"It's very difficult to think about the Top 4" | Jose Mourinho speaks following another Spurs defeat
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Jose Mourinho gave his thoughts following another Tottenham loss. Speaking on the performance, what it means for Tottenham's final league position and Gareth Bale.
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  • Sky Sports Football
    Sky Sports Football

    You can watch the highlights to West Ham’s 2-1 win over Tottenham here ► svsoft.info/award/hqS7hYed3MzQ26c/video.html

    • ׁ

      @ZaidX7 yep

    • CR7 Universe
      CR7 Universe

      Pls allow to watch in my country too😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • ZaidX7

      @ׁ your that guy who was the first reply on mrbeast shorts

    • ZaidX7


  • Manikant Prasad
    Manikant Prasad

    Difficult to think about top 4, being a spurs fan, can't think about trophies. What should they think about then???😂😂😂😂

  • Abbas Separ
    Abbas Separ

    If Mourinho wants Tottenham a chance to win, he will have to solve his team's problem in central defense by using Gareth Bale as center-back instead of using him in attack. Let's not forget that his main position was left back.

  • Osama Bin Laden
    Osama Bin Laden

    This guy is finished love to see it👏

  • King Tam
    King Tam

    I sink we will sink to the bottom

  • joab obosi
    joab obosi

    Jose's horror days are long gone, as a Chelsea fan am happy he did us those magic's when he was still capable. It's sad to see him sacked in a couple of weeks to come. Clearly he's doing worse than Porchetino did.

  • Jok Kahs
    Jok Kahs

    Morinho is bad for football

  • by the power of greyskull
    by the power of greyskull

    Managers are waaaaay overrated. All that matters is how good your players are. Tactics this, formations that. Its all bollocks

  • Hojin Jung
    Hojin Jung

    Honestly..Kane and Son are surrounded by bunch of mediocracy...Mid table is where we belong honestly

  • micheal mac muckles
    micheal mac muckles

    Specialist in anti-football.

  • Mikaeil Hassani
    Mikaeil Hassani

    We need Jose

  • musicana fricana
    musicana fricana

    Jose mourinho is most talented coach I have seen. How he adapts himself to challenges is remarkable and that's why he is the greatest coach of all time. As a Spurs fan I adore and love him I know he needs stable defenders to be complete the puzzle . He will deliver in style.

  • Ninja Boy2k&stuff
    Ninja Boy2k&stuff

    It’s not difficult to think about top 4. You can think about whatever you like. It’s gonna be difficult to get top 4.

  • UnbiasedOpinion

    Sell Kane for 130 to 150 million pounds. Immediately replace him with Danny Ings who will cost 20 to 30 million pounds. He ain’t Kane but he’s very formidable and a very solid premier league striker. Then go for a solid CB because it’s still a pandemic and every player currently is a bit cheaper than a year or two from now. Also Tottenham will get players on a slight discount as well aka Ndombele. If he goes to Barcelona United City 100 million but if he goes to Arsenal Tottenham etc 60 to 70 million 🤷

  • p Pooky
    p Pooky

    Get this clown and levy out of Tottenham

  • porchmore

    600,000 a week and he's not fit enough to play 2 games in 3 days, madness

  • Kiki on the Trail
    Kiki on the Trail

    I think its time for Jose Mourinho to consider international football management. What major European club would consider him as a coach now. He's a dinosaur in a changing football world.

  • Jude SN
    Jude SN

    "Ze best team lost again??"

  • Embassy India
    Embassy India

    he will be sacked soon..................

    • sakura kakki
      sakura kakki

      Sure lol

  • Ban Aik Quah
    Ban Aik Quah

    The end of special one we need to respect that truth.

