Timo Werner reacts to his first Premier League goal since November 2020! | Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle
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Timo Werner speaks to Geoff Shreeves following Chelsea's 2-0 win over Newcastle United in the Premier League. Werner scored Chelsea's second goal, his first Premier League goal for Chelsea since November 2020.
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  • Moritz Seif
    Moritz Seif

    Yes of course!

  • Kyori Kusagami
    Kyori Kusagami

    I am a german fan & I think germany have the shittiest & worst strikers of all big team in europe

    • A simple Yt user
      A simple Yt user

      I agree,Werner is the German striker in history ,together with Mario Gomez

  • shreyas

    Didn't know he had a lisp lol. Funny guy

  • Mr Balls
    Mr Balls

    What a lisp !!! I love him even more now Reminds me of louferrigno


    Finally we found timo

  • Kwame Adjepong
    Kwame Adjepong

    Finally man

  • Dennis


  • Nazeem Francke
    Nazeem Francke

    50 million down the drain😂

    • callan gaffney
      callan gaffney

      Utd spent 80 Million on a fridge

  • Aaron Whittington
    Aaron Whittington

    Stephanie says Aaron Noel married her ok 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • Aaron Whittington
    Aaron Whittington

    Diane Vs Aaron kockevin school 3 Vs 1 Anna and Luke today Paul Richard Adrien Tracy Watson council's work shop 2

  • Roy Keane
    Roy Keane

    This is the first time I've heard ever him speak, I didn't expect his voice to be that high pitched tbh

  • Joanne Sheehan
    Joanne Sheehan

    He took his time and worked hard it’s the tuchel effect

  • aryan8patel

    The scenes in my house when he scored so happy for him🔵🔵

  • paul harris
    paul harris

    blah blah blah blah

  • A55IFF

    I came here to hear: "Yes Of Course!"

  • russel johnson
    russel johnson

    Better English than Harry Kane

  • ItzLogan

    Wow his accent is a lot more comical than i thought it would be

  • Hfhdj Jtiir4u
    Hfhdj Jtiir4u

    Keep going chelsea 2021

  • Michael Glynn
    Michael Glynn

    Even during his goal drought he kept trying, got penalties, created chances and kept getting into really good positions to score. Fair play to him for keeping his chin up and Tuchel’s system definitely gets the best out of him and also Hudson-Odoi as well.

  • GhaVhat TV
    GhaVhat TV

    Well done Timo, I believe you can do more for the next !!!! Great Performance

  • Camel Lover Lover
    Camel Lover Lover

    I’m a Man City fan, but I really want to see Timo succeed, he seems like such a humble guy and he is such a hard worker

  • Scorpionking Aiken
    Scorpionking Aiken

    Werner is gonna be a massive player for us.

  • Ofek Volt
    Ofek Volt

    I love him my favor

  • Matt Jiron
    Matt Jiron

    Bravo Turbo Timo Bravo!!

  • Judah

    I wanna hear him say sizzling sausages

    • O Sullivan
      O Sullivan


  • Paul O'Reilly
    Paul O'Reilly

    0:56 cringe

    • O Sullivan
      O Sullivan

      Calm down paul

  • Lewis Howell
    Lewis Howell

    Without a shadow of a doubt, by far and wide.....THE WORST SIGNING OF THE SEASON in every league of every country!!! Definitely a chairman signing 100%

  • Mix Better Now
    Mix Better Now

    He’s class. I never for a second entertained the haters shouting “Torres, Morata, etc” bc anyone who knows anything about the game can see he oozes quality. Barren spells happen. Good man, Timo. Keep bangin’ em in 🤘🏼🔥

  • Giannis MP96
    Giannis MP96

    Ask Firmino the same when he doesn’t score.

