Keane and Redknapp get HEATED over "average" Spurs squad claim! 👀🍿
Roy Keane and Jamie Redknapp clashed over Keane's comment that without Harry Kane and Heung-min Son, the Spurs squad would be an 'average' Premier League team.
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  • Sky Sports Football
    Sky Sports Football

    Things getting a little heated on Super Sunday 👀🍿

    • Shane O Mac
      Shane O Mac

      @A H and you are here posting

    • A H
      A H

      Football is dumb and pointless. Agreed.

    • Shane O Mac
      Shane O Mac

      @Sasha Banks Channel the joys of opinions boss

    • Sasha Banks Channel
      Sasha Banks Channel

      @Shane O Mac jesus I've never seen such a hater of someone before

    • Land of hope and glory
      Land of hope and glory

      @Sasha Banks Channel the reason was he was in great utd sides. Those utd sides would have won trophies without him. He was a liability,how many times did he get sent off and let his team mates down.

  • Williams

    How does Redknapp know about football, he was on a sick note all his career

  • Wayne Brotherston
    Wayne Brotherston

    Gotta love Roy Keane 🤣

  • Stuart Mclean
    Stuart Mclean


  • Johnathan CBMND
    Johnathan CBMND

    Keane owned Redknapp there. Turned him into a blubbering kid who doesn't like his team being insulted 😂

  • Jammy Vlogs
    Jammy Vlogs

    Jamie its only spurs...which means they're losers...

  • Abhishek Malik
    Abhishek Malik

    Redknapp bout to burst some forehead veins😂😂

  • thomas pearson
    thomas pearson

    Roy Keane is a hot headed Irish Republican. And always will be.

  • Sentient Salad Studios
    Sentient Salad Studios

    Yeah but didn’t Roy criticize Man Utd with the “experienced international players” argument?

  • Nick Mail
    Nick Mail

    Jamie Redknapp nearly started crying.

  • Attila_The_Hunk

    Literally only watch football highlights nowdays just to watch Keano bitch about a high number of these soft prima donna social media obsessed's hysterical!

  • mr dr evil porkchop
    mr dr evil porkchop

    If you don't play for your country, you're a bad player? 🤔 Seems like a high bar

  • X P85
    X P85

    Roy is right

  • X P85
    X P85

    So much disrespect

  • Gaz Mach1
    Gaz Mach1

    They definitely wouldn’t get in the United team

  • Patrick Mulvey
    Patrick Mulvey

    I'm a Spurs fan and Keane is spot on in many of his observations. Maybe one of these days Levy will learn there is no cheap way into the top 4.

  • Michael Tuohy
    Michael Tuohy

    I feel sorry for Jamie Redknapp here, trying to get his points accross. He understandably has a soft spot for Spurs and Keano just sitting there telling him they're crap. 😁

  • Nathan Sparks
    Nathan Sparks

    Jamie's argument is so flawed! He says 'these are international players' but then calls Lloris not good enough? The guy who captained France to the world Cup? Guy just got triggered without a leg to stand on 😂

  • Bradley Elahi
    Bradley Elahi


  • Kevin Prior
    Kevin Prior

    Hasselbaink is a legend. I rather listen to him than Keane on and on and on. Anyone who actually likes him is strange. MOAN MOAN MOAN MOAN MOAN

  • Joel Gilbert
    Joel Gilbert

    I play for a Sunday League team and I don't play for my country an I don't play for England so I guess I'm a bad player 😢😭

  • brad jb
    brad jb

    The only 'world class' players Spurs have are Kane and Son. Spurs are a average team.

  • Bradley Thomas
    Bradley Thomas

    You love to hate Roy...Makes some sound points tho...I must agree with him

  • Gopal Chandu
    Gopal Chandu

    Jamie Redknapp doesn't know about the Iran Contra Affair!

  • Gopal Chandu
    Gopal Chandu

    Roy Keane hasn't seen Secondhand Lions!

  • edsloan

    much HEATED

  • 푸리어스

    To blame someone, you too need a brisk past. You're a legend in the past, but you made a mistake and it's too bad to evaluate the personality of other players. Cause you were famous for rough kicks It wasn't football, it was MMA

    • adam knowles
      adam knowles

      Keane was famous because he was the best. Ronaldo, Scholes, Ferdinand, Giggs, they all say in his prime he was not only the best defensive player in the team, but also the best attacking player. Listen to the interview with Zidane and him talking about when Keane single handedly knocked Juventus out and it was the best performance he had come up against a player. He was a tough player, but that was passion and fight. But disrespectful say just famous cos got a few cards, he was one of the best midfielders to ever play the game. As Ronaldo says, he taught me so much as a player and a person, he was brilliant

  • Denis Hourigan
    Denis Hourigan

    Go on Keane haha rednapp hiding behind the camera he wudnt get smart like dat in studio guarranted

  • Ibrar Hussain
    Ibrar Hussain

    Spurs are finished 👌

  • naveen solo
    naveen solo

    Except the CBs spurs have a team that could go toe to toe against any prem club... But love keano laying it on spurs 😂😂😂😂

  • Khalifa Ashiru Danliman
    Khalifa Ashiru Danliman

    I go with Jamie, pochettino got these set of players to ucl finals. You can't call those set of players average, mourinho has a better squad than what pochettino left. Mourinho just cant get the best out of those players apart from kane and son.

