"I'm playing each game with a smile!" | Jesse Lingard reacts to West Ham's win over Tottenham
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Jesse Lingard spoke following a man of the match performance against Tottenham in which his West Ham side won 2-1.
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  • ibnujohn

    Phenomenal wonderkid

  • Declan Hung
    Declan Hung

    He shouldn't go back to man United let him stay in west ham to find his true form

  • Jason Broady
    Jason Broady

    Lingardinho being the difference between Champions league football for west ham

  • Curling

    all jokes aside, hands down he slowly getting better and better every game.. he should sign for west ham

  • Carl Palios-Potts
    Carl Palios-Potts

    Messi Lingard

  • Last Will
    Last Will

    I hope jesse will keep banging more goal..keep it up my man...

  • Ibra Khedira
    Ibra Khedira

    Pep should’ve signed lingard not even kidding

  • Jewbro Afrodude
    Jewbro Afrodude

    Lad knows he's gunna be a mid table champo player in a few seasons

  • Tollah Tv ferkah
    Tollah Tv ferkah

    See messi this is how you do it. Lingardinho forever

  • Ankith Vnaik
    Ankith Vnaik

    Soo happy for him❤️

  • Oza Kashyap
    Oza Kashyap

    I used to have Jesse as a favourite play and no he's gone down! Spurs should have won that! Coys

  • a. demifemiflapo
    a. demifemiflapo

    Lingardinho finding out they don't have a dance studio at West Ham and he'll have to train in football only.

  • Neo One
    Neo One

    Best player in the league.

    • a. demifemiflapo
      a. demifemiflapo

      Best player ever...........

  • dazzaburger

    If West Ham achieve champions league football he deserves a statue or maybe change the name of the stadium to the Jesse Lingard Arena

  • WxckyyTBD

    He is having his best career no 🧢

  • Jesus is God
    Jesus is God

    Stay at western if you want to be legend

  • Ephraim Akoto
    Ephraim Akoto


  • Minuka Gurusinghe
    Minuka Gurusinghe

    I HATE U LINGARDINHO!! ( iam a spurs fan)

  • Jaka Mahardika
    Jaka Mahardika

    Admit it. He has potential

  • Michael Baker
    Michael Baker

    Such underrated player united are fools not to play him ,got a gooden West Ham keep hold him

  • Terry Hanvey
    Terry Hanvey

    This could be a good move by United and if he keeps it up we wouldn't need Sancho, with Ahmad, Jones, Greenwood and Lingard all vying for position. We need a goal scorer and a CH (maybe 2), a holding midfielder and another Fernandes. The right full back position can be overcome with what we have.

  • Film Download
    Film Download


  • flyvon fernandes
    flyvon fernandes

    My prediction Top 4 this season 1. Manchester city 2. Manchester united 3. Leicester city 4. WestHam united

  • iclark2400

    People troll this guy relentlessly, not gonna lie I've been guilty of it myself but as a Man Utd fan it makes me happy seeing Jesse smile and enjoying his football again. Nice one JLingz!

  • Aidan Chacko
    Aidan Chacko

    I’m a united fan and I was first shocked to hear Jesse leaving united but then I understood that it was for his best. Go on jesse⚒

  • h a m
    h a m

    Lingardinho is the greatest footballer in history.

  • Adil Zhumashev
    Adil Zhumashev

    True GOAT

  • Lukas High
    Lukas High

    Lingard found his level. No hate for him. He always worked for the shirt at Man Utd.

  • TheNewkkRBLX

    lingardinho gone from a man u player who never played to a west ham player who can score 3 times in 2 games

  • Neutral Observer.
    Neutral Observer.

    Hopefully he's learned that more time on the training field and less on social media will get the results that he wants. Put simply, he's not been anywhere near consistent enough to play for United, but at his best, he's England class. He seems like a really nice kid and I wish him well @ The Hammers. MUFC.

  • romando

    Your celebrations are on par with 12 year old lad playing Fortnite, ya clown.

  • nicolai balnæs
    nicolai balnæs

    This dudes tongue is out of control. Thats next level dry mouth.

  • abdul Wahab
    abdul Wahab

    I love to see him happy .... 🎉 🎆 ...he is enjoying life there take permanent transfer from united ...

  • Tintin 11th
    Tintin 11th

    Would love to watch him score against Man United and do the floss dance .

  • Fahriza Saputra
    Fahriza Saputra

    Hope West Ham stayed in 4th place, and Jesse Lingard play in CL with West Ham.. 😆😆

  • Sullay BJ
    Sullay BJ

    30mil WH he's yours

  • Master 101
    Master 101


  • Raul Khan
    Raul Khan

    Lads been through a lot..head up keep going. Good lad

  • Quynh Huong
    Quynh Huong

    Jesse is back, Lingardinho!


    what a hot man

  • lord ff
    lord ff

    Watch when he comes too Liverpool his gonna be on mbappes level

  • Jj Mm
    Jj Mm

    He’s a good player, people need to stop mocking him. I’m happy he left Man U

  • DrDeathX

    Just when Barca fans think they have seen everything, just wait when West Ham end up in top 4, make it to UCL next season, thrash Barca at Camp Nou, Lingard with a hattrick to be fully Lingardinho in presence of Ronaldinho watching from the stance. Utter Perfection !

  • L C
    L C

    I'm a united fan and genuinely think Jesse should stay at West Ham. It seems the perfect fit for him.

  • Brooklin Farrell
    Brooklin Farrell

    Hope when he comes back to united we slot him in the midfield if Pogba goes. Like play a diamond with 2 ST instead of wingers then we don’t need a sancho

  • Mcr Mcr
    Mcr Mcr

    Good ..don’t come back to united

  • Paddy Coney
    Paddy Coney

    He's not the only one. Every Man Utd fan is smiling when they see him play for anyone but UTD.

