Jose Mourinho lists Liverpool's fit and injured players to dispute Klopp's injury crisis claims!
Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho has questioned whether Liverpool have an injury crisis ahead of their top-of-the-table clash at Anfield on Wednesday.
The champions have a number of first-team players injured, including Virgil van Dijk, Joe Gomez, Diogo Jota and Thiago Alcantara, while defender Joel Matip remains a doubt for Wednesday's game.
But Mourinho believes Matip will play at Anfield and that Van Dijk is the only key absentee, with Xherdan Shaqiri and James Milner also sidelined through injury.
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  • Shady Kadry
    Shady Kadry

    Everybody gangsta until Mourinho says: "I sink..."

  • GiacoC

    If Mourinho had as many influential players injured he'd be crying about it on every press conference EXPIRED ONE...king of trolls

  • awesome1ru


  • Kathleen O connor
    Kathleen O connor

    What a stupid dipstick

  • Parijat

    Josè accent is his x factor.

  • GPork

    "I sink"...

  • Shpongle

    the best team won mourinho.

  • Witz End
    Witz End

    This man Child needs to grow up, stop with his obsession with liverpool,and concentrate on his own club.

  • AL Don
    AL Don

    He turned Tottenham into a defensive team playing long ball and header flicks.

  • A C
    A C

    Jose 'Box Office' Mourinho! Always the Special One!

  • Discjockey Josh
    Discjockey Josh

    Ya'll remember Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1? The opening scenes with the minister of magic... Mourinho sounds exactly like that, just with less voice changes

  • Mahamed Aden
    Mahamed Aden

    He looks like such an idiot after this

  • AL Don
    AL Don

    You can tell mourinho was scared of Liverpool and he knew Liverpool will win

  • knock knock
    knock knock


  • Harmon Salmon
    Harmon Salmon

    We have a list that no other team can compete or compare.

  • Dean Williams
    Dean Williams

    lol @ twatface Mourinho comparing Lamela, Tanganga and two U16 kids injured to Liverpool missing Tiago, Gomez, Matip, VVD, Milner & Jota plus Tsimikas and Shaqiri, and with the Ox and Keita just returning from injuries of their own. I'm so pleased Liverpool won the game with such a late winner and not at all surprised that more crap came out of Jose's mouth after the final whistle... "The best team lost" ??!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Big Chow
    Big Chow

    You got done son

  • Kathleen O connor
    Kathleen O connor

    Mind ur own business jose

  • luke garrard
    luke garrard

    So liverpool team didn't have to isolate then? Bloke is a drip

  • luke garrard
    luke garrard

    And now you lost another one

  • Shibashis Roy
    Shibashis Roy

    The one major injury at the moment is to Jose's ego, lol. But it is good to see Jose back to his feisty self, he has his swagger back.

  • Nico B.
    Nico B.

    Now Spurs are back for winning the Audi Cup again next pre season with Jose. 😂👌

  • Nas

    Dire is injured. Just in the brain.

  • Šerif Lelić
    Šerif Lelić

    Jose is a boss! Same old same old! I'm a Chelsea fan! Still huge respect for him! 🔵✊

  • Grapes

    you know he’s actually got a point

  • golf nut
    golf nut

    Bless him...still got his arse handed to him though

  • Alex Oh
    Alex Oh

    Classic Mourinho whinging just in case he loses

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson

    he took a shot of testesterone right after 1:34 lol

  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith

    Hahahaha you lost despite all your moaning.

  • kal77uk

    Spurs still can it be mind games. Other teams have gifted them victories, LFC earn each win and deserve it.

  • Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas

    You won't win the league by parking the bus

  • Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas

    Keep them salty tears flowing jose

  • Matthew Appleby
    Matthew Appleby

    Save your breath Mourinho. Exhausting points; going around in verbal circles with a vain attempt at trying to put one over on. FAIL. Get some gorilla glu and knit those warbling dry lips together and give us some PEACE.

  • Stan Ogden
    Stan Ogden

    He's likable as a pundit. He becomes an embarrassment when in a management role because deep down he feels inferior and therefore is always overcompensating. His ridiculously childish reaction after the game will be noted by his players and any respect begins to be eroded.

    • Snelf

      Rent free

  • E. L
    E. L

    Loooooooooooooool 2-1

  • Stan Ogden
    Stan Ogden

    What a sad, pathetic little man.

