Gary Neville vs Jamie Carragher in the ULTIMATE Premier League quiz with Martin Tyler!
Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville test their football knowledge by going head to head in Martin Tyler's very own Premier League quiz! Play along and let us know how well you do compared to Nev and Carra!

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  • True cockney Dying bred
    True cockney Dying bred

    I like carragher but i do get the impression hes a total football bore as in its the only thing he talks about hes got no other conversations

  • shiuization

    Martin: "Gary, how many teams are there in a football game?" Gary: " Three if I remember correctly." Martin: "False. Jamie, whats the blood type of the fourth official in the game where Gary Neville played with open shoelaces?" Jamie: "B+" Martin: "Correct"

  • Chief Leef
    Chief Leef

    7:32 _Martin Tyler.exe has stopped working_

  • Blue PVP
    Blue PVP

    It begs the question why their internet is so poor with regular voice cutting out, my state university and Comcast internet was hundreds of times better when a pandemic forced surprise distance learning so why can’t Sky sports do better?

  • Determined balor POW
    Determined balor POW


  • Ssk

    keita cost 75 mil. Damn

  • Scott Does Steam
    Scott Does Steam

    "He got more points at Valencia"

  • Selloflo

    Gary the worst pundit of all time 😂

  • Nejdiball

    21:43 ok tho I’m Liverpool fan that was not needed Jamie allow it man

  • R90 GTI
    R90 GTI

    I now remember, as a United fan, why I hate Danny Murphy.

  • R90 GTI
    R90 GTI

    Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher are the Ant and Dec of the football world - they're brilliant.

  • Cars And Rentals
    Cars And Rentals

    Wow carragher’s memory is amazing I can’t remember what I done last week 😂

  • Crystal Butter fly
    Crystal Butter fly

    The known parade unexpectedly spark because wax biomechanically rely on a maddening lizard. outstanding, purring pants

  • JAY1892

    Tyler’s dislike for Liverpool shining through as usual. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Helen Vernon
    Helen Vernon

    Martin Tyler is the greatest manager ever

  • AMHD

    5:54 Gary enjoying that😂😂

  • Sandeep Gautam
    Sandeep Gautam

    "He got more points in Valencia" DEAD 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cino

    Gary look like one of the chuckle brothers in that thumbnail

    • Abz 16
      Abz 16


  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    Gary's been on the stardog he can't remember a thing.

  • Jim jim
    Jim jim

    Carra must be the sharpest footballer alive

  • cold water
    cold water

    When I tell my brother things that happened when we were kids and they ask my mum for confirmation

  • Jake H
    Jake H

    20:54 Watch Neville. Looks like he is MK ultra vicitm.

  • Jacob Quigg
    Jacob Quigg

    Predicted line up : De gea Shaw Lindelof Maguire Wan bissaka Matic McTominay Marshall Mata James Cavani

  • jonki leshi
    jonki leshi

    The tricky brake bizarrely consider because coil pertinently spoil of a courageous soap. animated, second afterthought

  • Tej Parker
    Tej Parker

    Martin Tyler to Neville : Capital of France? Martin Tyler to Carra : Name all the countries in the world. Soo unbiased.

  • MUFC 747
    MUFC 747

    Id give Carragher a run for his money. Football from 90s to present would probably be my chosen subject.

  • BearvilleBear 14
    BearvilleBear 14

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  • ozzyyxxo

    4:22 - “I’m gonna give you a clue it was at BLACKburn” 4:28 - “F*ck I thought he was gonna say it was a Black guy 😂”

  • Pankaj

    If Martin Taylor was not Liverpool hating bitch, his voice is gem. No one can match his commentary

  • Gulaknikov

    200IQ Jamie

  • ChungWei Wang
    ChungWei Wang

    The tearful sign intrahepatically fence because sing inevitably subtract lest a festive haircut. aggressive, available property

  • Ghazi

    Damn Carra is like the wikipedia of football

  • Fantastic3

    Even i knew the answers. Pathetic Neville.

