"Pepe hasn’t got £70m worth of talent!" | Alan Smith on Arsenal vs Leeds | Pitch to Post
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Alan Smith joins us on Pitch To Post to look ahead to Arsenal's Premier League clash with Leeds United. Alan assesses Arsenal's struggles this season, Pepe's big transfer fee and whether the club are planning for next season.
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  • Hundred Blades
    Hundred Blades

    Utter delusion. Did you see the solo goal he scored vs Wolves?

  • Pep Guardiola
    Pep Guardiola

    He's consistent. Wait I'm not done here don't get excited. "He's Consistently inconsistent" 😁

  • library gary
    library gary

    this midlife crisis ninja creeps me out

  • john henderson
    john henderson

    How much money was commission?

  • Kirubel Tadesse
    Kirubel Tadesse

    Maguire was 80m, and pepe is worth so much more than the fridge. -united fan

  • A

    Pepe has far more talent than Alan Smith did. And I'm an Arsenal fan

  • Robbie Chapman
    Robbie Chapman

    Reminds me of you Alan

  • LingardinhoSZN

    He’s a baller but isn’t worth 70 mil

  • Alpha_X

    He has 72 million of potential but not 72 million of talent as of now more like 40 million

  • Mike Ox-Smelts
    Mike Ox-Smelts

    He’s the Fifa commentator!!!!

  • Hassan D
    Hassan D

    If he was English he would always have the ‘potential’ to be a ‘top’ player and show his potential even if he was 32 years old

  • Aryaman Prajin
    Aryaman Prajin

    Not an Arsenal fan but Pepe is probably the most skillful player in the prem (in terms of ball mastery)...He WAS worth 72 mil when he joined cause he was incredible for Lille. Idk whether Arsenal ruined him or whatever. Perhaps the system doesn't suit him. Pepe, even though is lethal in 1v1s is a guy who likes to run fast down the flanks (a bit like what Salah likes to do) and he did that at Lille (a counter-attacking side). It's probably why Pepe isn't doing as well as he can.

  • Jideobi Odobulu
    Jideobi Odobulu

    He’s very talented, Arsenal must’ve not watched too much of his film and thought he was different type of player.

  • BabsW

    Why is the host so boring?

  • Julian DiGiuseppe
    Julian DiGiuseppe

    The people dissing Pepe's work off the ball don't watch arsenal properly and are creating a false reality, he won the ball back like 5 times in that united game and then again against wolves. His tackling is really good. He needs to improve on final third marking tho.

  • Masked Mono
    Masked Mono

    Overpriced player

  • Maya Mitchell
    Maya Mitchell

    WHAT IS 72 MILLION for PEPE when you PAY 80 for maguire 60 for pulisic 70 for havertz 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😳😳 you don't hear them mention there price tags all the TIME🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😳😳💯💯🤔🤔

  • The Visuals Peak
    The Visuals Peak

    He didn’t ask to be £72m and nowadays £72m is the new £45m. Tell me which high transfer fee player has lived up to his price tag? Morata Chelsea £60m? Lukaku Man Utd £75m? Naby Keita Liverpool £70m? Hazard Real Madrid £120m? Felix Atletico Madrid £120m? Dembele Barcelona £145m? Coutinho Barcelona £145m? Pogba Man Utd £100m? Neymar £200m? Mbappe £180m? How many of them have lived up to their price tag? Don’t tell me Mbappe has, because I don’t see what he’s doing anything different or spectacular to what he did in Monaco. Let’s be honest here..

  • Waste Disposal Unit
    Waste Disposal Unit

    Isn’t his fault arsenal paid that much. Why does pepe have to live up to that?

  • young french
    young french

    This Deal was fishy from the jump. How is his yearly wage 10% of his fee for me that is a massive red flag that's like Ronaldo going to Madrid for 80M and taking home 160k a week never happen.

  • ll 22
    ll 22

    Put some glasses on him and hey presto Christopher biggins

  • Giorgos Kyriakides
    Giorgos Kyriakides

    Why all ex Arsenal players that are employed by Sky always hate on our players? Smith, Merse come on guys be more positive. And if we talking facts, technically Pepe is x20 times better than what Alan Smith used to be.

  • rdfgg gghvdf
    rdfgg gghvdf

    hes trash lol inconsistent af one year and he still is not a starter

  • Ryvz s
    Ryvz s

    quick to go after foreign players.. But nobody talks about Macguire and the 80mil @sky?

