"I don't expect it to last too long!" | Carragher & Neville on Kepa starting for Chelsea
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Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville react to the news that Kepa Arrizabalaga would be starting for Chelsea in their Premier League clash against Newcastle United.
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  • Mensah Andrews
    Mensah Andrews

    Bias panelists,This is ridiculous

  • Mustaffa Alík
    Mustaffa Alík

    Carragher just being frustrated cause Looserpool players have to wait for title for another 30 years :)

  • Maunarchy !
    Maunarchy !

    Kepa’s performances are what I think of when my 65 rated player asks to start in the champions league final

  • inderjit chahal
    inderjit chahal

    I don’t see carragher lasting as a pundit for sky

  • Addo Densu
    Addo Densu

    Chelsea's defense hasn't shown any weakness since they started possessing the ball more. If Victor valdes was able to keep clean sheets in a dominant Barca side, I believe kepa can. rudiger and co will now get the respect they deserve. 😅Until Barca started conceding possession, none of us knew pique, umtiti, busquets were crap. That's how holding onto the ball can cover so many flaws of your backline.

  • Ciaran G
    Ciaran G

    Even after posting this with the stats, The two of them will still hype up that bang average keeper Pickford

  • JMDubz

    Kepa has more potential than Mendy. Kepa is much better.

  • TheChainsaw99

    Terrible goalie. Best get rid. Makes costly mistakes on a regular basis. Far too unreliable.

  • MOD Beat
    MOD Beat

    Better ask lampard defensive plan

  • Flying solo
    Flying solo

    Kepa would struggle to make a save in the DFS sale that always seems to be ending soon

  • Rehan

    Kepa is bit short compared to goalkeeper standard.. That's why I didn't like him when we bought him.. Anything below 190cm is not a goalkeeper for me

  • Mark Wiles
    Mark Wiles

    Think he showed you.

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T

    karius is better

  • Mr AngryEyes
    Mr AngryEyes

    Chelsea need to get rid of the snakes Kepa, Alonso and Rudiger.

  • Heita daar!
    Heita daar!

    Respect Kepa/Mendy partnership!

  • SV747 _
    SV747 _

    That's what she said!

  • pierre azuke
    pierre azuke

    Mendy not good with his feet?

  • Emz X
    Emz X

    Mendy not good with his feet Fluck u talkin bout

  • Chris Coveney
    Chris Coveney

    Kept isn't good enough, he is too small, cannot command the area and is erratic in his decision making - its only a matter of time before he makes another massive mistake

  • Elias Müller
    Elias Müller

    Gary neville just has no football knowledge at all

  • goproismything

    Carragher is worried about Chelsea! Cos Liverpool will be playing Europa Cup next season 😜

  • Calzonie

    He’s too small for a keeper the net looks massive behind him 🤣

  • Young Fizz
    Young Fizz

    He needs to keep on starting and perform

  • Nine Ten
    Nine Ten

    Lol @ "someone in the building has paid 71 mill for kepa" Yeah, well someone at old Trafford paid 80 mill for a fridge

  • paradoxgamerHD

    Kepa might need a loan move can't lie

  • Ab10

    Haha Keep focusing on the negative you irrelevant clowns

  • Chelsea tv
    Chelsea tv

    When you buy a Ferrari you don't leave it in the garage unless it performs like a fiat uno

  • Lun He
    Lun He

    and united paid 80m for maguire,

  • leanneford2

    Oh really Jamie let's see who is better Allison of kepa hmm hmm 😒 🤔 😏 😉 😜 😀 😒 🤔

  • Dominic Spiller
    Dominic Spiller

    For once I agree with him

  • Scott Davies
    Scott Davies

    Id stick him with the reserves and never play him again after his antics

  • bini z
    bini z

    Lampard is out you have to accept

  • Louis F
    Louis F

    Kepa starts Kepa gets a cleansheet Werner scores What a mad game

  • MyCar From 87
    MyCar From 87

    Disgraceful Mendy has been dropped. Hasn’t really put a foot wrong since coming to Chelsea. Racism maybe at play?

  • Eric Keane
    Eric Keane

    Lads leave Ben Foster - Cycling GK out of the stats. He's a legend.

  • George Wainwright
    George Wainwright

    I understand they signed kepa for a large fee but why drop mendy for being faultless?

  • XplosiveGamer105

    Kepa may be good with his feet, but can he do Cruyff Turns?


