Is Thiago a problem for Jurgen Klopp? | Saturday Social feat Chunkz and Rambo
Chunkz, Zac Djellab and Joe Thomlinson are joined by Rambo on this weeks Saturday Social. Ahead of this weekends Merseyside derby, we take a look at Liverpool’s recent poor Premier League form, and discuss where the issues may be.
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  • Rahil king
    Rahil king

    There was hype that Thiago is going to boost Liverpool but wtf he has done so far instead of breaking records of loosing 4 games in a row in anifield

  • Dutch van Der linde
    Dutch van Der linde

    Get mark goldbridge n aftv on lol

  • ch00x D
    ch00x D

    Sky trying hard to get social media clout

  • TrOnIc -SWIRLZ
    TrOnIc -SWIRLZ

    Nah the system ain't workin and salah and mane never make runs

  • Derrick Buckley
    Derrick Buckley

    Mad you know, famous people must not spread covid because I saw chunks earlier today in Beaconsfield services getting a Nando’s and he wasn’t wearing his mask. 👏🏻

  • TrOnIc -SWIRLZ
    TrOnIc -SWIRLZ

    Thiago is not ruining his team

  • Yassini Hamadi
    Yassini Hamadi

    Thiago his jst a tackler I see it trying to break players Nd this not BundesLiga U do whatever U want that’s a Easy League this is PL hard League to Play a lot off big teams great teams to challenges to Win or Lose

  • Joe Mendo
    Joe Mendo

    its terrible to see how they have failed to see Ginis play and how it is impacting our game.. he had 1 successful tackle in last 16 games...and because of this the game is more open to the opponents.. the main reason is his head is in barca already.. Cant wait for him leave this club. Greatest fraud of Liverpool this season.

  • JunglistMovement

    Who is the demographic for this? What do these people actually know?

  • Football Chef
    Football Chef

    Yes we should swap him for donny

  • Mc4Hackett X
    Mc4Hackett X

    Thiago needs to go back to bayern this ain't looking good

  • Aaron

    Good grief, the problem isn't Thiago, it's that Fabinho was deputizing at the back (until getting injured) and Henderson was, too (until getting injured). You've got a draft horse in Wijnaldum who is a bit of a jack of all trades and Jones who's a prospect nowhere near first-team level paired with Thiago right now. You've got two of the front three (Mane and Firmino) who are clearly jaded, unable to control the ball most of the time, not making runs in behind, so not much to pass to up top. Thiago cannot be judged when half of the regular starters are on the recovery table.

  • Simon

    I think because he came to Liverpool naturally their fans were having a huge wankfest over a player that was never ever first on any Munich team sheet. All these scousers and plastics ones said he’s this he’s that he’s so special! Well funny enough Gundo for Man City is doing what they said Thiago would at Liverpool lol. 🤭😂

  • Thomas Richards
    Thomas Richards

    Harvey Price knows how to zoom call, fancy that

  • David Prior
    David Prior

    It’s bad management to play him in this way or ask him to come on against Leicester if he hadn’t trained well.

  • Sucram ensucram
    Sucram ensucram

    Joe cleans up nice here, in FD vids he looks like hes about to release the next hottest trap album

  • Im Walnuts
    Im Walnuts

    Less chunkz more people who played football even Sunday league... thanks

  • Skeng Face
    Skeng Face

    I acc love Chunkz but why do they get people who are clueless and aren’t up to track with the football?


    he is just different

  • Antonino Sarullo
    Antonino Sarullo

    Chunks doesn’t follow football enough to be on here

  • Samuel Lewis
    Samuel Lewis

    I love these clueless opinions from seasoned Ex Pro’s like that of the fat kid, and Paul Scholes’ son…

    • Snshs Snshs
      Snshs Snshs

      I wouldn’t be talking about other people looks with that forehead mate

    • Fizzy

      Your so washed 🥴🥴🥴

    • Isse

      @Oban Baird I couldn’t care less about him taking about Liverpool, it’s the fact he body shamed someone who’s levels above him, it seems it’s the only satisfaction he’ll ever get

    • Oban Baird
      Oban Baird

      Liverpool fan ? Ahahaga

    • Isse

      Shut up

  • Bobby Millar
    Bobby Millar

    I know 18 different cb options is the worse excuse, joe has absaloutly lost it r u telling me that changing your defenders most games isn’t going make a difference? Wow

  • Hassan Ahmed
    Hassan Ahmed

    Liverpool will be next year

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith

    Why is a fat roadman on a football discussion show ?