  • Darric Rickeelal
    Darric Rickeelal

    He always gives 100% whether he scores or not . He truly is a remarkable player . Normally a player would give up and get frustrated on the pitch but werner just keeps pushing forward . 🤞👌

  • Lemon Olly
    Lemon Olly

    Time Timo Timo Timo keep going your going epic you so epic and better than Morata when he was at Chelsea let’s go Timo let’s go

  • leadfarmer

    I dont think he cared about it as much as the media did

  • Ur marj
    Ur marj

    I’m a united fan but he seems like a good guy and sounds rlly cute

  • Kabo Leeuw
    Kabo Leeuw

    Up the chels💙🔥

  • Ronnie

    The boy timo 🤩

  • Finn Ireland
    Finn Ireland

    I haven’t even looked at the comments and i bet its full of people praising him because they’ve realised he’s actually human, i can’t believe he was getting stick in the first place - some football fans are honestly dreadful

    • O Sullivan
      O Sullivan

      Thanks for not being smug

  • Yamashun

    I'm really happy for him he fully deserves it! Also he didn't say "Yes of course" to every question asked to him so that's improvement just like his performance 😉

  • Yung JZL
    Yung JZL

    And now we are waiting for haverts

    • O Sullivan
      O Sullivan


  • Deez

    honestly Lampard with the problem

  • Deez

    liverpool fan but i have been waiting for him to be a great player again

  • MajorHigh Gaming
    MajorHigh Gaming

    Well done brother! X

  • Ludvig Winther Poulsen
    Ludvig Winther Poulsen

    he is so cute

  • Big Draco
    Big Draco

    Thank God we didn't sign him. Dodged a bullet there. Imagine Werner and Martial as our attack💀

    • O Sullivan
      O Sullivan

      He wouldn’t go there anyway

  • alessio likes chicken
    alessio likes chicken

    Ive never heard his voice 🙃🤯🤯

  • T C
    T C


    • O Sullivan
      O Sullivan

      Cry about it

  • Labibur Rahman
    Labibur Rahman

    Great mentality love it

  • Sedou Doumbouya
    Sedou Doumbouya

    Werner speaks better English than Harry Kane

  • Marcin Palyska
    Marcin Palyska

    He doesn't play number 9, in a way it's not his job to score. His presence and pace on the pitch is crucial. By no means do I think he's a flop.

  • David Jones
    David Jones

    So that's roughly £9.52m per Premier League goal, what a bargain 😂😂🤭

    • Alan Jumbo
      Alan Jumbo


  • abi abi
    abi abi

    Im happy for timo but that lisp he has is killing me

  • TEDD J
    TEDD J

    See yall on sky sports retro when he scores his next goal next year

    • OG


  • Dongho Kim
    Dongho Kim


    • O Sullivan
      O Sullivan

      Good luck winning the league

  • iAmSAMJY

    Happy for him, he's shown he's got the character to be a chelses player I hope he can grab a bag full of goal now 💙

  • Darren Redden
    Darren Redden

    He works hard but I doubt this guy will ever be a 20 goal a season premier League striker

    • O Sullivan
      O Sullivan

      Nah maybe 10 but defo a few assists

  • S

    He works hard on the pitch may many more goals come

  • Chidiebere Nwaoha
    Chidiebere Nwaoha

    His humble🙏❤️.

  • John Donovan
    John Donovan

    So pleased for him he's been outstanding recently for us needs quality passes too latch onto he's got speed too first of many goals now timo!!!!

  • Yusuf I
    Yusuf I

    Come on

  • Arif Wibowo
    Arif Wibowo

    We only need to slap him before the match to make him score

  • LP-James CFC
    LP-James CFC

    Yeth of courth

  • rspcto on wz
    rspcto on wz

    As a man United fan I felt bad for timo now he’s scored fair play to him

    • O Sullivan
      O Sullivan

      Thanks for not being smug

  • godly gamez
    godly gamez

    Even though im a cfc fan its not good enough really for a striker to not score in 4 months

  • BA7 Gaming
    BA7 Gaming

    So happy for him

  • Will Hyslop
    Will Hyslop

    Top attitude. Good man.