    Doesn’t help when it takes him 2 minutes to put a glove on

  • Sukh121

    Allison messes up on two games. carragher: Kepa wont last

    • Vishal Bhat
      Vishal Bhat

      Maybe cause Alisson is world class and has actually won something??

  • Terrence Klaverweide
    Terrence Klaverweide


  • pulak biswas
    pulak biswas


  • Hasib Ahsan
    Hasib Ahsan

    Carragher is the biggest big mouth

  • z x
    z x

    "Mendy not as good with his feet" Bullshit. Mendy is more than capable with the ball at his feet. Even if kepa is slightly better with his feet he is much worse at shot stopping.

  • Max Massop
    Max Massop

    Kepa is a class keeper


    even a back seven if kepa plays you never know TUCHEL NEED TO KNOW THAT BEFORE

  • Honza Sikora
    Honza Sikora

    I still like him

  • A definitve Rant
    A definitve Rant

    He's no worse than De Gea...

  • CB

    Mendy is also very good with his feet

  • Sal


  • Ambassador Of Earth
    Ambassador Of Earth

    Kepa being good with his feet is just a myth

    • Jake Payne
      Jake Payne

      Unlike pickford

  • SilverJag

    You know it's bad when your save ratio is worse than Adrian's

  • mercantile

    Kepa starting gives big big credence to the idea that Lampard was sacked partly because he wasn't playing the players the board wanted him to.

  • Jason Genovaweight
    Jason Genovaweight

    Mo ratatatataaaaa

  • Brendan Regan
    Brendan Regan

    Save ratio is the most irrelavant stat, the keepers defence controls howw many shots and from what range the shots are. For example, Karl Darlow is one of the best shot stoppers in the league, but because newcastle concede so many chances he will have a lower save ratio

    • Adam Ellis
      Adam Ellis

      Not really, Fulhams Areola has quite a high save percentage and they probably concede alot of shots.

  • bleu Johnsonn
    bleu Johnsonn

    The crowd ain't there u mug

  • Tollah Tv ferkah
    Tollah Tv ferkah

    What about alison, jamie?

  • ashley Kyrie
    ashley Kyrie

    Gary says it's the 1 position u don't mess with but then he always says David needs to be dropped for Dean, well done

    • ashley Kyrie
      ashley Kyrie

      @Jake Payne it says a lot that Harry and Victor are our best 2 CBs, Eric is way too injury prone to ever be off the bench consistently and axel is mid table at best

    • Jake Payne
      Jake Payne

      Yeah and dean been even worse. By a landslide. It also confuses me why people want tuanzabe. Whenever he played he scored og and we drew

  • Cleveland Brown
    Cleveland Brown

    I think we should be wishing kepa the best chelsea fan or non chelsea fan.

  • The KING
    The KING

    Lampard tried to kill this guy, De Gea has a compilation of TOP 20 mistakes in PL, Kepa has only 2/3 mistakes.

    • Joe Dodd
      Joe Dodd

      De gea has been in the prem for years🤣

    • Adam Ellis
      Adam Ellis

      Yeah i'm sure Lampard instructed him to have crisp packet hands, he was average when he played under Sarri. And pointing out that De Gea has more mistakes is pointless when he's played alot more football than Kepa.

  • Charlie Yorke
    Charlie Yorke

    Should never have played again for Chelsea after what he done to sarri

    • Charlie Yorke
      Charlie Yorke

      @Avin Shulungu Minambo what? I’m talking about kepa when he refused to come off when being substituted

    • Avin Shulungu Minambo
      Avin Shulungu Minambo


  • John Jones
    John Jones

    why do they keep saying a great goalkeeper should be able to play out from the back. End of the day, a keeper with good distribution isnt a great goalkeeper. Look at jordan pickford, look at kepa, look at de gea recently

  • chandr21

    They wouldn't be saying this if he was english tbh

  • chuck bass
    chuck bass

    That's what my girlfriend says twice a week

  • Explorer

    Kepa is an absolute walloper, a "professional football player" that behaves like a total chav/ned or what in Spanish they say "Cani".

  • JkC

    Grinds my gears watching all these foreign players playing for our English clubs, getting the experience and improving their international chances. We should be watching our fellow countrymen playing these games.

    • Messianic Sane
      Messianic Sane

      you may batter, knock or toss me. however, some of these foreign players did help us to triumph over European teams and secure high renown.