  • Luke Efc
    Luke Efc


  • jack de Boer
    jack de Boer

    Coming from a Liverpool fan I completely agree with chunkz

  • Ajama786

    Chunkz knows nothing about ball he’s just trying to get that bag 😂😂

  • WinterBird

    Great passer of the ball. So quick. He is not the problem. But maybe he would be better in 4-2-3-1 with a dm next to him cause he is not a good tackler.

  • mumrouykcus

    he just doesn’t fit for the quick liverpool playing style

  • A S
    A S

    He was really good for the majority of games.

  • Twjtch

    How's this junk connected with sky sports

  • عالم الرياضة
    عالم الرياضة

    Massive yes gini so much better our midfielders the best gini Henderson fabhino. Keita. I think should be out for next saison keep keep keep gini

  • Deimos

    Old and overrated

  • Daniel Munroe
    Daniel Munroe

    This isnt john rambo. Im upset.

  • Ctrl Delete
    Ctrl Delete

    Come on bring back the likes of Alan Hanson, these should be starting up a SVsoft Channel!

  • Jason Genovaweight
    Jason Genovaweight


  • Ctrl Delete
    Ctrl Delete

    Guy in the bottom left box is more out of place than Origi and Thiago put together.

  • tiezalbo

    Is one of the world's best midfielder's good or not? Sky Sports: I know! Let's ask Chunkz!

  • laz dadon
    laz dadon

    The mans quality cannot be questioned. Has been asked to play an unatural role and one that doesnt reflect on his best attributes unfortunately. He is being made the scapegoat in my opinion. We love him 💪🏿YNWA

  • jebadiah4

    I'm sorry, but who are these people? And why does their opinion matter in football?!! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • ben Thompson
    ben Thompson

    Who are these people?


    No , KLOPP & GARBAGE AMERICA OLIGARCHS ONLY.. aka problematic. & low budget players TOO.


    It's about time sky sports started giving credit to you tube pundits and recognize the talent that's available today thank you sky sports for finally giving back to use fans the support we have given you

    • Gutzz151

      wdym assnees a clown

  • John Blaze
    John Blaze

    Who is this derb in a cab. Can't run

  • Conor McGuinness
    Conor McGuinness

    whoever came up with the title of this should be sacked just for even suggesting it - clearly does not know football so why work for Sky Sports? LIke having a lifeguard who can't swim ffs

  • talha Ali
    talha Ali

    get that ginger fraud of saturday social

  • Simon Dunlop
    Simon Dunlop

    What does chunks know?

  • spursince85

    The only problem is these clueless muppets being allowed to put their two cents worth in. Please stop this crap!

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T

    thiago is world class

  • An Onymous
    An Onymous

    So many nobodies with awful personalities on sky sports now

  • August 25th
    August 25th

    Chunks knows he's gonna be rinsed by everyone on Twitter for his lack of football knowledge so he doesnt even try anymore which makes it even worse, at least put some effort in and do some research your getting paid by g

  • Jared Doolin
    Jared Doolin

    Bro Rambo just made an excuse that kabak didn’t train and didn’t have time to adjust, well neither did Dias and look where he is absolute world class player

  • Luke Proctor
    Luke Proctor

    You should all say the word “massive” more.