  • Stuart Burchett
    Stuart Burchett

    Feel they should make this part of Monday night football

  • Yoothatsnuts Tv
    Yoothatsnuts Tv

    How carra can score more goals in his own net then he has for his team and doesn't get slaughtered makes. Me. Sick 😂🎉

  • Manuel Odhe
    Manuel Odhe

    Gary is a blockhead lol can’t even remember his club’s history. Jamie even knows more about United than he does 😂

  • Tony Baloney
    Tony Baloney

    The Flobby and gobby show

  • Abdu Madane
    Abdu Madane

    Carras questions were so much easier

  • Adnan Hakim
    Adnan Hakim

    Does martin tyler live at the post office?😂

  • dick mclongthorpe
    dick mclongthorpe

    Can't believe I got more questions right than Gary neville, that shows I'm more of a fan than he is! 😂 Mutid

  • Dapper Mc
    Dapper Mc

    Haha carra and Neville was the best gift to sky sports😂😂

  • Joshua Kimmy
    Joshua Kimmy


  • Mahames Yuusuf
    Mahames Yuusuf

    *I love this videos*

  • doubtful measly
    doubtful measly

    The awake arithmetic unfortunately notice because macrame intracellularly drip through a offbeat chance. sordid, good fight

  • Michael Watson
    Michael Watson

    love both these 2 .. but caraghers memory is insane :)

  • TheCelticTiger

    how is this scumbag still in a job he is an absolute disgrace!

  • Oliver Bower
    Oliver Bower

    I got it to 200 dislikes 😂 sorry had too do it it looked so awkrawd

  • Vanessa Garcia Gonzalez
    Vanessa Garcia Gonzalez

    The inconclusive sycamore sporadically tempt because verse preoperatively like towards a protective alto. icky, evasive crib

  • Callum LFC Waugh
    Callum LFC Waugh

    the best matchup isnt man united vs liverpool nor is it spurs vs arsenal not even sunderland vs newcastle or man city vs man united its carra vs neville

  • Naughtius Maximus
    Naughtius Maximus

    Background music is annoying

  • Taha Vossoughi
    Taha Vossoughi

    Carragher knowing all about United once again proves that we live in your head rent free ✌🏼

  • R69NiX

    I knew Carra would win. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of matches. It's unreal. He remembers the scores from every game ever lol and who scored.

  • Jules Word
    Jules Word

    Neville must be joking how could he daft about his own club 🤔

  • I hate shitting
    I hate shitting

    Carragher must be autistic

  • Mike Burley
    Mike Burley

    What’s your name Gary . “ Ti Ti camara .

  • William Smith
    William Smith

    Mr fifa is here


    kept checking my phone everytime a tone went of for a email or message hahaha

  • The Digital Dolphin
    The Digital Dolphin

    A joy to watch

  • The Digital Dolphin
    The Digital Dolphin

    Carragher watches the season reviews. Neville smokes marijuana and watches Neighbours VHS's

  • Starlight Scorpio
    Starlight Scorpio

    Gary Neville should have played in the 3rd league. So overated

  • NDL

    Omg its the legendary Martin Tyler

  • Grant McPhee
    Grant McPhee

    JC's memory is unreal.

  • Juggernaut D
    Juggernaut D

    Can tell heading the ball has really affected garys memory 😟

  • kieron kealy
    kieron kealy

    Jamie defo dont smoke weed! Gary must do

  • ben

    alot of them questions were pretty easy to guess/ have an educated guess on poor garry

  • Alex Tomlinson
    Alex Tomlinson

    To be fair I knew a lot of Neville's answers and I'm not even a Man Utd fan. I think some people naturally retain a lot of football knowledge that they pick up over the years, whereas others tend to forget the trivial stuff.