  • Marian Florin
    Marian Florin

    Mendy is better than keppa....next joke you dumb fk

  • unk12

    The amount of stick kepa gets and still manages to perform is class 👏🏽

  • Mcvapeyy

    I think kepa and Allison swapped

  • M K
    M K

    Carragher & Neville = OUT.. so many other pundits who don't bumlick Man United or Liverpool. Both players these days wouldn't even have the stamina etc to compete. Stood out because the competition i.e. Titus Bramble, Senderos etc was about in those days!

  • Xander Roels
    Xander Roels

    Gary knows what importance Big Dave has.

  • Alvin .K. Sindowe
    Alvin .K. Sindowe

    bloody haters

  • kamulakamula

    gary..cara..go manage top team 1st before criticize managers.oppss gary...how long u manage valencia ya?

  • Max Etheridge
    Max Etheridge

    I think Kepa was thinking about crying. Poor lad

  • Kwaku Adu-Yeboah
    Kwaku Adu-Yeboah

    I feel ziyach and pulisic impress in the fa cup against Sheffield united they will return to the starting line up

  • James Fagan
    James Fagan

    Who will be the top spitter this season Jamie

  • Manit Shukla
    Manit Shukla

    I dont care. What I know is that Kepa Is a great goalkeeper. Its all about chances, and Tuchel is doing nothing wrong by playing kepa as the gk.

  • Charlie Wood
    Charlie Wood

    Carragher can be pretty cruel with his assessments at times - give Kepa a chance to rebuild his confidence FFS!

    • Chinonso Kenneth
      Chinonso Kenneth

      Perhaps because he recalls that Kepa refused to be substituted by Sarri in a cup final which Chelsea ended up losing in a penalty shootout.

  • Joe Hunt
    Joe Hunt

    Everyone knows he was terrible last yr, why would u show stats from last season...... Not to mention new manager..... 2 clean sheets in two games

  • john honai
    john honai

    Such a negative minded pundits.

    • Ambassador Of Earth
      Ambassador Of Earth

      @john honai they have seen kepa play for 3 years straight everyone with a functioning brain knows that he isn’t good enough and the only reason he plays today is to boost his market value so they can sell him in the summer

    • john honai
      john honai

      There is a difference between saying "Let's wait and watch how he fares in upcoming games " & "I don't expect it to last too long" .

    • Ambassador Of Earth
      Ambassador Of Earth

      They aren’t negative they’re speaking facts

  • George Lyons
    George Lyons

    The body language of the players around Kepa in the tunnel, Kepa looked like the arrogant git that disrespected Sarri in the Cup Final. Something ain't right in that dressing room, with that clip of Mendy, it looks like Marina rocked up & told TT to play smoke hands, she is the devil in disguise...

  • Dan Afc
    Dan Afc

    Kepa kept a clean sheet. Timo scored a goal.

  • Steven Gibson
    Steven Gibson

    Feel sorry for kepa here sitting there slagging him when Jordan Pickford makes a mistake every week but because he’s English he doesn’t get slagged

    • Edd Herring
      Edd Herring

      @Steven Gibson are you talking about the ‘legendary’ Scottish keepers of old? Throwing them in for fun during the 70’s and 80’s? Or does Scotland now have the next Jim Leighton?

    • Edd Herring
      Edd Herring

      @marjanp Here’s something funny I found googling how much did Chelsea pay for Kepa. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 When Chelsea signed Kepa Arrizabalaga in 2018, the fee of £71.6million was - and still is - a world record for a goalkeeper.22 Jun 2020

    • Steven Gibson
      Steven Gibson

      @Edd Herring Im Scottish I watch our league every week and I believe we have far better keepers up here

    • Steven Gibson
      Steven Gibson

      @marjanp 30 million still too much how on earth he’s still in the prem is beyond me

    • marjanp

      Nobody paid 71m for him, you expect next Buffon for that price not this.

  • JOE KL
    JOE KL

    the idea is to show that he is a worthy enough goal keeper to get some value out of selling.

  • Conor S
    Conor S

    So true about the keeper thing. How many times have we seen it where a team or the fans aren’t sure, and that anxiety just feeds a fella who is already struggling, almost creates more problems than already exist. Karius being a perfect example.

  • Hashim Syed
    Hashim Syed

    Kepa clean sheet werner assist and werner goall

  • Alamsyah Jeremy Hasudungan
    Alamsyah Jeremy Hasudungan

    He got a clean sheet in the end. Good to see him back.