  • David Harston
    David Harston

    So many ex players could so with the money these days yet you've got these schoolboys on

    • ben Carr carr
      ben Carr carr

      Maybe the players should manage their finances better then? I don’t see your point

  • Ardi O'Riordan
    Ardi O'Riordan

    Everyone has such a short memory, he literally broke a record on his debut vs Chelsea then got MOTM the next game vs Everton then got a 3 month injury lol he's not even been bad recently either

    • Brian Rinkanya
      Brian Rinkanya

      @Niranjan Rajesh Don't compare Havertz with Thiago....comparing a Champions league winner with someone who's never seen a winners medal makes you seem like a troll

    • Ardi O'Riordan
      Ardi O'Riordan

      @SFAAPK7 have you watched the games though? Vs city Gini took the ball past 4 players slowed down and played a sideways pass to Salah which killed the attack, and that’s just one example. He used to be a great player but just think his head’s not in it right now with the contract situation. I’m happy with him in the 6 though, he’s been good there just not in the 8. Put Hendo back in midfield next to Thiago with Gini behind them and I think you see the best of all 3 again

    • SFAAPK7

      @Ardi O'Riordan I just disagree with you. Liverpool fans are always trying to make gini and milner scapegoats because they won't dare to criticise thiago. The whole team including thiago are slowing down play, not singling out those two. Thiago isn't always trying to play it quick. It isn't all his fault of course not but he isn't offering anything different as of now.

    • Ardi O'Riordan
      Ardi O'Riordan

      @Niranjan Rajesh I feel you on the defensive side he can be a bit reckless but that’s never been his game anyway, he’s been decent most games and I think the issues are more wijnaldum and Milner slowing it down Thiago’s actually the only one playing it quickly despite what twitter wants you to believe 😂 also add in a drop off in form from Mané, Firmino and Trent. Only people playing well are Salah and Robertson

    • Niranjan Rajesh
      Niranjan Rajesh

      @Ardi O'Riordan but hes not playing well. Im a chelsea fan and i watch liverpool matches,and he offers very little. Hes reckless,and he rarely offers good passes. I think ive seen a half a dozen very good passes by him in this season,thats all. Hes been very poor,just like chelseas bundesliga hauls

  • M .B
    M .B

    Thiago is not overrated nor underrated, he simply doesn’t fit in the Liverpool team. The fast paced football and style of play klopp has is ruined by Thiago’s lingering on the ball. He would’ve worked better under pep

  • Mohammed Mahmud
    Mohammed Mahmud

    Where's smithy gone recently

  • Don’t ask me why
    Don’t ask me why


  • sean winters playz
    sean winters playz

    Steven Gerrard in

  • David O
    David O

    Sky sports should completely disconnect themselves from these clowns. Absolute trash content every week from these nobodys.

    • Gabriel Momoh
      Gabriel Momoh

      Wouldn’t call someone with more money than you’ve ever seen in your life a nobody

    • Footy Edits
      Footy Edits

      I love Chunkz but he doesn't know ball

    • B B
      B B

      @David O it’s called Saturday social mate what do you expect stats figures deep analysis? Go watch normal pundits do that

    • Hedz

      @CMH_.17 nobody

    • spursince85

      @CMH_.17 who are you to talk? Job on

  • Tamara Rogers
    Tamara Rogers


  • Liam English
    Liam English

    Thiago looked class when he first played strugglin defensively now cos he hasn’t got henderson keita or fabinho next to him. But he still has a lot of the ball and pulls a lot of the strings and tempo

  • Curtis Allen
    Curtis Allen

    It baffles me that this false narrative of Thiago slowing the play down has caught on. He has issues: he gives too many fouls away in the middle of the park, and he isn't fast enough to cover the ground the way Gini or Hendo does. But it is an absolute myth that he slows down the play. He has the best pass forward to ball retention ratio in the league. He passes with crispness and quick thinking. Liverpool's play has slowed down, but it is down to other factors. The main one being a drop off in the intensity of the press, probably because Klopp is trying to keep the remaining players injury free. Liverpool are having to break teams down while in possession, whereas last season most goals came from winning the ball back in the press and countering quickly before they could get into shape.

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore

    Correlation doesn’t equal causation. That phrase needs to be drilled into everyone’s mind.

