Ranking the most on form goalkeepers in the Premier League | Saturday Social ft Chunkz & Ben Foster
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Chunkz, Zac Djellab and Joe Thomlinson are joined by Ben Foster on this weeks Saturday Social. After two massive errors from Allison last week against Manchester City, we take a look at the best goalkeepers in the Premier League, and get Chunkz and Ben to rank a top 5.
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  • Mo2

    Ederson Leno Martinez Lloris Pope Anything else is wrong

  • Euan Eagle
    Euan Eagle

    I'm surprised that they didn't mention Areola, I thought that he has been class this season.

  • Sherif Fehintola
    Sherif Fehintola

    De gea has a low save percentage cos of the Man Utd defence not because of his ability. Saves everything he should do

  • Vidhyam Doshi
    Vidhyam Doshi

    Absolutely love Ben Foster, seems like a nice bloke. I remember last season, in watford vs Chelsea, he made some terrific saves to make the score line look respectable and almost snatched a point with the last effort of the game himself when he got forward for a set piece. Kepa made an outstanding save and Foster congratulated him and they hugged each other. Was a wonderful footballing moment.

  • Gaffer

    Martinez is world class

  • Conner Veit
    Conner Veit

    3 of the top 10 former Arsenal players. Not bad when you consider Wojciech Szczesny and David Ospina are also nationals playing in top leagues

  • Bile Kedir
    Bile Kedir

    1 ederson currently on fire 2 alison and degea master classes 3 edou mendy afrincan prience 4 bernd leno talented 5 peter schmeichel consistent

  • Khaled Syed
    Khaled Syed

    10 monster thogdad: that is a big statement

  • salim sbenaty
    salim sbenaty

    I'm so proud of you guys. Joe and Zack I love you 😭

  • Craig Norman
    Craig Norman

    Nick pope played for my footballl team


    This aged well pickfored had an amazing performance for the Derby my motm

  • Channel RD
    Channel RD

    Foster didnt put ederson in his top 5🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 like bruh what does the guy needs to do🤣🤣

  • Miles Newton
    Miles Newton

    Ben foster speaking the most facts

  • Carl James
    Carl James

    Chunkz didn't wanna be there

  • hope mudzudza
    hope mudzudza

    Ederson jus has a good defense

    • Vincent does things and AJR stuff
      Vincent does things and AJR stuff

      In all fairness he's a really good keeper but yeah he does not face a bunch of shots because of his defense

  • Charlie Hughes
    Charlie Hughes

    Alisson has only had two bad games but apart from that had saved Liverpool multiple times and has been amazing

  • Edison Russell
    Edison Russell

    Chunkz list is on point

  • Lukas Johansson
    Lukas Johansson

    Fabianski for me

  • Fionn O Donovan
    Fionn O Donovan

    1:08 arsenals new signing btw

  • Chicken Wing
    Chicken Wing

    Ederson doesn’t even have to do anything have you seen the city defence lmao that’s why stats are Deceiving he could go down as the of the best GKs lmao

    • Spatular

      That doesn't mean he isnt one of the best gks in the world

  • Fin Clark
    Fin Clark

    them laughing at ben is so dumb, he knows way better than any of them abt keepers

  • Not. Reubo
    Not. Reubo

    Pope England number 1

    • Vincent does things and AJR stuff
      Vincent does things and AJR stuff


  • M. M
    M. M

    Save % is the biggest bullshit ever

  • Timo Werner
    Timo Werner

    Mendy not top 5 they clearly dont like chelsea

  • Timo Werner
    Timo Werner

    Mendy top 3

  • Joe Porter
    Joe Porter

    We do love the cycling gk🔥

  • Jte 320
    Jte 320

    As an everton fan both times we've played Newcastle Darlow has been infuriating to play against so I'm not shocked at that pick at all. He or pope should be starting for England Pickford is too hot and cold right now.

  • Skeng Man
    Skeng Man

    Why do they ask for chunkz opinion on this sort of thing, he legit just waffles

    • c2drizzy

      Don't ever question chunkz

  • Hobali

    Martinez is the best goalie in the prem💜💙

  • Ammar Azmir
    Ammar Azmir

    Why was there Alison on the thumbnail when he wasn’t in the top 5

    • o - o
      o - o

      Liverpool Bias

  • Ratk1nson

    Loved hearing Fosters lists and reasoning. I don't know why the others were laughing at his opinions agree with all his opinions. Especially about Darlow and Martinez.

