Neville and Carragher disagree over their GREATEST ever Premier League signings!
Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher were tasked with picking Liverpool, Manchester United, and the Premier League's greatest ever signings which of course caused lots of controversy and many disagreements.
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  • Eoghan Ryan
    Eoghan Ryan

    Carra thinks mane is a bigger legend then Ryan giggs.... pathetic

  • eden hawker
    eden hawker

    Kompany and hart and aguero all need to be up there (and yes obviously I'm bias)

  • Tokky Tim
    Tokky Tim

    How the F is vardy a premier league signing? They signed him when he was in the championship. Big error by sky here!

  • Tokky Tim
    Tokky Tim

    Salah and Robertson were the best bargain of the modern era!

  • TheDvdral

    Have they ever agreed on anything? Oh wait, that doesn't make good TV does it.

  • TerryTibbs

    Vieira 3.5M. Bergkamp 7.5M. Henry 11M. Kante 5.6M. Cantona 1.2M. Alonso 10.5M. Lampard 11M. Zola 4.5M. Shearer 3.6M. Have to be some of them even allowing for inflation and inflated current prices I agree on Sami. He was class but some of those above were real steals. Also Mane to Southampton, 11.8m and VVD 13M Any of those at 5 times the price, or more would still be bargains.

    • TerryTibbs

      Kompany too. Good shout.

  • Dylan Bortolus
    Dylan Bortolus

    It's Henry. Not even close

  • IaG 975
    IaG 975

    Surely Coutinho has to be on Carras list! Not only was he just £11m but he was sold for £142m and funded VVD and Alisson

  • Ezequiel 25:17
    Ezequiel 25:17


  • Habiib Marwaan
    Habiib Marwaan

    CR7 the best signing ever in the Epl, anyone else thinks otherwise is delusional. 3Epl medals, 1champions league medal, 1 clup worlcup medal, Ballondor, Europe best player, Topscorer, Pichichi Trophy. He won everything that was there to win.

  • Oli Sharples
    Oli Sharples

    Coleman? £60,000

  • Cale Rea
    Cale Rea

    Spot on with the Wijnaldum shout...nowhere near the calibre of those players mentioned

  • wai kok foong
    wai kok foong

    Torres give his best years to Liverpool when Liverpool was in the worst time and Torres not evev on the list,what a shame

  • DJ Ghoul
    DJ Ghoul

    Signing fees should be inflation adjusted

  • JAKUBZable

    No knowledge on leicester at all n we will win it again top 5 side

  • Renjith Haridas
    Renjith Haridas

    Jammie and Liverpool are crying

  • clifford adams
    clifford adams

    Gary Neville and Carragher are a couple of half wits. Football fans,mute is your best plan

  • Reddog

    I am a liverpool fan and i'm shocked Peter Schmeichel is not even listed. Possibly the best signing ever.

    • Reddog

      @joss sutton oh ok my bad. Still one of the best top tier buys of all time.

    • joss sutton
      joss sutton

      Signed in August 1991.. hence not a Premier League era signing.

  • Mikey Dowdell
    Mikey Dowdell

    I don’t care who you support, how can you not put Frank Lampard on that list?!

  • Camz Dadon
    Camz Dadon

    I swear Dennis Irwin cost 450k from Oldham

    • joss sutton
      joss sutton

      Indeed but not in the Premier League era..

  • R 1
    R 1

    Mahrez was only 400k and won the PL AND PFL and had the highest combined goals and assist for Leicester that season if he was English it would be mahrez on Not vardy

  • Makaveli out for justice
    Makaveli out for justice

    How Schemichel never made the list is bizarre.

    • joss sutton
      joss sutton

      Not bizarre at all as he wasn't a Premier League era signing.

  • Frank BRICKKLOP Warren
    Frank BRICKKLOP Warren

    Terry an lampard were the backbone for 10 years of domestic domination? RVP at Man U Rooney, Rio ten years Apiece at Man U


    Ehhh? Peter Schmeichel??? Transfer Fee: £505,000 from Brondby - Trophies Won at United: 15 (including 1999 treble).. You guys are WAY OFF

    • joss sutton
      joss sutton

      Not a Premier League era signing..

  • COVID 19
    COVID 19


  • Novak

    You missed the HEATED DEBATE headline

  • Aquila Rossa
    Aquila Rossa

    It was prior to the EPL, but to me the most important MUFC signing since I supported them in 1979 is Robbo. Before that it always seemed like the best players signed for other clubs, not us. Then out of the blue we broke the transfer record spending a million quid. Robson proved worth every penny. It was like the club finally showed some ambition. Things went on an upward trajectory from there. Current owners spend, but they had spent daft over half the time at least, instead of building a well rounded squad. I am not sure Ole will ever be the best manager in the world, but he does seem to have an idea about how to sort out the mess the previous three had left him. Just what we needed. I'd still like to see supporters at least half own the club and elect board members though -- kind of like they do in Germany. Less of this clubs having to pimp themselves out and become a billionaire's plaything (A capital asset too. If you own an investment bank you can leverage against these assets to create huge sums of money with the click of a mouse, i.e., fresh lines of credit they use to acquire more capital assets etc. It's like a magic trick that only they are legally allowed to do)

  • Elliot Mackintosh Young
    Elliot Mackintosh Young

    Lampard ??

  • Joshi Mahesh
    Joshi Mahesh

    Back to seventh and eighth carra

  • John Eddy
    John Eddy

    It’s funny that Jamie carragher says Leicester won’t win the league again imagine if Liverpool never win it again in his life time 🤣🤣

  • Harry Scot-Smith
    Harry Scot-Smith

    Where is lingardinho?

  • Keelan Graham
    Keelan Graham


  • Balancer

    What a boring and inaccurate row Same cliches - repetitive and stale ideas and you can’t get away from their Liverpool and Man Utd allegiances A proper and professional presenter would be fair to all clubs in their new career and not let their past be so dominant Why can’t we have impartial professional presenters change around instead of this boring ex-defenders At times it reminds me of the MICKEY MOUSE and MINNIE MOUSE cartoons But at least they were entertaining And it’s been reported that they each get around £1m a year for their average contributions

  • Maximilian

    CANTONA. No discussion here!

  • DaveKraft400

    I'm a United fan, but Suarez was just unbelievable in his time in the Prem.

  • Omair Sheikh
    Omair Sheikh

    3.6 million was the world record transfer fee in 92? Damn, good times

    • joss sutton
      joss sutton

      No it was £13million (Gianluigi Lentini) in 1992.

  • oofzma

    Is no one gonna talk about 60 grand Coleman. The best right back of the last 10 years in the Prem no cap

  • Bjarke Madsbøll
    Bjarke Madsbøll

    Although being biased as a Dane, I would put Schmeichel on that list. His ability and influence compared to the price, he has to be right up there

    • Bjarke Madsbøll
      Bjarke Madsbøll

      @joss sutton Ah right, of course. I had it in my head that he signed in 92, but it was the year before. Makes sense then

    • joss sutton
      joss sutton

      Not a Premier League era signing hence why he isn't on the list.

  • Lovejoy

    I know this is to do with the Premier League Era, but everyone has this misnomer that Cantona changed everything at United. It was the signing of Peter Schmeichel in the Summer of 1991 that changed everything at United and made us competetive. Also Kanchelskis that was signed at the same time. Cantona was the icing on the cake.

  • David Spicer
    David Spicer

    Where is Lampard? I’m an arsenal fan and he needs to be included on the overall list vardy was signed in the championship not the premier league your titles are misleading

  • mcsheffery16

    Henry all day. Chelsea fan

  • Alex Pack
    Alex Pack

    Anything other than the king Thierry is wrong.

  • Alex Pack
    Alex Pack

    Anything other than the king Thierry is wrong.

  • Shane Brown
    Shane Brown

    Legend has it if they keep arguing long enough, theyll produce a sound so high pitched only dogs can hear

  • Patrick Adams
    Patrick Adams

    Can't argue against Cantona but the one signing that never gets mentioned enough is Dennis Bergkamp to Arsenal £7.5 million.....hated at first by the fans but he wound up being one of the most influential players in his time at the club

  • Morgan Todd
    Morgan Todd

    How is vieria not on any list 3.6m was in 6 pfa team of the years in a row

  • Arukah

    Just English players.

  • farid dannish
    farid dannish


  • Kevin b
    Kevin b

    Stop smacking ya lips together when ya talk carragher please

  • Hamz Ron
    Hamz Ron

    0:31 Jaime: This is pound for pound best Khaib: Send location

  • Random Keith
    Random Keith

    Nevilles list was much better than Carragher’s. Especially with the price tags

  • asonaba kwabrafoso 0buasi
    asonaba kwabrafoso 0buasi

    F. Torres from Liverpool to Chelsea was the best ever

  • stuart cunningham
    stuart cunningham

    So many amazing signings not metioned here... two fannys

  • Sal Musa
    Sal Musa

    Alan Shearer is only up there because he is English. He won just 1 piece of silverware...

  • Sal Musa
    Sal Musa

    All those bindippers over 20 years were so good that they won ONLY ONE EPL title.

  • Azman Manan
    Azman Manan

    No Frank Lampard,the all time leading midfielder goal scorer

  • Adam Fawcett
    Adam Fawcett

    Honestly don't know where Carra is coming from with his "Leicester won't win the league again" claims. Has he seen them this season? Easily a top 3 team.

  • Petar Petrov
    Petar Petrov

    Vardy ahead of Frank Lampard, really?

  • Kris1875

    Embarrassing that lampard isn't even mentioned on this list.. 211 career goals Only midfield player to score over 150 premier league goals 102 assists Over 10 goals in 10 consecutive seasons.. 3 premier league titles 4 fa cups 2 league cups champions league and europa league.. Signed for 11m.

  • Tu vieja
    Tu vieja

    No Aguero??

  • Samatar Mohamed
    Samatar Mohamed

    Missed Newcastle signing Santiago Nunez. Quality signing the lad.

  • Samatar Mohamed
    Samatar Mohamed

    To be fair can't believe Steve Finnan has been snubbed

  • Jake Groanet
    Jake Groanet

    What 4 major trophies has vvd won?

  • PumpActionPanda

    My favourite is James Milner for £0. What a bargain.

  • Mohamed Salama
    Mohamed Salama

    Ever liverpool old stars try to hide salah legacy ! Jealous

  • Matt

    VARDYYYYYYY!!!!! 🙌🏻🦊💙

  • A Ferg
    A Ferg

    Eric was very special but Ronaldo for me was very special and continued to be one ......

  • abbas khan
    abbas khan

    Cristiano for 12 million.. won 3 leagues in a row.. 1 champions league.. another champions league final.. FA cup and league cup.. 1 Balon d or.. Golden boot.. took Manchester united to next level in terms of fan support and commercial powerhouse globally.. Changed the sport in terms of training and athleticism .. and finally when he leaves for real madrid makes his club 80 million..

  • Tom Rooney
    Tom Rooney

    Not sure how Keane doesn’t make that list. Or David Silva. To name just two.

  • MrDanroberts09

    I think Keane at just under 4M should be in there to be honest.

  • Flying solo
    Flying solo

    I get the ‘pound for pound’ argument completely, but even as a Spurs fan I can’t ignore the fact that Henry is one of the greatest signings of PL history and shouldn’t be almost excluded from this discussion because he was bought for £11m and sold for £15m or whatever it was.

  • TattyBojangles81

    "The reason Hyypia is on this list is because he's my mate, which is the sole basis for all my punditry"

  • Paulie G
    Paulie G

    Two muppets

  • Itchy Tooth.
    Itchy Tooth.

    Ole. £1.5m? Signing of the century!

  • Ruaraidh Morrison
    Ruaraidh Morrison

    None of those 5 won the champions league. That has to be a factor. Lampard for £11m was better than signing than Kompany for £6m.

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T

    salah is

  • Scott Mitchell
    Scott Mitchell

    Only thing i could argue about would be is Vardy a premier league signing? oined them in the championship. Of course a massive impact and has been amazing in the premier league but wasn't a premier league signing so id have Kante in that spot.

  • Dood B
    Dood B

    Surely the answer is actually Roman Abramovich? 😜

  • Deadeye

    Where’s Sergio Aguero? Arguably the best striker in PL history

  • Lee Brown
    Lee Brown

    Honourable mention for the man united list has to be van Persie 20 million. Pinched from arsenal and top scorer in the year they won the title back from city. Don’t think enough people mention him when they talk about the great premier league strikers. He’s right up there for me

  • Damion Thompson
    Damion Thompson

    How on earth has Vardy done more for lester than Henry for Arsenal

  • Damion Thompson
    Damion Thompson


  • J C
    J C

    They argue so frequently like a couple - Neville as husband and Carragher as wife

  • Steven OConnor
    Steven OConnor

    Where’s Torres? Torres was awesome and we signed him for 20 million. these two are mad. Sorry if they’ve got Suarez up there then Torres should be there! He came in and lit up the premier league. 33 goals in his first season. Jokers.

  • Bradders 344
    Bradders 344

    Keane £3.6m and Vieira £3m

  • Raphael Nasser
    Raphael Nasser

    vards is a championship singing

  • SuperHellhawk

    Thierry Henry is the greatest ever signing in the premier league

  • Rajan Bhachu
    Rajan Bhachu

    Henry, without a shadow of doubt.

  • Dale Hughes-O'Sullivan
    Dale Hughes-O'Sullivan

    John Mcginn 2.5 from Hibs ain't a bad one in this day an age

  • HIqualiT

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  • Jarl Froysa
    Jarl Froysa


  • Ahntonio Cannavaro
    Ahntonio Cannavaro

    Gary is just not talkin sense. Thats why Valencia didnt do well. Gary doesnt know that much honestly. Carragher knows Hyppia was good. He played alongside him. Wtfish..

  • Guy Grimshawe
    Guy Grimshawe

    No Lampard to Chelsea on this list? Ridiculous. Highest ever goalscorer for club, highest midfielder in prem history, champs league, premier League titles, Europa, cups. Signed from a local rival. Come on lads

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  • Nintendo Gamer
    Nintendo Gamer

    Vardy was a Championship signing

  • Alexfzg99

    As their voices go higher, my ability to understand them decreases

  • Dylan Corcoran
    Dylan Corcoran

    So basically united and Liverpool and talk about rest of the PL for like 2 mins.

  • Big.A

    How is mane not on the list for Liverpool??! I’m not even a Liverpool fan that’s mad disrespectful!

  • Eloy Cristy
    Eloy Cristy

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  • TheRealHarref 1
    TheRealHarref 1

    I like how for vardy they put 24 goals in a season, and didn’t put took Leicester to Champions