    • A C
      A C

      @Sam Wheatley Yeah he absolutely isn't the cause. But for whatever reason something isn't clicking for him right now

    • Macarios Kindamba
      Macarios Kindamba

      @Sam Wheatley exactly he’s being made a scapegoat by rival fans who already hate us

    • Sam Wheatley
      Sam Wheatley

      @A C there is a correlation between Thiago at Liverpool and them playing bad but that is not a direct causation

    • A C
      A C

      100% agree but how is this relevevant here

  • Rodders

    Chunkz unfortunately doesn't know a lot about football

  • A Ibrahim
    A Ibrahim

    Some man get their football opinions of twitter and don’t actually watch games

  • GhostJL

    Chunkz ain’t got a clue 😂

    • Dream


  • Stan Moocham
    Stan Moocham

    Why are these people on sky sports 😂

    • Jack Endean
      Jack Endean

      @Gage Whitaker it’s not an in depth football show like that though is it

    • Gage Whitaker
      Gage Whitaker

      Not gonna lie but he does have a point nothing against any of them but chunkz is a great guy but he’s knowledge for football is shocking honestly 😂

    • mediacenter man
      mediacenter man

      Why not? Erling Haaland

    • Jack Endean
      Jack Endean

      Calm down grandad

  • Gence Mosia
    Gence Mosia

    It's tradition in England for every team to have a scapegoat if they're performing poorly. Arsenal have Xhaka, Liverpool have Thiago.

    • Gence Mosia
      Gence Mosia

      @Reegz2709; 🤣🤣🤣

    • Ballotellitubbies

      Man City have oil

  • Explorer

    Anyone who is doubting Thiago, go back in time and watch the last Champions League Final, then try to be more analytical

    • Bono Bo
      Bono Bo

      Living in the past g

  • Mazwell96

    i mean hes playing more defensively than ever with hendo being cb and fab being out, when the starting 11 is back and where they need to be, we could see a different player.

    • Footy Edits
      Footy Edits

      Yeah idk why this hasn't been highlighted enough

    • sammy

      basically the role gini or Curtis are playing rn

    • sammy

      @Dhawal Varkhedkar he can work in a 4-3-3 with fabinho CDM Henderson cm and him cm so the other 2 take up the brunt of the defensive responsibility and he can freely roam

    • Dhawal Varkhedkar
      Dhawal Varkhedkar

      @A C i think he would be more suited in a 4-2-3-1 formation like at bayern but klopp's a 4-3-3 merchant

    • A C
      A C

      @Stephen Koshy but he isnt even that right now, and playing in a deeper role means that he needs to get tackles in, and for some reason he tackles like he is 5-0 down in fifa. He doesnt tactically suit liverpool, so either he needs to adapt to liverpools system or they need to change the system

  • Andrew Serieys
    Andrew Serieys

    Just wait on it Thiago will be class it takes most players a while to acclimatize to a new league and especially with Liverpool having several injuries to there big players

    • JBoy1996

      People slating him says more about how good he really is, just because he's a world class player people expect him to be able to move to a new league, play exactly how he did in the bundasliga, immediately get to grips with the style of play and show no dip in form whatsoever, he's only human

  • Naz x
    Naz x

    Whose the black boy trying to talk and act like she's white

  • A !
    A !

    Love chunkz but hes got no clue bout football he shouldnt be talking on sky sports

    • Joey Newham
      Joey Newham

      @mason Greenwood na he’s a bad player. At least he doesn’t grind on men however

    • mason Greenwood
      mason Greenwood

      Tbf what he said about thiago is true. He don’t suit your system. Bare touches on the ball + plus he’s got no legs in your normally very energetic midfield. If he played at Man City you’d see a decent player , probably similar level to him at Bayern but it’s blatantly obvious he don’t suit your team. Take the L, it doesn’t make him a bad player.

    • showusthemtities

      lmao when ever he speaks i just skip it

    • A Local Gamer
      A Local Gamer

      he is just there for the thumbnails lol he is in nearly all of them

    • David O
      David O

      ''Thiago is not working in the 'system' .. mane and salah are not feeling it they're not running down the wing'' enough said

  • Matthew Cummins
    Matthew Cummins

    Where is Chunkz footballing expertise from again? I forget...

  • jzilla1234

    Thiago is Liverpool's matic.