    • Therese Björkman
      Therese Björkman

      Because they don’t know that much about football really, yet alone goalkeeping? As a goalkeeper coach myself I 100% agree with foster

  • Andika DR
    Andika DR

    Ben is understood the duty of the goalie and it's fair enough of what names he choose there because of he has been doing it for two decades or maybe more. There are a lot of schooling time for goalkeepers. Makes acrobatic saves are great but to win everything in your box is a must. Yeah Emi Martinez is a beast!

  • Elijah Harris
    Elijah Harris

    Emi Martinez 😏

  • TrailZz

    In my list I would put mendy in there maybe 3rd like because of the clean sheets and the fact he’s done it in less games

  • Andrew and poshy Football predictions and vlogs
    Andrew and poshy Football predictions and vlogs

    Chunkz like like like like like like like

  • Bassamar Bowuets
    Bassamar Bowuets

    Martinez is the best keeper in the prem rn above of ederson yes ederson has got more clean sheets but Martinez has a higher save percentage and he plays for a club with a worse defence.

  • djrowlee

    Just what is this chunkz bloke doing talking about football. Why

  • Harry James
    Harry James

    Rob Sanchez been robbed

  • Jake Nicholson
    Jake Nicholson

    Why was he shocked about mendy at the start

  • The Ultimate Gaming Channel
    The Ultimate Gaming Channel

    On form and Allison is in the thumbnail 🤣

  • Charlie Lindgreen
    Charlie Lindgreen

    Where is Lukasz Fabianski?

  • Sam Oday
    Sam Oday

    Darlow or pope are the best keepers in the league .

  • Timbit 38
    Timbit 38

    Leno was #1 for me last season but hasn’t been the same this season for me

  • Fatfitgamer 69
    Fatfitgamer 69

    When will Liverpool players get the respect they deserve I swear they'll never be rated by rival fans unless they move to a different club

  • Divyesh Lal
    Divyesh Lal

    Brighton’s keeper is ubderrated

  • George Harrison
    George Harrison

    honestly these "pundits" know nothing they cleary dont watch football frequently. its honestly so cringey to watch

  • Patricia mooney
    Patricia mooney

    Did de gea die yesterday

    • o - o
      o - o

      @G0alkeeperss they are so unfair to him he’s definitely up with being one of the best in the prem this season

    • Patricia mooney
      Patricia mooney

      @G0alkeeperss Literally

    • G0alkeeperss

      Sky have an agenda on david

  • Junaid Golandaz
    Junaid Golandaz

    The disrespect to Mendy! The English bias

  • Connor Whiten
    Connor Whiten

    respect rob sanchez

  • Swifty2Fifty

    Hold on where’s mendy?

  • Md Md
    Md Md

    Lloris should defo be there

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T


  • Joe Nash
    Joe Nash

    Bobby Sanchez the beasttt

  • Hazwan Hohpin
    Hazwan Hohpin

    Ederson massively overrated

  • Lucas Tait
    Lucas Tait

    Sam Johnstone didn’t even get a mention

    • Omar Almesbah
      Omar Almesbah

      Sanchez areola and Johnstone need a mention

  • Seth Pearce
    Seth Pearce

    Martinez, guita, Sanchez r all so good they all just play on not the best teams

  • Mancmac

    Ben. What you smoking?

  • Harry Lev
    Harry Lev

    get them 2 clown presenters away from any episode in the future, they just laugh at everything as if they’re right when really they have 0 clue

  • HUMZ4

    Chunkz making big moves. My brudda

  • Callum Prout
    Callum Prout

    In my opinion Guaita is really underrated he pulls off some insane saves

  • Corey CP9
    Corey CP9

    Where’s mendy

  • Mangua

    Foster is spot on

  • Manna levey
    Manna levey

    Leno 😭

  • Jack Redfern
    Jack Redfern

    Surprised at the comments on Darlow.. if Newcastle weren’t a complete dumpster fire outfield, he’d have a much better rapport!