  • Vivek Reshi
    Vivek Reshi

    Would've been funny to have Alan Smith interview Alan Smith! 😁😁

  • SirCheddar

    ah yes alan smith the legend

  • Glenn Ferguson
    Glenn Ferguson

    Proper coaching he could be worth every penny

  • Sarah Naffin
    Sarah Naffin

    Raphinha has more talent in his left elbow than Pepe and he has settled in just fine. Excuses. He is an average player and you got sucked in and payed to much. Simple

  • Paul Armon
    Paul Armon

    Arsenal choose to pay, nobody forced them 🤷🏽

  • Shawn Osunde
    Shawn Osunde

    When it’s an English player (Maguire) you won’t hear price tags being mentioned...

  • Chanah

    $70 million buys you the latest French fighter plane Arsenal bought a piece of junk

  • Alama Austin
    Alama Austin

    What’s happened to reiss Nelson

  • mogs_07

    It was £72m Allan

  • Samkelo Key
    Samkelo Key

    What about that guy named Maguire ??? English press is trash

  • Dark Eyed One Mc Streak
    Dark Eyed One Mc Streak

    New club , new culture, new language , new friends , new home , new manager, give the guy a chance he will come good.

  • Nancy Harris
    Nancy Harris

    Hi :)✨😝

  • Joel-arsenalfcSAKA

    He has u saw him in league 1

  • Johneekash

    😂😂😂 Derek Rae called Arsenal rubbish a few weeks ago..

  • Joseph Melvin
    Joseph Melvin

    Not his fault btw

  • Sajman

    anyone else only know this don because of fifa commentary?

  • Luan Nguyen
    Luan Nguyen

    Bit weird to pick on him when he's putting in his most consistent performances yet recently. Still far from a £70m yes but he's never been nearer to that valuation as he is now.

  • Michael

    It’s not his fault Arsenal paid 72m . Maguire cost 80m and he not even in the top 5 defenders in the league

    • Mr. Blue Sky
      Mr. Blue Sky

      He’s probably in the 5 worst defenders

  • Pat Keys
    Pat Keys

    Not his fault. Club massively overpaid and its clear from Raul's departure.

  • FREDDIE 2.0
    FREDDIE 2.0

    Pepe is for me the premier league's most overrated player, produces as much talent as a southampton player, very average premier league player. Doesn't turn up anywhere near often enough for the quality people claim he has.

  • Bobby

    Raphinha £17m Pepe £70m 😂😂

    • amna palijo
      amna palijo

      @Bobby that's just your opinion though, pepe has proved he is the better player by stats. His ligue 1 record is miles better than raphinha and also even this season just like I said pepe has the same number of goals in 500 less minutes.

    • Bobby

      @amna palijo Raphinha is a better player though

    • amna palijo
      amna palijo

      @name goes here I agree aswell raphinha was a better deal but we can't say raphinha is a better player than pepe when pepe has played 500 less minutes.

    • name goes here
      name goes here

      @amna palijo lol mate I'm not arsenal or Leeds but I do know one thing the lad at Leeds is far better value. Goals and assists wise for his price and influence

    • Bobby

      @amna palijo he also cost Arsenal £55m more than Raphinha cost us

  • Mikey Modelle
    Mikey Modelle

    he's an average player, if they sold him tomorrow they'd be lucky to get £15m

  • James DL
    James DL

    Pepe hasn't got £7 million of talent. He's got to be the biggest flop ever in the premier League by sheer virtue of how expensive the price tag was.

  • HP maraurders
    HP maraurders

    As a spurs fan he class just not consistent enough

  • dimingo sport
    dimingo sport

    Je suis un nouveau SVsoftr et mon contenu est du football J'espère que vous entrez dans ma chaîne

  • Germans Finest
    Germans Finest

    Maguire doesn’t have £80 million worth of talent but I don’t see you guys talking about it though and this is coming from a united supporter

    • Steeve Cantave
      Steeve Cantave

      The difference is that teams usually have a multitude of attackers, especially wide players. On the other hand, a team never has more than 4 CBs, with two starting at all time. Maguire being a defender is why he always starts.

    • Lal sagar
      Lal sagar

      Go to the older videous. He's been slaughtered by the hosts.

  • cheetah8667

    Pepe was 72 million in todays fraudulent over inflated market which was created by the sale of Neymar which every club loved as it meant even the players who was just above average now could be sold on for a much higher price, not to mention how the players wages also sky rocketed, the sale of Neymar caused the already abundant greed in the football industry to grow 10 fold..this mistake needs to be rectified and players need their price tags and wages to reflect their actual footballing skill sets, Pepe is a 20 million pound player at best with his limited skill set, but that limited skill set in todays market fetches 72 million pounds, i often wonder if the true greats of the game was still playing today they would break the Billion pound barrier based on their footballing skillsets, now we have footballers who are "one trick ponies" being sold for ludicrous sums and commanding ludicrous wages, and the footballing fan base never questioning it, now that is brainwashing on a epic scale..

  • Alem Abraham
    Alem Abraham

    he has got 72million pound worth of talent if he reaches it then that’s another story

    • A


  • CFL Army
    CFL Army

    Sorry I ain’t listening to allan smith on whos a good footballer

  • screamboy8

    Smudger 🧡 Smith

  • JB 17
    JB 17

    The problem is arsenal paid 70 million for him. So everyone expects the quality of a 70 million pound player. Not his fault arsenal massively overpaid for him.

    • Ashutosh Bhushan
      Ashutosh Bhushan

      Didn't change the fact that he's a max 20 million player.

  • Born Sinner
    Born Sinner

    it was Southampton man u wolves villa Leeds Leicester and man city so far Arteta has got 1 W 1 D 2 L's and could potentially have 3 more L's to that. Arsenal is too big a job for him, we needed an experienced manager. Fans were fooled with those 4 prem wins who were all against poor form sides

  • Born Sinner
    Born Sinner

    Lets be real as an Arsenal fan Pepe has been a flop been good in cup competitions but 2nd year know and only 4/5 good league games for 72 mill is shocking need to sell him

  • Ricardo Ribeiro
    Ricardo Ribeiro

    When you pay for potential it can potentially fail...

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T


  • Anglo Greco
    Anglo Greco

    When i was young people used to say i was better than ronaldo of Brazil but i just got bored of the game.

  • Anglo Greco
    Anglo Greco

    Pepe or bergkamp lacazzette or henry Xhaka or viera 🤔 lol

  • Festy

    Always quick to jump on the back of foreign players. So has Maguire got the talent of an £80m Centreback? Rubbish statement

  • Shahed Ali
    Shahed Ali

    Alan Smith sounds like an old man with wrinkly skin, but he looks like a posh wealthy middle class man

  • Paul G
    Paul G

    once again a clueless presenter, people compare Leeds to Villa, but villa scraped staying up in the first year and have spent nearly 200 million more on there squad in the last 5 years

  • Ayush Apoorva
    Ayush Apoorva

    Very harsh, he got talent and has shown occasional spark. His issue is being inconsistent.

    • amna palijo
      amna palijo

      He is inconsistent because he has never been played consistently, look how did he is performing when he is actually played consistently

  • Stephen Kelly
    Stephen Kelly

    The sexual energy between these two is mind blowing

    • Marvin AM
      Marvin AM

      Saliba vibes

    • Mangohc


  • Loftus Blake
    Loftus Blake

    Arsenal need to accept that their not a top6 team anymore and start to build bottom half rivalries.

    • young savage
      young savage

      @Loftus Blake they've finished top 6 in 22 of the last 23 seasons

    • Loftus Blake
      Loftus Blake

      @young savage Your probably someone who's denying the truth

    • young savage
      young savage

      You're an idiot

  • Iliass BB
    Iliass BB

    They say that about pepe, but when it’s maguire they can find a billion excuses 🤦‍♂️

    • Reey Olawuyi
      Reey Olawuyi

      @Lal sagar yea cus arsenal fans are the ones who bought him

    • Lal sagar
      Lal sagar

      Maguire is English. The club gets tax reductions. Even though I price tag is huge. He literally plays in most of the games. He's a decent 55-60 million player. It's the combination which costs utd games. Pepe is not English so tax reductions are out of the window. Plus arsenal fans acts like he's some kind of magician all the time. He's a decent for a price tag of 40-50 million but 72 million is too much.

  • Jacob Walters
    Jacob Walters

    More comments about Harry slab head than jelly legs Pepe garbage player tbh

  • Solomon Ebrahimoff
    Solomon Ebrahimoff

    Maybe because the PR manager never given him a consistent run of games...

  • Sam Horner
    Sam Horner

    "Here's one for ya right..."

  • Hassan Rahman
    Hassan Rahman

    To everyone that says it's not his fault....he agreed with the teams that would be his price tag. Therefore he has the expectation to perform and live up to that price tag which he has failed. This is from a fellow arsenal fan.

  • Xavier Block
    Xavier Block

    harry maguire?

  • Tony Lawlor
    Tony Lawlor

    They got rid of Wenger because they were not winning the PL, only finishing in the top 4 every year, now look at them.

  • callum

    Hes got talent, he just doesnt have a good football iq

  • Channy132

    Hot take

  • Tristan Feinauer
    Tristan Feinauer

    Facts, too much inconsistency.

  • lLixensl

    Allan Smith: "Dull as dishwater"

  • nel 9
    nel 9

    Lee Dixon......always positive about my chances on FIFA......I like Lee Dixon............where's Lee Dixon????

