Liverpool and Everton face off in Masters Football semi final! | Merseyside Masters 2009
We've raided the archives to dig out Everton and Liverpool facing off in the Merseyside Masters semi final in 2009.
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  • Johnny

    It's like watching two pub teams of fat old dudes.

  • _mitch 77
    _mitch 77



    This needs to come back...PFA sort it out scholes , Owen, lamps woow

    • Mikki Fenton
      Mikki Fenton

      Henry, gerrad, Pires,. It would be more entertaining if they brought it back now

  • conor macca
    conor macca

    Highlight of my childhood this😂, would love to see it get brought back!

  • Divyesh Lal
    Divyesh Lal

    i wanna see akinfenwa in this when he retires

  • duckingforcover09

    I miss this.

  • Kris Mellon
    Kris Mellon

    Barely even a derby this. Surprised they didn’t cuddle at the full time whistle. Probably saved it for the changing rooms

  • Matxe9212

    It really stands out how boring proffesional football is, and that we ought to take some lessons from this format. In normal football the pitch is too big, too few goals and too many players on it. You have games that end 0-0 after 90 minutes, its just horrible.

  • Paul Chatteris
    Paul Chatteris

    I didn't know this was a thing. This looks great, why aren't we seeing this all the time

  • shottskies

    lol this is small sided football but the style is like the EPL

  • Kyle Gleavey
    Kyle Gleavey

    Nobody was better than Fowler in these games

  • Ben Alexander
    Ben Alexander


  • hauntboy

    Who's the Liverpool No 6 who the commentator says looks like his Dad @ 3:00 or is that's someone's Dad that a current player look like?

  • Fred Waller
    Fred Waller

    Let's bring back the masters five a side

  • Ricardo Tella
    Ricardo Tella

    This just looks like council estate football with a budget

  • Joe Stockton
    Joe Stockton

    Hopefully one day all teams in the Prem will have a pro Futsal team and the games will be televised.

  • Tom Hutchinson
    Tom Hutchinson

    get harry pinero hosting this please

  • vlada

    Wow. Didn't think they had arena football in Europe. Although it is weird to see them use a big net since north american arena soccer has been using handball nets for 50+ years in all different leagues. No one has ever thought that indoor soccer needed even more goals since there are more goals scored than hockey.

  • RasenRendan

    Futsal is awesome man

  • David Draper
    David Draper

    100% Agree bring back masters football ⚽️

  • Ace J. 7 Million
    Ace J. 7 Million

    And result at Anfield in real derby yesterday was even better COYB!!

  • 91 vanced
    91 vanced

    Liverpool are scum !!! 😎

  • Delano DeGenie
    Delano DeGenie

    Graham Stuart looks exactly the same!!

  • James EFC
    James EFC

    Paul Lodge there number 8 for Everton my arl football manager when I was a kid 😂👌

  • Robbo

    The only semi final Everton have ever won

  • Soup

    This is the most British thing i’ve ever seen

  • Darren Redden
    Darren Redden

    Pretty sure VAR would have ruled out these goals 🤣

  • fine i changed it again
    fine i changed it again

    Watching this before the derby today

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T

    what is this

  • rene bardi
    rene bardi


  • Jay

    Craig short looks like the uncle who either smells of beer or is tremendously rich


    I am Malaysian and I'm curious to know that is this futsal.

  • Big Moncrief
    Big Moncrief

    The Dadbods haven't lost their touch.

  • staygold ponyboy
    staygold ponyboy

    Saw one of these in Cardiff a good few years back now, will never forget how big 'Big' Neville Southall had got🤣

  • Beno Bono
    Beno Bono

    Reminds me of Volta mode in FIFA games


    Bring this back!

  • Cal-EFC 1878
    Cal-EFC 1878

    Bring back the masters!