  • KS

    beeta squad

  • Mike5

    This guy needs a lesson in Book Shelving

  • Ibrahim Ahmed
    Ibrahim Ahmed

    I completely agree with the guy on the bottom right! The only one with a clue about football🤔

    • ben Thompson
      ben Thompson

      @CMH_.17 if i watch a sky sports video i expect to hear from someone that knows what they are talking about

    • M .B
      M .B

      It’s Saturday social so they talk a lot about social media then actual football, sometimes they clown themselves but it’s a little entertaining

    • Mohammed Mahmud
      Mohammed Mahmud

      @CMH_.17 I agree

    • CMH_.17

      These are supposed to be a social media, funny, podcast type videos. If you want to see people who know stuff about football then watch Roy Keane, Micah Richards and Graham Souness after games or G nev and Jamie carragher on mnf

    • Ballotellitubbies

      Yeah what’s chunkz gonna know

  • Ibrahim Ahmed
    Ibrahim Ahmed

    Nobody: Chunkz the whole vid: 😐😴

    • Ctrl Delete
      Ctrl Delete

      Don't say that the viewers are meant to make Chunkz look like he's got a clue or at least less of an agenda 🤣😭

    • James

      He’s stealing a living

    • Yellowmoss

      you didnt watch the full video

  • Audacity

    In Tiagos case, the problem is two of our defensive midfielders have been playing as centre backs. Thiago is not going to be pushing players around making big tackles and interceptions in the middle of the park like Hendo or Fabinho, that’s not his game. He’s creative and needs someone sturdy behind him to fill in the gaps. That, together with our forwards being less clinical in front of goal, our fullbacks being tracked far better than they ever have been and the defensive/counter attacking style tactics used by our opponents are why we have hit a run of poor form.

  • Bailey McGregor
    Bailey McGregor

    Thiago was brought in to play in front of van Dijk, not henderson. If you have the full first team fit he doesn’t have to do the same amount of defensive work because you have fabinho, henderson in the midfield and actual centre backs in defense. The whole team has been poor except Salah yet thiago is the one who is blamed?

    • Bailey McGregor
      Bailey McGregor

      @Palash Rawat If you judge football players on nothing but assists and goals theres no hope for you. Especially when its a player like thiago...

    • Bailey McGregor
      Bailey McGregor

      @Palash Rawat thats why his creative stats are amongst the best in the current team? The whole team is playing average not just Thiago...

    • Palash Rawat
      Palash Rawat

      @Bailey McGregor sorry but for me he is part of pool's current creative crisis. He is a glorified non native Harry Winks who has been a lucky traveller to some of the biggest clubs.

    • Palash Rawat
      Palash Rawat

      @Bailey McGregor boom. And that's it. In his entire career he was never a consistent starter for Pep, Ancelotti, Heynckes or Kovac. It was only in Hansi Flick's season that he became a regular and had 0 assists all season.

    • Bailey McGregor
      Bailey McGregor

      @Palash Rawat man of the match in the champions league final?

  • Steven Cad
    Steven Cad

    Your weights a problem chunks lad

  • Harry P
    Harry P

    The issue is with Thiago he’s come into a team who’ve been playing poorly and are low on confidence it’s going to affect him. Secondly you put in Fabinho and hendo in that midfield and give him the protection he needs and he flourishes. The reason he’s a defensive liability atm is because he’s being asked to play as a lonesome number 6 recently where as at Bayern he had Kimmich next to him so he wasn’t doing it by himself also judge him when we have our best team back and are playing our best stuff. Don’t judge a player at there worst.

    • Harry P
      Harry P

      @Ballotellitubbies don’t make stupid jokes and compare Thiago to Phil Jones totally incomparable. Just showing your lack of knowledge

    • Ballotellitubbies

      @Harry P people always judge people at there worst.... look at Phil Jones he is a defensive Titan but people say he’s bad ?

    • Harry P
      Harry P

      @Ballotellitubbies you don’t know anything about football clearly

    • Ballotellitubbies


    • Navah King
      Navah King

      Exactly. It’s that simple.

  • kinell188

    Who are these chumps?