  • nel 9
    nel 9

    Always negative about my chances on FIFA , then I bang one in & I'm like ..." See that Alan Smith?!?! " Boo- ya😎⚽

  • Milomia

    Fk who does?

  • Nedim Ali-Mehmet
    Nedim Ali-Mehmet

    I'd never even heard of the guy before they gave £70m for him

  • OneChezzyBoi

    You will all say 'he didn't choose to be 72 mil' but then will make fun of Maguire for being 80 mil

  • Bhayat 19
    Bhayat 19

    Its public knowledge that lyon were shocked when 72m was offered

    • tired

      he didn’t even come from lyon what are you talking about

  • Gazola Gazola
    Gazola Gazola

    Ludicrous transfer fees

  • Prem Alternative commentary
    Prem Alternative commentary

    But does he have your heading ability?

  • Tony Darkz
    Tony Darkz

    Looks like Smudge won’t be an Arsenal ambassador in the future 😂

  • Nick Gornall
    Nick Gornall

    He didn’t choose to be a 72 million pound player 😂

    • Roy Jordan Jr
      Roy Jordan Jr

      @ngoni nyamahono yh true but they tried to negotiate for a cheaper price .

    • ngoni nyamahono
      ngoni nyamahono

      @Roy Jordan Jr and arsenal agreed to it😂😂

    • Roy Jordan Jr
      Roy Jordan Jr

      @ngoni nyamahono but it was lille who put the price tag😂

    • ngoni nyamahono
      ngoni nyamahono

      Yet arsenal chose that he's worth it...

  • A A
    A A

    What about Harry Maguire?

  • That guy Judging you
    That guy Judging you

    Pepe is all honesty is worth about 35 - 40 million

    • Joel-arsenalfcSAKA

      @That guy Judging you no

    • That guy Judging you
      That guy Judging you

      @Joel-arsenalfcSAKA let me guess you're an arsenal fan. No matter what I say you're deluded. So it's pointless.

    • Joel-arsenalfcSAKA

      😂 don’t make me laugh. He is atleast 50-60

  • Boxing finest AJ warrior
    Boxing finest AJ warrior

    Lille president " let's sell pepe for around 40 " Arsenal " don't worry were buy him for 70 " ........naughty

  • Boxing finest AJ warrior
    Boxing finest AJ warrior

    They got a touch they were looking for about 40 and arsenal come in with a bid of 70 nice business not for my beloved club tho

  • Boxing finest AJ warrior
    Boxing finest AJ warrior

    70 pence ill buy him na he is brilliant he needs to shoot more , drill more but I agree arsenal got bent over and slapped

  • Big Walla
    Big Walla

    i dont think hes worth 70m. after that season with lille maybe. but in general hes worth 40/45 tops imo, very talented player. on the other hand, i miss alan and martin in fifa

    • Big Walla
      Big Walla

      @tired true i get what you mean but i somewhat agree with alan, hes not 70m but if he was as consistent as mbappe messi or ronaldo (he’s nowhere near their levels obviously) but if he was playing at his best for 90 minutes in every single match week in week ohmut hed be about that, but you cant expect that from anyone tbh thats almost superhuman, id pay 50-60m for him tbh. i rate him but not 70 anymore yuno

    • tired

      at his best he can be 70m but the problem is he rarely ever is at his best. I think alan was wrong when he said he didn’t have 70 m of talent because he does but he isn’t consistent enough to be worth that money

  • Sayem.

    40% of comments - it wasnt Pepe's fault he is 72m 40% of comments - FIFA related 20% - actual original comments

    • Waste Disposal Unit
      Waste Disposal Unit

      @Sayem. Hundreds of people can have an original thought and all of those thoughts be the same you do know that

    • Sayem.

      @Waste Disposal Unit yes

    • Waste Disposal Unit
      Waste Disposal Unit

      What would be an original comment? A rewrite of Shakespeare to mirror todays society?

    • Shawn Osunde
      Shawn Osunde

      No one asked

  • Godfada don
    Godfada don

    Buy leon bailey

  • Elite_Alpha_Male

    Only the arsenal can break records unbelievable 😒 facts about Pepe he is one of our top contributors this and last season, this is the most games In a row he has played consistently, so if he plays consistently I will rate him.

  • Kryten 2X4B-523P
    Kryten 2X4B-523P

    We're gonna thrash em.

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22


  • A B
    A B

    Hindsight is 20/20.... another pundit who thinks he knows. Pepe didn't slap himself with a £72m price tag, some dunce at the club decided and Lille laughed all the way to the bank that dunce has now been fired and we move on. Pepe has been playing well recently, concentrate on that.