  • Liam EFC
    Liam EFC

    I'm fairly sure I went to this. Tranmere won the whole thing if I remember correctly, unless it was another one. Bring it back😁

  • Frank Reynolds
    Frank Reynolds

    Masters Football, Premier League Classics and Footballs Greatest... The pinnacle of day time Sky Sports back in the day 👌

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere

    Do you hate Man utd and everything about them then join this Facebook group called...... We ALL HATE scum (Man) utd group

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith

    Everton will do them Saturday as well ..they cant win $hit lol

  • Jesse lingard
    Jesse lingard

    Bring it back I'll retire to play this !

  • Graham Sardan
    Graham Sardan

    in time you will learn to call me ....master

  • Jacqueline Ward
    Jacqueline Ward

    Hi Boys💝😋

  • Shahid Willie
    Shahid Willie


  • Archbold Entertainment
    Archbold Entertainment

    Please upload more of these, like the northern masters 2006

  • Jordan Earle
    Jordan Earle

    I wish fifa had their icons in a game mode like this

  • Wes Leech
    Wes Leech

    They need to bring the Masters football back

  • Ritchie Mullins
    Ritchie Mullins

    "just the start everton needed, got to score goals"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Josh Aston
    Josh Aston

    Proper nostalgia trip! As a kid this gave me great appreciation of past legends. Something that the current young generation seem to lack.

  • Paul Hewitt
    Paul Hewitt

    So we.can win a derby

  • Popatop42

    It was weird when one year. The north east tournament had Newcastle, Sunderland, Boro and Everton.

  • Hakim

    Other countries playing charity futsal: skills, chips, one touch flicks. England playing charity futsal: tackles, power shots. Crosses Never change England

  • seeemslagit

    I honestly thought the 7 was James milner lol

  • Owen Stamp
    Owen Stamp

    Bring it back!

  • Robert Hull
    Robert Hull

    i would for real watch this if it was on every weekend

  • Barry Manihigh
    Barry Manihigh

    The only time Everton won at Anfield

    • Mad Dogg85
      Mad Dogg85

      Think that was tonight 0-2 😉

    • Toffeenose1966 Toffee
      Toffeenose1966 Toffee


  • Thomas Hovord
    Thomas Hovord

    Absolutely loved watching this growing up, what happened to it?


    Wtf is this lol

  • John Kimmel
    John Kimmel

    I forgot about this. Used to like it back in the day, finally getting to see players before my time

  • Sky Sports Football
    Sky Sports Football

    Hit like if you want to see more games from the LEGENDARY Masters Football archive! 👍

  • Sinead Day
    Sinead Day

    The thing is 2009 😒

  • Dee & Arr
    Dee & Arr

    Merseyside Derby this weekend check out my predictions on my channel

  • J J
    J J

    Sky should bring this back. I used to love watching the masters

  • pablo pablo
    pablo pablo

    Why are they all so old?? Did you have to be over a certain age or something?

  • Mnd0vrMnky


  • Movie Clips
    Movie Clips

    I’ve never seen this before but it looks so good

  • Explorer

    The lad on the thumbnail looks like Gordon Ramsay xD

  • Josh Williamson
    Josh Williamson

    Ashley needs a dash cam on his head and he’ll score bangers

  • Noel Cahill
    Noel Cahill

    This should be a summer league

  • That Baggies Fan
    That Baggies Fan

    Bring back The Masters but DO NOT make it as bad as Soccer AM.

  • Ryder Reels
    Ryder Reels

    2:03 having lived in liverpool for a few years, I know at least half of the crowd said "belter tha" to this goal

  • Pete G
    Pete G

    Craig Short's jawline is stronger than SIggy, Gomes and Iwobi combined.

  • Jacob Tilstone
    Jacob Tilstone

    What is this?

  • Apology Man
    Apology Man

    Ahhh memories. This was amazing back in the day.

  • Timun Bonik
    Timun Bonik

    Loved it

  • B UF
    B UF

    I went to a master’s tournament 12 years ago. Chelsea, Arsenal, QPR, Tottenham, Charlton and C.Palace. What a great day that was, bring it back!