  • Tukrrjobbs

    Last 10 seasons 9 titles.. Stupid discussion.. But that's the point isn't it.. Just say it and some idiots will believe it.. Like carragher

  • Madhurjya Das
    Madhurjya Das

    Thiago is a playmaker not a B2B midfielder, a role which he’s playing atm. He needs a defensive partner alongside him. Once Fab is back in that holding role and Hendo in the B2B role you’ll finally see the REAL THIAGO.

  • Mujeeb Ahmed
    Mujeeb Ahmed

    Thiago needs a free role in the team and actual centre backs playing behind midfield instead of Henderson.

  • Dirty Charlatan
    Dirty Charlatan

    4 posh kids trying to fit in and thinking they can talk football. Absolute tosh😣

    • Dirty Charlatan
      Dirty Charlatan

      @A Ugly Blue Thing and not one of them a scouser talking about LFC. And its not how they look is it. Just obviously don't live in reality and just that modern youth of today analysing everything from their bedrooms after playing fifa online

    • A Ugly Blue Thing
      A Ugly Blue Thing

      Trying to fit in with what? “Posh” kids can’t talk about football? Other than the top left none of them look remotely posh

  • abdullah hussian
    abdullah hussian

    Rival fans who don't watch Liverpool: He's slow and doesn't do anything Fans who actually watch Liverpool: ok he's actually a bauler but limited because he's playing as a 6 but still doing great on the defensive work

    • S Man
      S Man

      Don’t think he’s great defensively

  • B H
    B H

    People confusing excuses with actual reasons yet again

  • Tyler Desir
    Tyler Desir

    Thiago needs someone to do the dirty work for him so he can be focus on the attack once fabinho and henderson get back we'll see his quality

    • Joe Nand-Lal
      Joe Nand-Lal

      He’s not an attacking player last season he only got 2 assists and 3 goals in all comps

    • Joshua obaga
      Joshua obaga

      he's a luxury player that needs a complete team for his qualities to shine. Because liverpool is a team bereft of quality in depth, this automatically makes him a liability.

    • Aaron

      @Palash Rawat Playmakers don't necessarily score a ton of goals. His passes cut through several defensive lines at once and his constant quick ticking over of the ball forces opponents to run themselves into the ground chasing shadows. That's what he brings.

    • AJ

      @Palash Rawat modric doesn’t get a lot of assists. The guy is world class. Explain that one.

    • Toxic Hater
      Toxic Hater

      Ha adugv

  • Max Skip
    Max Skip

    you brits are different. Thiago is one of the best midfielders in the world. He is better than Gerrard by a mile) And you talk trash about him.. while you have a real belief in absolutely DEAD Gareth Bale.

  • Steve Drewett
    Steve Drewett

    I think he’s a good player, give home a chance, he hasn’t been here 5 minutes, bloody hell !

    • Steve Drewett
      Steve Drewett

      @Lloyd Senior 😂

    • Steve Drewett
      Steve Drewett

      @Lloyd Senior 😤

    • Steve Drewett
      Steve Drewett

      @Lloyd Senior I didn’t get a like 😢

    • Lloyd Senior
      Lloyd Senior

      @Steve Drewett I didn’t comment you did you moron. Well at least you’ve got one dislike courtesy of me 👎

    • Steve Drewett
      Steve Drewett

      @Lloyd Senior is that why you comment, to get likes, you sad person.

  • Les Corlett
    Les Corlett

    Man dem is proppa fick init?

  • Ben Priest
    Ben Priest

    CBBC sports

  • Kevin Jogoo
    Kevin Jogoo

    This “chunkz” fellow (never heard of him, must be a UK celebrity) knows absolutely nothing about football and should not be on a football show

  • Funny French
    Funny French

    Thiago is overrated but he is a good player.

  • শান্তির ওয়াজ মাহফিল
    শান্তির ওয়াজ মাহফিল


  • Zino 5
    Zino 5

    Just like most players from Europe they can't adapt to the Prem. Chunkz is right the bundesliga& La ligastyle of the play is 4 5 touches before they release the ball. Sancho would take a while to adapt to the prem if he ever came.