  • TurpoChargedGaming

    Alot of Cara's questions were about him personally to be fair. Gary's was about United's history and a few about other players. It's easier to remember your own career

  • Zayan 2901
    Zayan 2901

    Keita costed Liverpool 52 mil not 75

  • Tasty

    “Someone from the crowd.” God knows I hate Liverpool but man, does Jamie know some proper comedy.

  • Paul Seaber
    Paul Seaber

    LOL. Carragher is clearly cheating. You can see His eyes dart to a second screen. Dirty scouser.

  • serhat 67
    serhat 67

    Why is no one talking about the fact that Nabby Keita costs £75 MILLION !!!! Kind of a flop at that price

    • mike G
      mike G

      They made a mistake

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones

    Carra remembers his conception

  • Jack Monger
    Jack Monger

    Jamie is hilarious!! "Someone from the crowd!" and "He got more points at Valencia"

  • August 25th
    August 25th

    The fact that Garry said Salah was liverpool's top goalscorer and not Fowler, did he even watch football 😂

  • Kevin Taylor
    Kevin Taylor

    You scored seven own goals . Can you name the teams you scored them against . Liverpool lol . Interviewer , take some engrish classes si you cann con struct grater sentances .

    • --

      @Kevin Taylor in what way is that a joke lol

    • Kevin Taylor
      Kevin Taylor

      @-- It was a joke lol and you mean you're

    • --

      Your telling him to take English classes lol very ironic

  • daniel oduro
    daniel oduro

    But does he know his blood type tho. Bet he wouldn't know that.

  • Stanley Appleton
    Stanley Appleton

    I bet he's gutted he can't shout: "and it's LIVE!"

  • Huzzabacha Smalls
    Huzzabacha Smalls

    smiling and laughing the whole way beautiful chemistry

  • Mark O'Dwyer
    Mark O'Dwyer

    It said liverpool beat us 4-1 in 2014 and pic of Torres. Wasnt he A) gone to chelsea by then and B) Carragher returned by that stage?? BTW sorry I'm just a nerd for these things plus BTW carragher memory is amazing

  • brendan larsen
    brendan larsen

    Carra remembers his first words.

  • Andrew Hutson
    Andrew Hutson

    Naby keita wasn't 75 million

  • Lorenzo G
    Lorenzo G

    Martin Tyler the GOAT😁👍

  • RPK

    I swear Martin Tyler is so creative with his words. It’ll be a massive blow when he retires

  • KynwaW2000

    It would be double cruel if carra got alzhimers

  • Lotuzz

    Tyler to Carragher: "Which player did Liverpool sign 2 days after your debut?" Neville: "was it an emergency centre back?"

  • Ken Clarke
    Ken Clarke

    I've never actually seen Martin Tyler's face. He's class

  • J G
    J G

    Why is Neville on sky? Get carra & Keane instead

  • Vincent Productions
    Vincent Productions

    Carragher remembers his parents doing it 9 months before his birth....

  • Mwd y ceffyl gwaith
    Mwd y ceffyl gwaith

    go on carra!!

  • Centenario 1
    Centenario 1

    Sure Keita was £52mil not £75mil

  • Nakul Krishnan
    Nakul Krishnan

    9:47 That 4-1 win with torres was in 2009 not 2014

  • Khual Naulak
    Khual Naulak

    Carragher memory is awesome

  • Stivi B
    Stivi B

    Even i knew about macheda😂😂

  • aswin k.v.
    aswin k.v.

    Jamie wow

  • Spurs International
    Spurs International

    20 teams in the PL but ive seen more promotional spots, interviews, segments about these two then the 15+ teams and their players, clubs and fans on sky sports.

  • Sideways Bonobo
    Sideways Bonobo

    'It's actually our job, Gary'

  • joao gomes
    joao gomes


  • Rikki Starrett
    Rikki Starrett

    "How do you remember this stuff?" "It's actually our job..." LMAO

  • CaptainPlanet

    Was I marking him?

  • JamBon Banana
    JamBon Banana

    Every1 ones saying carraghers memory is amazing. I remember every goal i scored aswell... it was only 1 to be fair.. lol....