

    How is it ‘we’ it’s I’ve. Take some responsibility. I support villa but even I got annoyed at that.

    • Kevin D
      Kevin D

      Because he's not blaming the players!! If he said 'they' made a mistake, it would send the wrong message out. There is no I in team, he's not Mourinho who throws players under the bus.

  • Sid Mccarthy
    Sid Mccarthy

    Until we get players with back bone were fucked

  • Michael James
    Michael James

    He speaks to how how good man city is more than the reasons for arsenal getting beat

    • Cairo R
      Cairo R

      Yep facts 💯 when we get knocked out europa then he has 2go

    • MrBazzabee

      @CaptainSal You talk my language mate.

    • CaptainSal

      exactly, i see right through his bullshit. This man is clueless and this is what happens when you give free trials as a manger to an ex player with no experience

  • hrc

    Honest and good manager, but we lack quality

  • Beanie

    I think you need a major clear out Mikel, The team is rubbish 🤬