  • Mathias

    i didnt know goats could speak

  • Slaven Mierech
    Slaven Mierech

    Happy to see him playing well, I don’t think he is better than rash, Greenwood or James so I’m happy he’s getting a chance elsewhere. Go on Jessie !

  • Tom Harrison
    Tom Harrison

    the king has returned

  • Gerard Healy
    Gerard Healy

    United gave West Ham Lingardo and keep Martial... Good god

  • Hannes Steckel
    Hannes Steckel

    Who dosen’t love Jesse from an Arsenal fan

  • Ben DeGorro
    Ben DeGorro

    The only reason he'll stay in United is because he can't let go the big wage. I hope WHU sign him permanently where he can shine and he's gladly accept it. He's 28', no time for Dilly dallying in United bench.

  • PepperCryBeatz

    i happy for u jesse stay at west ham

  • harsh s
    harsh s

    Imagine if man utd finish below West ham

  • jaseface6868

    Get your nose out of his arse Laura!!

  • Micster

    Jesse"you know" "like i said" Lingard

  • ADecadeDrifting

    Amazing young talent. Future star for sure, he’ll grow into something special but he’s too young at the moment. What a prospect

  • Sid Rahman
    Sid Rahman

    Worry is if moyes gets scouted by Real Madrid now .

  • Royck James
    Royck James

    Y did Man U sell lingerd and this is coming from a city fan

  • Eamonn McCormack
    Eamonn McCormack

    Happy for him

  • Dominic Clarke
    Dominic Clarke

    He should leave united and join west ham

  • korey samuel
    korey samuel

    Love this for him! What a g. Keep ballin

  • Haoran Cai
    Haoran Cai


  • Drum n Bass Dan
    Drum n Bass Dan

    i always rated the lad when he was at Man U, im a liverpool fan (/cry) i never thought he got a fair go at united with rashford there and martial, two players i think he is better than.

  • Joel Thomas
    Joel Thomas

    Moyes is actually doin boss from an ev fan

  • Donny is a Legend
    Donny is a Legend


  • anba hudaya
    anba hudaya

    Lingard much better than martial... Bring back lingard, ole

  • a 9
    a 9

    london is lingard

  • a 9
    a 9

    come to liverpool jesse ynwa

  • Thata Sefhako
    Thata Sefhako

    As a Man United fan, I think lingard should permanently join west ham and go enjoy his football there. With so much competition at old Trafford, I don't think he will get game time if he returns from loan

  • fizz113

    As a United fan, I knew that he was a good player, but it's good to see he's enjoying regular football.

  • Thata Sefhako
    Thata Sefhako

    Plot twist: Ole sent Lingard to west ham so that he helps west ham get rid of the competition

  • john Smith
    john Smith

    I'm a United fan who in the past has criticised Jesse but it's great to see him enjoying his football and playing well

  • Vincent C
    Vincent C

    Before hearing this interview I thought I understood english

  • Joshua Prescott
    Joshua Prescott

    Roy wont be happy, playing with a smile?

  • romit de
    romit de

    I am so happy for lingard. Jess now please concentrate on football and leave aside all branding and social media stuff. You can be a top player in the league within a year.

  • Matthew du Sart
    Matthew du Sart

    That’s good for him

  • Spurs fan
    Spurs fan

    I’m a spurs fan but I just feel so happy for lingard

  • Lennart Hagen
    Lennart Hagen

    Kai havertz who? Rofl

  • 1k crytz
    1k crytz

    Dear Gareth Southgate Jesse Lingard needs to be in England Squad ( not sarcasm )

  • SMM Productions
    SMM Productions

    I hope you can keep this form up Lingardinho. 🐐

  • my leg was a balloon shaped liked american football
    my leg was a balloon shaped liked american football

    Well done Jesse

  • simo35 Meghouche
    simo35 Meghouche

    Jlingz ironically becoming the GOAT

  • Jordan Fullwood
    Jordan Fullwood

    People think he’s just a dancer but he’s such a talented player just unfortunately he’s not good enough for united first team but it’s great to see him do well and getting first team football🙌🏼

  • Mathias Vestergaard
    Mathias Vestergaard

    "You know" counter: 92

  • Daniel Worland
    Daniel Worland

    The amount of pace this guy has in a game and he never stops running. What a pro

  • Neeby Ahmed
    Neeby Ahmed

    So Happy for Lingard man... wanna see him smile and play regularly!

  • Sandesh Mishra
    Sandesh Mishra

    He is Jkingz👍👍

  • 임대헌

    린가드 종신하자!!

  • The Voyagers
    The Voyagers

    Unlike at man u

  • Jesse lingardinho
    Jesse lingardinho

    I miss playing with beans😔

  • Tom

    Most immature players I’ve ever seen in my life! He needs to learn from Rashford of how to be humble ! Starts doing for night dances if he scores and acts like a little kid! Hate this guy and dele Ali

    • Joe O'Toole
      Joe O'Toole

      You defo a spurs fan lol how dare a player celebrate after scoring in a derby after the uncertainty of a VAR decision and an offside flag. YOU MUG

  • ian askew
    ian askew

    Player of the month?

  • Hlokomani Khondlo
    Hlokomani Khondlo

    *everybody liked that*

  • Ben Richards
    Ben Richards

  • Bun Meng Leng
    Bun Meng Leng

    Lingard the goat!

  • Boń Voyage
    Boń Voyage

    Jesse lingard doing bits post Manchester he's coming like DJ Khaled he's just become another one

  • Dalisu Ngobese
    Dalisu Ngobese

    True Lingadinho


    Mourinho: I wanted Jesse Lingard to replace Delle Ali at Spurs