  • Paul F
    Paul F

    It takes some time, going from Bundesliga to Premier League. He slowly gets used to the conditions and i guess in the next two seasons, he is gonna help Chelsea.....a lot

  • remyarsenal

    Best thing since sliced bread

  • Marlon Blade
    Marlon Blade

    Son in law? Yes. Striker?

  • Emmanuel

    Turbo Timo 💙🔥🔥🔥

  • Vidhyam Doshi
    Vidhyam Doshi

    So happy for Timo. Well deserved goal and hope there's plenty more to come from him!

  • The Monopoly Guy
    The Monopoly Guy

    This guy is trash put Pullisic back in

    • O Sullivan
      O Sullivan

      Go play traffic

  • Azarul Ahmed
    Azarul Ahmed

    Lampard just smashed up his TV.

  • BMA IE
    BMA IE

    Well done buddy! GGMU

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T


    • O Sullivan
      O Sullivan

      Hahah cry about it you rat

  • Allan Hunkin
    Allan Hunkin

    Timo will deliver for Chelsea. He will score important goals for us. Go Timo.😁

  • Jamoldiniho

    Good for him, he sounds really nice

  • yllib lee
    yllib lee

    Likeable fella

  • Richard Tricker
    Richard Tricker

    All that money 😂 1 goal in 3 months,one my granny could have scored so about time.😂😂😂😂😂

    • blue eyes
      blue eyes

      Dude, the guy was a goal machine at Leipzig, if he's getting back to where he was he'll be one of the best strikers in the Premier League.

  • Abhishek Roy
    Abhishek Roy

    Turbo Timo!!

  • M. A. G FIFA Mobile 20!
    M. A. G FIFA Mobile 20!

    Well Done Timo Werner, For Finally Getting An GOAL Again For Chelsea FC!

  • TheFlyingEpergne

    what a pleasant young man, happy that the pressure has been taken off him a little bit now

  • Dixon Cider-hole
    Dixon Cider-hole

    The German Origi...

  • Omar C
    Omar C

    I’m still waiting for havertz to unleash. He’s the creative playmaker we are going to need if we expect to get more goals in.

  • Privatejose B32
    Privatejose B32

    About time 😂😂😂

  • Doom_cobra 21
    Doom_cobra 21

    What a guy

  • Kayle Jakins
    Kayle Jakins

    As a chelsea fan I couldn't be happier for him🙏

  • James Drake
    James Drake

    So happy for him! He's a genuine guy 😁 good on him!

  • Ben the Football Kid
    Ben the Football Kid

    Not a Chelsea fan but every time he had a chance to score I was like come on Timo, then when he scored I was so happy for him. He has been great under Tuchel so far and he will become one of the best strikers in the league

  • BigBoySam

    People can banter him all they like, but when he gets in his groove, he'll be getting goals left and right, seems like a top guy as well. - Arsenal fan

    • O Sullivan
      O Sullivan

      Sound man not many like you

  • Conan Hawkins
    Conan Hawkins

    Surprised he can talk after that horrific lip wound...

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson

    Well said young man


    His voice is Underrated

  • Wasim Askar
    Wasim Askar

    Man merkt einfach er kommt aus deutschland hhahah

  • A Chubz
    A Chubz

    So wholesome

  • Mac

    I just think about edward richtofen as soon as he started speaking

  • Thomas Johnston
    Thomas Johnston

    Congratulations TIMO👍🏻

  • Mohammedislam786

    Bless him 💙💙💙

  • J Croft
    J Croft

    Werner’s sounding like prime mike tyson🤣

  • Higgzinho

    Speaks better English than Harry Kane😂

  • xD4rkridex

    he is so cute haha but he needs to work a little more on his english i think :)

  • I.P. Knightley
    I.P. Knightley

    like many others on here I'm happy for you Timo - Utd fan