  • James 84
    James 84

    Roy owned him

  • ChelseaRanger1983

    Jamie Redknapp is such a plum

  • Baron Von Shyster
    Baron Von Shyster

    If you want paddy'll get fkn paddy...🍀....go on Roy ...

  • Gooner N4
    Gooner N4

    Jaime is Harry's son alright. Keane must be dying to remind him of how soft he was as a player. Lol

  • Matthew McNerlin
    Matthew McNerlin

    Wee Jamie trying to defend the small club. They had their chance, and there is only one way to go... Also you have to feel sorry for Jamie, no achievements talking to someone who knows their stuff and then go goes onto to defeat his own argument.

  • Midnight Special GT
    Midnight Special GT

    I need Jimmy's beauty regime. Bloke hasn't aged a day in twenty years.

  • Nott A Problem UK
    Nott A Problem UK

    Legend has it they’re still arguing to this day about whether Reguilon is a good left back

  • Yoshiro

    7:10 While there are people hating on Mourinho, you can see that Keane respects him to some extent.

  • oyazi david
    oyazi david

    I'd really love to have been coached by Roy Keane, you could know how your career is gonna end in 2 matches 🤣

  • Suraj Mahajan
    Suraj Mahajan

    4:20 "That's why Real Madrid let him go" 🤣🤣🤣..

  • barryrobbins1980

    Jamie rednapp is an absolute fanny flap

  • Tannmay Yadav
    Tannmay Yadav

    For the first time it was actually heated

  • Brian Murphy
    Brian Murphy

    I hate how the English pronounce Doherty “Dockerty” Christ 🤦‍♂️

  • Daniel Henry
    Daniel Henry

    Lol this aged well shows how much both pundits know about football

  • Danny Platt
    Danny Platt

    I 100% agree on Keane assessment

  • Kalli

    For once, it was actually heated.

  • zyl

    I watched the analysis of Tottenham v United during project restart and Keane says that Harry Maguire is an international player and should not be blown past so easily. Now Keane says if you trap the ball you can play for your country. 🤔

  • MJ H
    MJ H

    Love it,very entertaining stuff....But Keano had better be careful,Sky don`t like people who speak ther mind forcefully and don`t toe their cosy Premier party line....they have a long track record of sacking people for it.

  • Edmunds Life
    Edmunds Life

    Jose need to reinvented his coaching methods and playing philosophy. Jose is outdated! If he doesn't realise it, he should now.

  • Sadio Mayonnaise
    Sadio Mayonnaise

    Keane is right tho

  • Matt Dodson
    Matt Dodson

    haha I'm sure I could see steam coming out of redknapps ears

  • Matt Dodson
    Matt Dodson

    hahah keane knows how to push them buttons

  • Just busting your balls
    Just busting your balls

    United winning 3-1, keane....

  • reginald amonoo
    reginald amonoo

    Yesterday 11.4.2021 :P

  • The last Cliffhanger
    The last Cliffhanger

    Spurs have more average players than any of the top 5! Only 5 players might e good enough but the biggest hole lies in their defence with is stinkingly bad!!

  • Monsignor Larvel Jones
    Monsignor Larvel Jones

    Keane and Redknapp are first class tools

  • Sauce Man
    Sauce Man

    Here after United just played spurs of the park. 1-3, redknapp really ain’t got a clue!

  • code for fun
    code for fun

    keane respect Mourinho a lot

  • oboite emmanuel
    oboite emmanuel


  • 1Chalkywhite

    Redknapp wouldn’t of mixed it with Roy on the pitch 🤣🤣

  • newygreek

    Wasn't just heated, Jamie got burned by WOY!

  • Rico Arthur
    Rico Arthur

    Jimmy Floyd had to choose his words wisely, Roy would bite his head off too.

  • CryptoCheck

    Anyone watching this after man utd beat spurs again ?

  • Robert Riggon
    Robert Riggon

    Roy Keane kills it 😂😂😂😂

  • JaYCeEBeE3

    it's about to kick off again NOW 11th April yay

  • lollykins12

    Shame Jamie didn't show this aggression when he played against Roy....instead of melting

  • Julian Pohlman
    Julian Pohlman

    Keane is spot on with his comments. I was never a man U fan but I can appreciate his opinions on the game. I respect someone who has the guts to say it how it really is..

  • 1987kahil

    Keane is bang on. He knows his game

  • Cap de Bruyne 17
    Cap de Bruyne 17

    Roy have a point!!!