  • inderjit chahal
    inderjit chahal

    Come on Gary and Jamie just try and help him improve

  • Stefan Nicholson
    Stefan Nicholson

    I still believe in the guy. He has something in him. He has failed sometimes, but he is a fighter. He has the chance to prove all you pundits wrong. C'mon Kepa

    • cold water
      cold water

      @Brand New Day trust me my people are naturally bipolar after British colonisation. They don’t remain there like french, but you feel the influence and although you speak English you’re not considered anglophone like french speakers lol. Such a weird thing and u get the “where did you learn English” ?? 🤣 like from your people dummy 🤣😭

    • Paul Morgan
      Paul Morgan

      @J B no he has talent but he went through a break up with his girlfriend of many years or a family death that made his confidence disappear and people calling him the worst keeper won't help his confidence either

    • J B
      J B

      Yep he does have something in him. It's called endless mistakes🤣😭

    • Brand New Day
      Brand New Day

      This reminds me of every average British person. We love to build people up to tear them down to build them back up again.

  • KS

    To be honest, he's been screwed by his reaction to the substitution in the cup final. If you want to look at it objectively, you have to lay the fault at Sarri's door. Why not go with the keeper who is clearly so in the mood for a penalty shootout? He even made a save, so, at the end of the day, that moment has cost him his career. It's just ego-driven all around. Lampard made it worse as he doesn't seem to have strong man-management skills.

    • Uglyboy

      @KS congratulations

    • KS

      @Uglyboy I disagree with your assessment.

    • Uglyboy

      @KS he mightve been able to you can't underestimate the impact of a keeper knowing the penalty tenancies of all his opponents. Frank and Sarri are not to blame for Kepa being bad though like he just sucks. His mistakes were individual errors and there were so many that he was an absolute liability.

    • KS

      @Uglyboy Well, he still made as many saves as his opposing number in the shootout, so do you think that Caballero would have saved 3 penalties to win the match? Unlikely. In reality, it was a non-incident. As for Lampard, he hasn't been able to motivate many of his players. At least Sarri showed that he could win cups.

    • Uglyboy

      No it wasn’t Sarri’a fault at all. Having Willy in for the shoot out was a better option since he’s great at saving penalties and he used to play for the team they were facing. I don’t understand why lampard and sarri are being blamed for Kepa we need to accept that he’s just been an awful keeper who’s cost Chelsea a bunch of games because of personal error.

  • Jananga aka Art-En-Soul
    Jananga aka Art-En-Soul

    Mendy is better than Kepa in every department. He's a far better passer.

  • Always talk Wrestling
    Always talk Wrestling

    Kepa actually played pretty well

  • Theo Chris
    Theo Chris

    The British pundits n press are not helping his confidence, even when he keeps a clean sheet. PATHETIC!

  • M D
    M D

    Lol these two clowns shpild be the last people to have an opinion on somebody's career. Only there because of their connections. Absolute garbage analysis.

  • Krum Krum
    Krum Krum

    He was mistreated by bad managers, now the good manager can see the quality

    • Krum Krum
      Krum Krum

      @stephen brazier it was obviously a misunderstanding. He felt a little pain just before he was taken off so he thougt sarri was taking him off with an injury. He doesnt deserve to get his career destroyed because of 1 incident

    • stephen brazier
      stephen brazier

      You forget his little play acting during the Cup final, and the disrespect he showed Sarri. The lad showed his Ego cashes checks his performances, can't cash.

  • Dah🔥

    Chelseas fans. Kepa or Mendy?

  • Zib Ndix
    Zib Ndix

    Completely over the top he was just Lampards scapegoat. Chelsea were terrible at closing down. Tuchel isn't going to be led by these two buffoons with an agenda.

  • Kelvin Adu
    Kelvin Adu

    We know it won't last, so shut the hell up. He is trash but today he proved he could do better. Kepa is not our no1 at the same time we might actually need a new no1. We are the famous CFC.

  • Albert Tseng
    Albert Tseng

    shut he f*ck up. Lampard turns, Werner, Havertz, and Kepa into flops and Tuchel turns them into stars. I am a bit concerned about Pulisic and Ziyech

    • David Massawa
      David Massawa

      Werner and Havertz have not been turned into starts

  • Ben Kaczmar
    Ben Kaczmar

    I think a lot of this stuff is the media's fault. Has kepa been good, no, but even when kepa does something good there's just this almost distrust and unease from people everywhere.

  • S

    Bit harsh