  • Meku Football
    Meku Football

    What happening to special one,

  • Black Juice
    Black Juice

    fun fact: jose complimented west ham's centerbacks. he was praising Issa Diop for the 2nd time in his career. when jose was manager of utd, after a match against west ham in which utd either drew or loss (i cant recall), with jose furious at the board for not getting his desired CB signing(s), he praised Diop, he went onto say and im paraphrasing but you can google this, 'congrats to the scout the found Diop. i thought he was incredible. dominant in all of the battles. he won every aerial dual... [so on and so forth]'

  • Potato 98
    Potato 98

    The end of jose

  • Ama Mawa
    Ama Mawa

    i sink top 8 is so hard.

  • Darth Hammer
    Darth Hammer

    Fortunes always hiding for Spurs it seems.

  • R G
    R G

    He was finished after he left Madrid. Has never been the same after that job

  • ArtB Rider
    ArtB Rider

    I sink Jose it’s going to sink soon

  • Rab McNaught
    Rab McNaught

    Jose is cashing cheques, large ones! Great philosophy, who’s the daftys?

  • Mr D M
    Mr D M

    the jose effect (-:

  • Nico Davies
    Nico Davies

    Hes one of the best coaches in the world. Yes he might be pragmatic but hes a genius when it comes to success he won alot of silverware in every league hes been in. The only manager to get 100points in Spain considering how good that Barcelona team was back in 2011. Hes a genius. They're having a spell at the moment. I think the defence and the goalkeeper have let him down massively since he's been there.

  • David Baber
    David Baber

    I’m finding it equally difficult to think we’ll finish outside the relegation places....🤔

  • Mr Bille
    Mr Bille

    He celebrated the Europa League qualification last year like it was a trophy. Pep has truly diminished his legacy.

  • Gajo Romário Fotografia
    Gajo Romário Fotografia

    I do not want to write a book about Mourinho and his philosophy! For me is very simple: he needs to step out of the game for a couple of years to understand what is football today. A sabbatical year would be perfect for him! 2/3 years apart of football studying new methodologies would be very good for him! It is a shame he doesn’t put the spurs in top four with this squad! Mourinho needs to improve his game, he is not good enough anymore!

  • Mike Dean
    Mike Dean

    Jose has become an average manager - No unlimited checkbook..😂

  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee

    Jose waiting for the sack and a big Big payoff.....

  • Lizardo 456
    Lizardo 456

    He’s average at best without money

  • Manny dos Santos
    Manny dos Santos

    Mourinho is finished at Spurs. He’s out of ideas and easily read by the other coaches. He’s done.

  • Humayun Kabir
    Humayun Kabir

    When u ask a losing manager how you feel about that its common sense they are unhappy about the result. Such a silly question but huge applause to Jose for answering that question for over 1 min.

  • Con G
    Con G

    Remind again why Tottenham got rid of Poch?🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  • LivingRentFreeInYourHead

    It's over. He will lose the Carling cup, crash out of Europe and tots to finish 7, and Harry to leave in the summer.

  • ThisIsTheWay

    "Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Jose The Special? I thought not. It’s not a story the media would tell you. It’s a Premier League legend. Darth Jose was the Special One of the Premier League, so powerful and so special he could use his tactics to influence Manchester United to create Lingard… He had such a knowledge of motivation that he could even keep the ones he cared about from decline. The dark side of his tactics is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice Lingardinho everything he knew, then his apprentice beat him in the derby. Ironic. He could save others from decline, but not himself."

  • Mouhssine Fadel
    Mouhssine Fadel

    Special bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

  • TheShizaarius

    J Lingz dancing on the grave of Mourinho's top 4 hopes :)

  • Mo Ally
    Mo Ally

    Bale was top tier ngl what a shot wish it went in dk why

  • Dharma Irmansyah
    Dharma Irmansyah

    jose is a defensive minded so he rely on his defender/gk >Chelsea have terry and cech >real madrid have ramos >Manchester united have david de gea carrying hard >and don't let me talk about his inter team but who jose trust in spurs? dier? bruh

  • Willam Millar
    Willam Millar

    I thought he was just going to say “I prefer not to speak”

  • Ryan Clark
    Ryan Clark

    It’s a disgrace to the name of Tottenham Hotspurs if Mourinho stays for the full season. His football is shocking, he doesn’t like his own players bar 3 of them. One Cup final after beating Brentford shouldn’t save his job when he is a worse Spurs manager than Redknapp.