  • Red Eye Rebel
    Red Eye Rebel

    This could be huge if it was revived and done right

  • Devil red 7
    Devil red 7

    Wait this is still going on??

  • Michael James
    Michael James

    Bring it back!

  • Bee Mail
    Bee Mail

    Everton are scum in everything they do

  • Simon Harris
    Simon Harris

    I used to love watching this show

  • Christy Cullen
    Christy Cullen

    So are these ex Everton and Liverpool players? Great entertainment nonetheless

  • lankylibero14

    Need to bring it back! Growing up it got me through the summer’s without a major tournament on.

  • Szillar

    Liverpool fans can’t catch a break 🤣

    • nukroturk Europe
      nukroturk Europe

      "Can Allison catch a Break!? AND IT'S LIVE!!"

  • Football Nerd
    Football Nerd

    Apparently Everton released a DVD after winning this game!

    • Pete G
      Pete G

      @Football Nerd so just to recap the events of today, Everton now two places above you, three points ahead and still a game in hand. I'm sure there will be more ups and downs before it is all over but just wanted to see if you had any fresh insight for us. If you are looking for a new straw, your goal difference is better.

    • Readzy tv Account
      Readzy tv Account

      @Football Nerd haha what a loser you are 2 0 baby yessssss soooooo hahaha you muppet

    • B Hew
      B Hew

      @Football Nerd hahaha

    • Football Nerd
      Football Nerd

      @Pete G Yeah I will. You won't though will ya? Midtable fodder who never have to worry about anything other than the 2 derbies games each season. That's all you lot have to care about. Keep making up the numbers lad.

    • Pete G
      Pete G

      @Football Nerd don't worry about us, soft lad, worry about qualifying for Europe next season

  • Jar Jar Binks
    Jar Jar Binks

    Bring back this kind of football

  • Mason Balogun
    Mason Balogun

    They should have this on fifa

    • Mason Balogun
      Mason Balogun

      @Josh D 😂

    • Josh D
      Josh D

      @Mason Balogun yeah I know, it would be sick, I was just making a shitty joke haha

    • Mason Balogun
      Mason Balogun

      @Josh D no but I meant fields like theses

    • Josh D
      Josh D

      They do and it’s shyte

    • Kieran Heath
      Kieran Heath

      Volta mode

  • Rohan Garud
    Rohan Garud

    Masters football is a great place for footballers to occupy themselves after retirement. We see too many retired footballers suffering mental health problems and addiction, we need to bring this back, it’s loved by everyone and can only bring benefits

    • Markus


  • Damian Brown
    Damian Brown

    When you ask mom for the latest kit from your favourite Scouse club and she gets you the pep co version from Poundland

  • FFF


  • Southwest Spotting
    Southwest Spotting

    They even parked the bus in these games...

  • Slapzwtf

    Bring dis back now

  • Fire Drake
    Fire Drake

    Liverpool doing poorly on all fronts 🤣

  • Jordan LS
    Jordan LS

    I used to love watching this as a kid would love to watch it again as an adult great memories ⚽️⚽️

  • J RJ96
    J RJ96

    Wish this would make a comeback

  • Ted Thomas
    Ted Thomas

    Cristiano Ronaldo is now old enough to play in this.

  • Amjadur Rahman
    Amjadur Rahman

    We need this back. it has to be a regular occurrence

  • What Rhymes With Cash ?
    What Rhymes With Cash ?


    • Ollie Herrick
      Ollie Herrick


  • Theone

    Why did they stop doing these? These were the highlights of my summer when the football season ended!

    • Fam I am not Edmonton
      Fam I am not Edmonton

      @Kaffirzulu Kaffirzulu true

    • M T
      M T

      Just brilliant weren't they

    • Ray_Pingminers

      They didn’t have the rights to the football badges or names so they had to stop it