  • елена иванова
    елена иванова

    The workable jellyfish explicitly strengthen because gold dewailly follow throughout a cloudy currency. spiky, quiet witch

  • A H
    A H

    Breaking news from Keane - if you can trap the ball you can play for your country

  • Barnfield Fishing
    Barnfield Fishing

    Also when keane called out liverpool as sloppy .and klopp had a go .was a good one .then after liverpool went on the bad run🤣

  • richie burke
    richie burke

    roy was just trying to wind him up after the alderwieled but 🤣

  • Paras Chimbaikar
    Paras Chimbaikar

    Alderweireld won’t get into united team Maguire is better. Don’t go on internet and watch clips to judge him not 80mil but definitely 60 mil and fit Eric Baily is good combo with him. Apart from Kane and Son the only player I’ll take in united team will be Ndombele.

  • Hj Hj
    Hj Hj

    Mint.. Roy.. eye of the tiger.. legendary

  • BonuxCouleur

    Good luck with Spurs attracting a better goalkeeper than Lloris.

  • iTube YourDadsMinge
    iTube YourDadsMinge

    I am a lifelong Manchester City fan, and 10 years ago, I could not have imagined myself admitting this; Roy Keane is an absolute legend. This guy has turned punditry on its head, and unlike many, he has the scars, experience, and medals to back it up. What a man.

  • Damian Duguid
    Damian Duguid

    why does redknapp associate himself with spurs? all the pundits associate themselves with the main club of their career. Jamie spent 11 seasons at liverpool and 3 at spurs...but no one remembers him at Liverpool so he has to affiliate to spurs.

  • Kris 11
    Kris 11

    Redknapp has been stealing a living since dot

  • Homi A
    Homi A

    Keane, "If you don't play for your country your a bad player" Trent Alexander-Arnold , "Am I A JOKE TO UUU???"

  • Rex Rampage
    Rex Rampage

    Roy Keane is the Simon Cowell of football. No nonsense talking.

  • nykthoshah

    Jamie obviously not a spurs fan because us spurs fans clearly accept that we are average

  • Pykle Six
    Pykle Six

    The spooky cupcake collectively sneeze because queen clasically ban worth a abrasive path. innate, moaning step-aunt

  • NathdonPlays

    I’m not even sure leister would take him😂😂😂

  • Rafa Vandee
    Rafa Vandee

    I’m a yid and actually agree with Keane for the first time ever

  • Tghy Ffhy
    Tghy Ffhy

    Keane is wrong yet again, funny man but awful pundit

  • Alan Waters
    Alan Waters

    When Roy Keane left to go to forrest at 19 he told his father you are now the man of the house.............

  • St Ick
    St Ick

    2:7 ..... AVERAGE

  • Rolem07 Márton
    Rolem07 Márton

    Like that 😂

  • Blox master
    Blox master

    Kane and Son does seem to be the only outstanding players Spurs has. And in this years prem that is not enough for them to be top 4 as I find other then their attacking play it seems they are lacking in every other department. But that is just my opinion.

  • Jeffrey Bungle
    Jeffrey Bungle

    Roy Keane was a world class player but a worse than mediocre manager The reason he failed as a manager is that he thinks arrogance and intimidation are an effective method of communication and motivation Now he just makes smug, insulting comments which he then contradicts a few days later

  • ArcherBen1305

    Redknapp only acting like that cause he’s over video. He wouldn’t have the balls to talk to Keane like that in person 😂

  • Adrian Marrinan
    Adrian Marrinan

    Looking more average by the day

  • Pull Up Your Pants
    Pull Up Your Pants

    But Keane is right though

  • Shaw Farrow
    Shaw Farrow

    The only two players i'd take out that team is Dele Alli because of the quality past few years coming into his prime he's had despite Mourinho completely ruining it for him this one particular season and whatever other personal reasons going though he's the perfect number 10 role player happening at the moment on offer anywhere in Europe and Serge Aurier still has a few good years left in him even at age 28!

    • Shaw Farrow
      Shaw Farrow

      @Embison Jones Not really, feel sorry for you, just a waste of life

    • Embison Jones
      Embison Jones

      @Shaw Farrow - Still ranting princess 🤣 Still hitting that nerve ☺️☺️

    • Shaw Farrow
      Shaw Farrow

      @Embison Jones For real, don't have children in you're life time!

    • Shaw Farrow
      Shaw Farrow

      @Embison Jones When a son and a daughter under 5 are better behaved than you

    • Shaw Farrow
      Shaw Farrow

      @Embison Jones I would laugh but you are an hilarious person yourself because you are such a joke

  • JBK

    Hahahaha. Can't hate Keane. He is spot on. sometimes you say things and people don't understand until you start to explain and show the reasoning behind it and THEN people will understand.

  • Ronald Henry
    Ronald Henry

    Roy Keane is confused between being a top player and average player. Spurs’ player is above average, of course most of them won’t get into man city and Liverpool’s team but those are the top teams in Europe. Doesn’t mean they r average. Maybe not top but definitely above average.

  • lfc

    When souness tries to speak 🤣

  • Liverpool: 6 times Man Utd: 3 times
    Liverpool: 6 times Man Utd: 3 times

    Jamie redknapp, Roy Keane, Graeme Souness, Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville