What is it like to receive the Sir Alex hairdryer treatment? | Ben Foster Fan Q&A | Saturday Social
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Ben Foster joins Chunkz, Zac and Joe Thomlinson on Saturday Social this week to answer some of your questions sent in. What is Zigic like on a night out? What is his favourite memory in his career and what is it like to receive the Sir Alex hairdyer treatment? Plus more...
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  • TheMetalMouse

    LOL at the ginger thing saying "Har har har, I'd love Alex Ferguson to shout at me, I'd take it, I'd take it!" Sounds like a hungry manchild begging for an older gentlemans beating.... Weird. Also why woulld Fergie ever be in your overly orange presence? You're not a footballer because you talk nonsense about football ok? And dude.... If you did get the hairdryer treatment you would cry, pee and soil your panties. When I see your huge, ginger dumb smile I don't know whether to laugh or throw a strike in ten pin bowling.

  • Rice and beans
    Rice and beans

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  • Ben shawyer
    Ben shawyer

    im 6ft 3 and dance like jagger

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T

    ben has banter

  • Himanshu Patil
    Himanshu Patil

    clickbait ffs

  • Jamie Price
    Jamie Price

    Kinda sad when united fans are more interested in Liverpool than their own club...just sad 😅😅😅

  • LingardinhoSZN

    Best Goalie

  • Kai99

    Ben Foster is 6ft 4???? Why the hell did he look so small in uniteds goal

  • wightlines 1
    wightlines 1


  • Hallelujah

    Four grownups acting exactly like children giggling and laughing about the hairdryer treatment being emasculating ... oh the irony

    • Matt Sear
      Matt Sear

      As opposed to being miserable? Have a day off 😂

  • omar idriss
    omar idriss

    Ben foster what a guy. Thats the comment.

  • 1341141 N4JI13
    1341141 N4JI13

    I Like Ben Foster

    • Reee_BoZo


  • iceyy. fyed
    iceyy. fyed

    Omg he answered my question 😆😆😆

    • Azaan Khalid
      Azaan Khalid

      What minute?

  • Andrew Buik
    Andrew Buik

    Big up Ben, subscribe to his channel guys

  • BearvilleBear 14
    BearvilleBear 14

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  • Jesse Johnson
    Jesse Johnson

    Didn't think Micah Richards and World Class would ever be used in the same sentence...

  • yosef saqer
    yosef saqer


  • _ Floyd
    _ Floyd

    Sky is legend for letting Ben do his thing with his SVsoft channel, and this Ben Foster series is the best thing going on Sky's own channel right now. Thanks for supporting fans by supporting Ben, Sky.

  • Shadow Goose
    Shadow Goose

    POV: You've seen kylerzz 12 comments

    • Kylerzz

      It was a dare lol

  • The Emerald Fire
    The Emerald Fire


  • Born Sinner
    Born Sinner

    9 out of 10 Gerrard pens to the right "Goalie coaches going go to your right, go to your right... Na im going to the left for the banter" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ELITE MENTALITY 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Born Sinner
    Born Sinner

    Sterling started it ish but Ben really elevated it footballer youtube accounts. SVsoftrs crying at the thought of footballers taking their followers 🤣🤣🤣

  • Born Sinner
    Born Sinner

    Now if someone scores vs Ben his mindset over Watford's Defenders is "I can use it for youtube thumbnail... that was great footage" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Born Sinner
    Born Sinner

    Ben with the Cheat-Code. A normal youtuber needs platforms with big subs to promote them, Sky Bt, footsyalum. Ben gets free "promotion" or "exposure" when he plays for Watford cus everyones Watching football. Win win.... Then even got a contract from sky of his SVsoft. 👏👏👏👏

  • Born Sinner
    Born Sinner

    Ben with the Cheat-Code. A normal youtuber needs platforms to promote them, Sky Bt, footsyalum. Ben gets free "promotion" or "exposure" when he plays for Watford. Win win

  • Young nigga
    Young nigga

    Cycling GK!

  • Luke Gill
    Luke Gill

    This show is so dirt

  • Developed Spermcell
    Developed Spermcell

    Wtf Ben is 6'4?

    • Developed Spermcell
      Developed Spermcell

      @Rafael Santos I have. Just always thought of him as sort of average height.

    • Rafael Santos
      Rafael Santos

      Yeah, have you never seen him play? Man is huge

  • skills and tricks
    skills and tricks

    Cycling gk the goat

  • Kylerzz

    Sorry for spam

    • Kylerzz

      @Sion Panda ok

    • Sion Panda
      Sion Panda

      Shut up stutter boy

  • Kylerzz

    Loserpool lost

  • Kylerzz

    What's the difference between Alisson and a bucket of sh1t? Answer: The bucket

  • Kylerzz


    • Aaaa Bbbb
      Aaaa Bbbb

      It was at the king power stadium you know 🤦‍♂️

    • Adam McCarthy
      Adam McCarthy

      And Allison has turned your head into a luxury apartment to live in rent free

  • Christiano Pulinaldo
    Christiano Pulinaldo

    How many comments can you write? Kylerzz : Yes

    • Kylerzz


  • Kylerzz

    Chunkz mistakes leading to goals in 2021: Alisson mistakes leading to goals in 2021: 4 Chunkz > Alisson

    • john craig
      john craig

      de gea mistakes leading to goals in 2019/20=9 Allison mistakes leading to goals in the last 3 seasons=7

  • Kylerzz

    Chunkz > Alisson

  • 9 Matchroom slayer
    9 Matchroom slayer

    United won everything by absolute bias refs in England they was brilliant in England through penalties and added time etc but crap in Europe when the bias wasn't as bad

    • 9 Matchroom slayer
      9 Matchroom slayer

      @Mohammed A I don't support Liverpool

    • Mohammed A
      Mohammed A

      You’ve just lost 3-1. You’ll be 9th.

    • Baby Phat
      Baby Phat

      Europe biased toward barcelona and real madrid to be fair.

  • SlickZz

    as long as Chunkz doesn't go top right against Ben he's good

  • Kylerzz

    He's better than Alisson

  • Kylerzz

    Foster is better than the Brazilian Kepa Alisson

  • Kylerzz

    Foster is well clear of Alisson

    • Barcelona & Leciester Fan
      Barcelona & Leciester Fan

      @Kylerzz 😂

    • Kylerzz

      @Arjan S why aren't you in your corner crying, Jamie Vardy turned your stadium into the location for his concert

    • Arjan S
      Arjan S

      You’re obsessed mate

  • Kylerzz

    Maybe if Alisson took motes from Foster Liverpool wouldn't have lost

    • Lucien Tyler
      Lucien Tyler

      you know you don’t have to comment 12 times right?

    • Dark_Emeralds

      Allison won more in the last two years than Foster in his whole career.

  • Kylerzz

    Alisson wishes he was as good as Foster

  • Joshua Masakha
    Joshua Masakha

    Lol, imagine if sir Alex had to put up with Jesse Lingard and Paul Pogba dancing and dabbing like idiots in 2018 like Mourinho did

    • Mad Lad
      Mad Lad

      1 of 3 things would of happened, they get sold, they stop all the messing around or they just became unreal players

  • Kylerzz

    Foster should teach Alison how to not smack into your defenders

    • Lorcan

      @Ethan Strudwick mans got not life

    • Ethan Strudwick
      Ethan Strudwick

      You've spent more time commenting than watching the video, 12 comments 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Garyson Anthony
    Garyson Anthony

    5:00 is what u came here for

    • August Andersson
      August Andersson


    • JAmdeFDefJam


    • C345 OFR
      C345 OFR

      Had an idea that they might do that, so thanks!

    • D. B. Cooper
      D. B. Cooper

      Thank you G

    • Kylerzz

      No I came here to spam comments

  • Kylerzz

    Alisson should take some notes from a better keeper like Foster

    • Lorcan

      @Kylerzz get a girlfriend lmao

    • Kylerzz

      @Lorcan "where are the United bum boys now?"

    • Lorcan

      Get a girlfriend kylerzz

    • Kylerzz

      @Christiano Pulinaldo óķě

    • Christiano Pulinaldo
      Christiano Pulinaldo

      Calm down kyler

  • Kylerzz

    Alisson take some notes from a better goalie

  • Kylerzz

    Foster > Alisson

  • Sid

    Sir Alex made players like cleverley,Fletcher, and Valencia win epl😅

    • M L
      M L

      @LFC LIAM you cause you replied ya tw@

    • LFC LIAM
      LFC LIAM

      Who cares

    • Will Brightmore
      Will Brightmore

      Put some respect on Darren fletcher- clearly not watched him in his prime

    • JLC

      Fletcher and Valencia were good...

    • Oisin Neary
      Oisin Neary

      Ignorant and silly fan started this chain

  • Kylerzz

    The cycling GK

  • Liam Talks Football
    Liam Talks Football

    Proper hair dryer treatment can sort out Utd defence lol

    • Kylerzz

      Maybe taking notes from Foster could sort put Alisson

    • Bruno SZN
      Bruno SZN


  • snipersut yt
    snipersut yt

    Hope everyone that sees this has a great day and stay safe everyone


      You too bud

    • sergio aguero
      sergio aguero


    • Steamonscreen

      Stay safefrom what ?

    • Shaolin monk
      Shaolin monk

      Why this people always beg for likes, Every now and then these "everyone be happy" type of comment is copy pasted everywhere.... Dopamine dogs🤮🤮

    • MrSoda007

      Thankyou same to you

  • ZaidX7

    Nice 👌