  • sAM

    where on earth is edouard mendy in your lists???

  • sAM

    where on earth is edouard mendy in your lists???


    What about Robert Sanchez

  • farhan quamr
    farhan quamr

    Allison , Ederson , Leno , Emi martinez , Nick Pope in that order.

  • sol tea
    sol tea

    Ben picking darlow shows he knows his football also It's true, Ederson is a great keeper but he has the best team in the league in front on him, martinez no1 all day, the other three lads don't have a clue tbf no disrespect but it's like they only watch the big six play

  • Thomas Richards
    Thomas Richards

    Surprised at Harvey Price knowing how to Zoom call

  • Jude Ascough
    Jude Ascough

    Where is Johnston? You cant put ederson first if he has the best defence in the league! Westbrom have an ok defence but without johnstone westbrom would he nothing! Martinez is the best keeper atm but johnstone is better karl darlow. All Newcastle fans will disagree. Kasper is world class and deseeves his fame. I may sound a bit biased about johnstone as i am a westbrom fan , but he does have the most amount of saves this season.

  • Matthew Nolan
    Matthew Nolan

    Sam Johnstone is so under hyped 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Jamie 888
    Jamie 888

    Karl darlow should 100% be top 2

  • TTV Shea05_
    TTV Shea05_

    Well done Ben 👏 Emi Martinez is the best keeper in the league this season

  • Rory Dalgliesh
    Rory Dalgliesh

    Robert Sanchez??? He’s got 5 clean sheets in 12 for a Brighton side?

  • Shaun Davies
    Shaun Davies

    No areola?! He makes my top 3 let alone top 5

  • eastmidzrads

    I love chunks but why is he on this video?

  • Joseph Bell
    Joseph Bell

    disappointed sam johnstone hasn’t got a mention, in the form of his life at the moment

    • Matthew Katz
      Matthew Katz

      Was looking for this comment

  • Nyall Tarman
    Nyall Tarman

    Meslier is so bad 😂

  • Gaming ‘n’ family
    Gaming ‘n’ family

    Areola > Meslier


    Ederson, Schmiechel, Martinez, Leno, Pope would be mine

  • Marlon Ben2891
    Marlon Ben2891

    Allison in the thumbnail 😂😂

  • Mohammed Islam
    Mohammed Islam

    Chunkz knows nothing bout footy 🤦🏽‍♂️😭

  • Nathan Lhoni
    Nathan Lhoni

    Dunno why these man were so shocked at Darlow being there🥴🥴 he's been immense this season looooool🤣🤣🤣🤣 if it wasn't for him n Wilson they'd be in the relegation zone rn❌🧢 saying that tho they're gunna end up there now anyway with Wilson being injured haha😅😅

  • Josh T
    Josh T

    Ben foster you legend

  • rootzee

    do these guys even watch anyone outside the top 6?

  • Chaldish 69
    Chaldish 69

    They just made this just to put down Alisson. Nice one sky

  • Arnav Rishi
    Arnav Rishi

    De gea deserves more credit ....the hate he gets is unreal

  • Bass Reeves
    Bass Reeves

    Nick Pope should start for England. Simple!

  • André Barroso
    André Barroso

    Emi Martinez has been absolutely amazing this season. Best keeper no doubt.

  • kai burke
    kai burke

    I like the serious side of chunkz

  • Brad Carling
    Brad Carling

    For ederson not to even get into the top 5 of fosters list is stupid

  • Tanvir Boss
    Tanvir Boss

    Ederson best

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    No allison lol that comment lived well

  • Kuba Barszcz
    Kuba Barszcz

    no Fabianski is a joke

  • reubz 5k
    reubz 5k

    illan meslier is what chelsea thought they were getting with kepa

  • bestfullyy

    1 Martinez 2 Pope 3 Schmeichel 4 Darlow 5 Pope

  • Shaneey

    Ben foster so accurate cause he plays vs these on a regular its cool to see

  • Mark Gillott
    Mark Gillott

    I don't get why people were laughing at Darlow. He could have been higher tbh.

  • Bruh moment
    Bruh moment

    Chunkz can't even run half a mile and he's comparing GKs who are a breed multimillionaires