  • Pranav Settaluri
    Pranav Settaluri

    Can't see him get the sack again.

  • Commander Fox
    Commander Fox

    shouldve kept Pochetino as their manager

  • Danny WLM
    Danny WLM

    Lol 😆 🤣 😂 😹 perthetic defend first mug. Back in the shadows mugs

  • OlafBozeckiGamer2


  • Steve Drake
    Steve Drake

    ✋ Jose see ya

  • Guy Blah
    Guy Blah

    Jose talks utter garbage

  • T M
    T M

    The special one

  • Parishkrit Giri
    Parishkrit Giri

    The "Midtable" One

  • mikey16560

    Mourinho needs to accept when he gets it wrong 🤬🤬

  • Tamas Gyorffy
    Tamas Gyorffy

    Jose plays defensive football when e knows that he has defensive errors as he has game to game...that way you need to teach the rest of the team to defend a little. But with Bale, Son, Kane, Moura in the same line today, that does not shows that he want's to defend.... today the second half, they were just unlucky... and if Spurs would give him time to make the team he wants, I think he can achieve great things.... But people want everything now without so much effort... and that can ruin something to be great in the future

  • steven frogg
    steven frogg

    We have to win the europa to stand any chance of getting into europe for next season,so good luck spurs

  • Ben Cunningham
    Ben Cunningham

    Typical Jose talks bad about the other club then loses to them

  • BambinoAmericano

    Jose please have a look at the table

  • Tony Celestino
    Tony Celestino

    Bye bye Jose

  • Zak Davies
    Zak Davies

    Jose just doesn’t have the squad to do the things he wants

  • Harry Oakley
    Harry Oakley

    Eh I kinda think jose is talking terrible

    • Harry Oakley
      Harry Oakley

      I meant by he thinks the score should be higer

  • Max

    Me: spurs are garbage and Jose is washed out. Also me: an arsenal fan.

  • Daddy, Ensyi & Eeky
    Daddy, Ensyi & Eeky

    He is too proud to change.

  • Chima Chinda
    Chima Chinda

    If Kane and Son leave at the end of the season I can understand that.

  • Tom

    Jose out

  • kirsty simmonds
    kirsty simmonds

    your finished jose,old hack dude

  • Julian DiGiuseppe
    Julian DiGiuseppe

    Nobody wants to sign for spurs anymore, the club will shrink back down to midtable from now on.

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky

    Jose is a very luckiest manager. He doesn't know the modern football.

  • Marcel Brown
    Marcel Brown

    Jose Paid £16 Million A Year to get wins .... I will take the job for 60k A Season

  • Saint Tongpha
    Saint Tongpha

    Based on the current defending line..think it would be 12th-15th end of season....looked like the defending line was not trained at all..or all idiots.

  • Bheem Agnihotri
    Bheem Agnihotri

    Jose should retire

  • Swain Music Lessons
    Swain Music Lessons

    Come jose pull a rabbit out!!

  • Ashley Burns
    Ashley Burns

    Both Lingardhino and Moyes making Twitter/SVsoft pundits look like clowns.

  • Nathan of the Franks
    Nathan of the Franks

    Not gonna lie West Ham were just the better team, his excuses were pretty bad

  • Joshua 1
    Joshua 1

    Mans not good enough anymore tbh

  • Jenny Apps
    Jenny Apps

    Gary “whereby” Neville

  • 1991Abz

    Looks like his focus is turning to the Europa league.