  • Jamie Gaul
    Jamie Gaul

    Guys a sore loser

  • Tackleberry 93
    Tackleberry 93

    Everyone saying hes back with his mind games, haha didnt work did it

  • Jyothi Kiran DR
    Jyothi Kiran DR

    Lol.. 1. So, he forgot, Joe Gomez, Thiago, diogo. Liverpool's centre backs were a teenager and a midflielder and they still beat his sorry ass. 2. The same guy was crying like a bitch when Harry Kane was injured last season. Well, we all know tottenham are gonna bottle it anyway. Injury or no

  • Stuart Golby
    Stuart Golby

    Lol Mourinho the most boooooooring person to listen to and to watch manage a team lol

  • PC Willis
    PC Willis

    I love Jose Mourinho he too jokes 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Dennis Bradley
    Dennis Bradley

    No vvd no problem

  • Shareef Kamtande
    Shareef Kamtande

    Mourinho is more poetic than shakespare

  • Jack Johnston
    Jack Johnston

    Take a shot every time he says injured

  • Andy Mellor
    Andy Mellor

    Mind games league latest: - The 'Special' One 0 - 1 The Normal One

  • Foggy Dew
    Foggy Dew

    Gomez, Van Dijk, Matip, Thiago, Milner, Tsimikas, Jota...Jose can't count 😂😂😂

  • Wilson Macharia
    Wilson Macharia

    Say whatever you will say but u still got beat

  • Haikal Gaming
    Haikal Gaming

    Thiago Milner Diogo jota Van dijk Matip Joe Gomez

  • Adam Keery
    Adam Keery

    Still lost

  • FaintAcrobat

    Ali has been injured twice. TAA has been injured, Matip IS injured for the third time, Fabinho has been injured, Henderson has been injured, Salah and Mané has had Covid-19. Ox and Keita have been injured for most of the season. VVD and Gomez are out for the season. Jota is out for two months. Thiago has played 1.5 games. Tsimikas had Covid-19 and is now injured. Liverpool literally had no senior CBs against Spurs.

  • Swapnil Kulkarni
    Swapnil Kulkarni

    Great to see that even after playing all these mind games they still lost in the last minute lol

  • Jay Fairhurst
    Jay Fairhurst

    So you got 2 injury out of your main team poor you

  • Jack Wood
    Jack Wood

    1:40 that voice change

  • Kacper Jakubiec
    Kacper Jakubiec

    Mourinho on the titanic: "Captain I sink we are sinking"

    • Professor Álvaro
      Professor Álvaro

      Correction : "Captain I sink we are thinking"

  • Sean Bennett
    Sean Bennett

    Who is Anderson?

    • Anish Kushari
      Anish Kushari

      He meant hendo

  • Christopher Fisher
    Christopher Fisher

    Mourinho is a gem for us,i don't care what he says!! Carry on with the good work boss.

  • Jason Hardy
    Jason Hardy

    This is class, you can't help but appreciate this man!😆

  • kirk clarke
    kirk clarke

    Who's laughing now.clown

  • Pheonix Empire
    Pheonix Empire

    And... you lost

  • Ayaan Ibrar
    Ayaan Ibrar

    Is he comparing Jota, Gomes, Milner and Thiago to his team injuries 😂😂

    • Green2711 1
      Green2711 1

      @A C Whats so funny about it? Jota was starting every game before his injury and was in the form of his life and actually making a few club records such as being the first ever Liverpool player in the Premier League era to score 4 goals at home in his first 4 matches. He scored 8 goals in 12 games. Thiago is already a proven player who has won the lot with Bayern and looked impressive on his debut. If he was fit he would be starting with his range of passing and pass success rate it would be crazy not too.

    • A C
      A C

      @Green2711 1 lol, jota and Thiago? LMAO.

    • Green2711 1
      Green2711 1

      @A C Jota, VVD and Thiago definitely are.

    • A C
      A C

      None of them are automatic starters.

  • Walid Zerhouni
    Walid Zerhouni

    It hurts watching great manager making himself idiotic in press conferences !

  • quickstep dance
    quickstep dance

    you sink? no you fukin dinosaur dont sink dont open your gob.....or you,ll get your arse smacked......fool

  • Matthew Deniran
    Matthew Deniran

    Don't work on klopp , mate try again We have not even peak yet Watch out YNWA 💪🏾

  • Jobs mine
    Jobs mine

    the good thing about Klopp is that he said he doesn't watch any of the opponent's pre match interview. I think that's why he won against Jose today again.

  • Biruk M.
    Biruk M.


  • Reg Taraare
    Reg Taraare

    This is the Jose I love. United seemed to sick the life out of him. He's back playing mind games. Welcome back Jose.

  • petros hadji
    petros hadji

    Firmino most certainly wasnt injured

  • Wiwin Rose
    Wiwin Rose

    Oh.. he forgot to mention : Rhys Williams is not injured, Curtis Jones is not injured .. and these two teenage academy graduates played very well to beat his team 😁 JM is savage, clearly media's favourite 🤗

  • Sudi Osman
    Sudi Osman

    Fun fact: He lost today!!

  • JAYW0151

    Im here after the 2-1 slappin off the redmen and after seeing the video of jose through the years moaning about his injuries

  • Carl

    If anyone was going to rattle Jose it was always going to be Klopp

  • Lee

    Jurgen Klopp seeing this: "And I took it personally."

  • Kung Kodo
    Kung Kodo

    You spoke too early as you say. From 1 lose now its double. As many said. Injury just an excuse. Strategy is all that matters.

  • Keith Conrad
    Keith Conrad

    Oh how we missed you Jose.

  • Blue

    Who's here after Liverpool beat Tottenham? 😂 🙋🏾‍♂️

    • Nico B.
      Nico B.

      Mourinho in the mud, karma for talking to much crap.

    • Andy Mellor
      Andy Mellor

      :-D :-D :-D

  • Griff Williams
    Griff Williams

    This isn't a very interesting video

  • Hrik Datta
    Hrik Datta

    Shut up

  • WasLostButNowAmFound

    i sink, i park bus.

  • Syed Kamrul Islam
    Syed Kamrul Islam

    Who is Anderson. Only anderson was that Brazilian flop at united I swear its henederson

  • The Normal One
    The Normal One


  • Max grahame
    Max grahame

    For one he listed players who just came back from injury mere weeks ago and two no one paying attention to him literally crying and making excuses after they got their arses handed to em

  • SoccerZen

    Thiago gonna boss in white hart lane just watch later and you will know why 'thiago' is important

  • Nasar Mahmood
    Nasar Mahmood

    Jota, Shaqiri, Thiago, Gomez, VVD, Ox, Keita and Milner anyone would walk straight into the Spurs starting 11

  • Tony Edwards
    Tony Edwards

    Spurs will finish in a Europa league spot. Think he watched a different game tonight, the best team lost?...really Jose? What a doughnut

  • Jay Rajyasti
    Jay Rajyasti

    Stop moaning n groaning u puss..Mind games in your ass..Liverpool fucked u up

  • MyNameIsGladiator

    Il tell u what's injured José... Ur heart and most importantly ur pride and ego 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻2-1 #66 😁siiiii senoorrrrrrr

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones

    Maureen's pre-match excuses. Can't wait for the post-match ones.

  • Farhan Ilyas
    Farhan Ilyas


  • Noir Louis
    Noir Louis


  • Kavilasha

    Sheesh his mind games didnt work for this game huh

  • Pragyananda Maharjan
    Pragyananda Maharjan

    Keep giving the injury list jose and keep losing to LFC.

    • Nico B.
      Nico B.

      What a joke, like bottle job Bergwijn. They never gonna win the league, just the Audi Cup.

  • abdulrizaq isxaq
    abdulrizaq isxaq

    Who is here after the game

  • Johnny Rocker
    Johnny Rocker

    Jota, Kieta, Van Dijk, Matip, Gomez, Milner, Alcantara, etc etc etc. Despite that.... 3 points. BOOM!

  • Don Leslie
    Don Leslie

    Boring mourinio. Just like his football

  • manfredteh

    not gonna lie, as a chelsea fan, whoever he manages, i will still always watch him speak in interview or in match. the man is just special

  • Don Leslie
    Don Leslie

    Seven liverpool players injured. Yes at least 5 of them would walk in to the spurs team. Gomez vvd. thiago. Matip. Jota. Millner most probably aswell. Spurs injuries wouldn't walk into tranmeres team

  • Mike Leight
    Mike Leight

    They say it's not over till the fat lady sings. The fat lady has finished singing. It's over 2-1. YNWA...

  • scott parker
    scott parker

    Did this guy compare lamela to Milner? Insane

  • Jaideep Sarkar
    Jaideep Sarkar

    So satisfying to see him blow-up at the end there. Last time he came to Anfield, he got fired. Hahaha! I actually like him but still, so satisfying.

  • Howar Jk
    Howar Jk

    Prediction, mind game all gone wrong :) once again u fail at anfield :) YNWA