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T

    sad clown

  • Best Moments
    Best Moments

    All the Spurs fan going through midlife crisis right now. 😂

  • #AS#RATT Mr. Moo
    #AS#RATT Mr. Moo

    His heart isn't in it..you can tell

  • Of the Uchiha clan
    Of the Uchiha clan

    On paper Spurs r better than West Ham, Leicester, Villa and Everton but r behind them. Mourinho doesnt improve players as he only buys players that fit his profile of dogged, determined defending and opportune attacking. As a Man U fan i saw this unfold at United with my very eyes. Players can accept negative tactics if they are getting results but if they aint, then one by one Mourinho starts losing the dressing room n that is well n truly underway at Spurs right now, just as it happend at Man U, Chelsea, and R Madrid before them.

  • Colin Kelly
    Colin Kelly

    They have regressed under Jose

  • Tshire Monchonyane
    Tshire Monchonyane

    I rate Jose for AC Milan

  • _''The Therapist'_
    _''The Therapist'_

    Biggest mistake Levy made was hiring Jose imo

    • Walboy Fredo
      Walboy Fredo

      No, sacking Pochettino was.

  • Ned Shniebley
    Ned Shniebley

    The bus wheels are falling off

  • 1341141 N4JI13
    1341141 N4JI13

    If He Loses Next Match He’s Going To Get Fired

  • Lahcen Fathi
    Lahcen Fathi

    The only thing he can win this year is FIFA World Conference CUP

  • Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ
    Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ

    The finished one.

  • sino7

    If jose stays in tottenham for the next season he must get rid of dier and sanchez. Especially dier. He trusts him so much that we might be sacked because of that.

    • sino7

      @Apt Map well he better come to the realization that he must change and adapt otherwise he will be sacked.

    • Apt Map
      Apt Map

      Don't you remember how Jose trusted the slow and clumsy Fellaini at ManU? That's why he's the Dinosaur One never changed

  • mmspurs

    Get mourinho out

  • Jack S
    Jack S

    I want the old Jose mourinho back this one is a bit broken and sad to watch.

  • 不惑:cogent

    Spurs misses Poch?

  • Flyinspaghetti

    Jose has an issue with Bale and I don't think it's anything to do with ability or form. When interviewed by the BBC he said Lucas was the best player out there, could he not see the only one really putting a shift out for Spurs today? And when asked here and the last game on what he thinks of Bale's performance he dodges the question.

    • Apt Map
      Apt Map

      Mou always has dressing room issues because he so loves to throw his players under the bus in order to shift blame from his dinosaur playing style

  • Lucas Glory
    Lucas Glory

    Spurs now fighting for Europa league smh So why sacked Poch?

    • Apt Map
      Apt Map

      And cheap Levy actually spent money last summer for Mourinho. Not to mention the 300,000 pound a week for paying Bale to sit on the bench week in and week out while Mourinho making sure his "second-to-none" 8-1-1 starting formation stays intact

  • Uncle Wong
    Uncle Wong

    Jose Mourinho is obsolete now. Football has evolved, he hasn’t. He’s still a 1-0 result manager.

    • AHMED

      David moyes and rodgers are in the top 4 football havent evolved

  • Shut up
    Shut up

    "Jose can win the league with the same side as Pochettino" they said. You let go of your club's best manager who made Spurs a threat and relevant for....Mourinho. A man who is only judged by results, and when you lose you have nothing to show for it. I understand letting Poch go but Spurs are in a horrible situation with Mourinho. Is a carabao cup really worth it ?

    • Apt Map
      Apt Map

      Cheap Levy actually spent money last summer for Mourinho. Not to mention the 300,000 pound a week for paying Bale to sit on the bench week in and week out while Mourinho making sure his "second-to-none" 8-1-1 starting formation stays intact for at last least 65 minutes

  • Alsaco Soumahoro
    Alsaco Soumahoro

    Because de can't défend proprely We need more offensive weapons So begg more playing time for Garel Bale. That will allows more goal for US than the opponent.

    • Apt Map
      Apt Map

      and you think Mou has an offensive game plan that puts Kane, Son and Bale together on a consistent basis?

  • Ree ?
    Ree ?