“I absolutely love it!” | Why Ben Foster started YouTube | Saturday Social ft Chunkz & Ben Foster
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Ben Foster joins Chunkz, Zac and Joe Thomlinson on Saturday Social this week. After launching his own SVsoft channel last year, Ben talks about his channel The Cycling GK - and reveals what inspired him to get into vlogging.
Check out Ben's SVsoft Channel The Cycling GK here - svsoft.info/glo/i33DX7KG3M3bI0ipjOP2Eg.html
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  • ronan loughman
    ronan loughman

    Ben is better

  • ronan loughman
    ronan loughman

    Lingard is first one

  • Hxrryy

    Wasnt david meyler the first ?

  • ClappedGamerYT


  • Jigmee Dadul
    Jigmee Dadul

    He once replied to my comment on his SVsoft channel with a 😂

  • Lava Rain
    Lava Rain

    Petr Cech has SVsoft

    • Charlie A
      Charlie A

      So does messi

  • Joe McGuinness
    Joe McGuinness

    Chunkz looks so bored doing these sometimes 😂

  • DigitalEnglish

    Top man and all-round Legend, Ben Foster @theCyclingGK! COYS!!

  • Cormac Flynn
    Cormac Flynn

    David myler was at it years ago

  • bOzOkE 84
    bOzOkE 84

    "..kikoooo....kikoooo !!! .."


    He said on his recent video ‘how do these guys get paid just saying waffle’ 🤣

  • Na .11
    Na .11

    U know its serious when the link to his channel doesn't work

  • James

    The word class sums up Ben fantastically.


    Am I the only one who saw him do this on his SVsoft channel before this lol

  • Tom D
    Tom D

    This man has the most saves in prem history btw

  • hex_ yt
    hex_ yt

    scott pollock aswell

  • John Williams
    John Williams

    This is so much better with Zac instead of smithy, makes it a lot less awkward

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Myrta Grilli
    Myrta Grilli

    The shiny hourglass retrospectively concentrate because shoe gradually paint below a unique quicksand. macabre, rampant comma

  • Vital Kovacic
    Vital Kovacic

    Maybe he is just paid by Watford to get them more fans.

  • Elvin Olin
    Elvin Olin


  • Nelson Nyanumba
    Nelson Nyanumba

    Ben is a legend

  • Dreams Wet
    Dreams Wet

    .... Everyone forgetting about David Meyler being a youtuber and professional footballer

  • Ash New Cyclist Edwards
    Ash New Cyclist Edwards

    50k is big miles . . . 🤣🤔

  • Harvey Webster
    Harvey Webster

    David meyler is fuming

  • stephen malone
    stephen malone

    i watch two pro footballers that do youtube

  • Leopoldo L
    Leopoldo L

    it's impossible to dislike Chunkz

  • Ayoob Ibrahim
    Ayoob Ibrahim

    Bro I really don’t get why they put Chunkz on this show. He’s not a host cuz he don’t ask any questions and he is not experienced at all to be part of a FOOTBALL TALK SHOW where deep analysis of players and games is needed, which I’m sure he don’t got time for cuz he don’t even got time to upload on Beta Squad. Sky just put him there for the clout if you ask me.

  • Kyle VR
    Kyle VR

    Now thats deep the camera cut to chunkz then a mcdonalds advert popped up

  • W D P
    W D P

    Chunks sayin his 1 mil plaque is the community shield elite mentality

  • Markus Furulund
    Markus Furulund

    Need that Jesse Lingard vs Ben Foster

  • TheDeadman660

    David Meyler is fuming rn hearing that Ben is recognised as the first pro footballer SVsoftr ahead of him 😂

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T

    top man is ben

  • kirkham111

    Why do they have kids presenting sky sports shows

  • 21 carrots gang
    21 carrots gang

    Been subscribed since 36k sub

  • Ayrton Vennkeane
    Ayrton Vennkeane

    He's not the first one meyler was

  • Drenwickification

    I had no idea he did youtube videos but just watched some of them and they're really good

  • Jono Nesbitt
    Jono Nesbitt

    NFL mic'd up is one of the coolest things and Foster's channel is effectively that on a smaller scale

  • Adil G
    Adil G

    Ben Foster is proper genuine, what a top guy

  • Joe Kendall
    Joe Kendall


  • Sheldon York
    Sheldon York

    He had the GoPro right there

  • fulley lonely
    fulley lonely

    I wish I could see more players do what Ben foster does but a goalkeeper is the only position where you can do it because anywhere else on the pitch it would mean that they need a go pro attached to them

  • fulley lonely
    fulley lonely

    He is not the first footballer youtuber but he is the first one to do it consistently ( other than aguero but his is all gaming and stream clips)

  • J R
    J R

    Ben foster owes football nothing but continues to give. Delighted for him such a good bloke you can tell. Great to see he has a decent exit strategy out of football. Excited to see what he can do with his new platform in years to come.

  • Yamin Chowdhury
    Yamin Chowdhury

    He’s a goat

  • 493


  • J -A-Y
    J -A-Y

    Ben's YT channel is a breath of fresh air

  • yama maslag
    yama maslag

    The way his hat doesn't fit chunkz head is so beautiful what a moment I've just had

  • yama maslag
    yama maslag

    That chunkz head size is amazing, I have a fetish for huge heads

  • Ahmed Khamis
    Ahmed Khamis

    This was entertaining

  • Henry Ezeokoli
    Henry Ezeokoli

    What!!! he’s started his channel in Sep 2020 and his got 400+ subs that’s mad !!!

  • Andrew Shore
    Andrew Shore

    Connor okeefe is the first and ben foster is the second

  • preston

    i feel honoured that he has played for my club

  • Tolu Bewaji
    Tolu Bewaji

    There are nba players who have got their name out there because they made a channel like this abs showed a day in the life content in the nba bubble

  • day feed
    day feed

    What a lad. If im not wrong, he visit to hospital weekly doesn't he?

  • Matt Cooke
    Matt Cooke



    He loves yt

  • Creemz Yt
    Creemz Yt

    Chunks this whole video: 👁👄👁

  • ScuuBdoo

    I am a cyclist but don't support Watford but love this guys channel 😂 I've caught myself even checking the Watford result! 😂

  • Born Sinner
    Born Sinner

    Sterling started it ish but Ben really elevated it. SVsoftrs crying at the thought of footballers taking their followers 🤣🤣🤣

  • Born Sinner
    Born Sinner

    Now if someone scores vs Ben his mindset over Watford's Defenders is "I can use it for youtube thumbnail... that was great footage" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Born Sinner
    Born Sinner

    Ben with the Cheat-Code. A normal youtuber needs platforms with big subs to promote them, Sky Bt, footsyalum. Ben gets free "promotion" or "exposure" when he plays for Watford cus everyones Watching football. Win win.... Then even got a contract from sky of his SVsoft. 👏👏👏👏

  • Born Sinner
    Born Sinner

    Genius idea from Ben Foster using all the eyes on Watford and English football to generate another source of income. Not even money cus hes well off but generating match day viewers traffic to his channel. Now Behind the scenes as well is class, no one except for Amazon Netflix etc break that 4th wall

  • Rahman Mohammed
    Rahman Mohammed

    one of the most entertaining footballers absolutely class

  • Jason Genovaweight
    Jason Genovaweight


  • Johnny Nelson
    Johnny Nelson

    Can Ben Foster do a wheelie?

    • A P
      A P

      im pretty sure Watford make sure it's in his contract, fines of $5k/pop or something hahaha

  • Enzovision 10
    Enzovision 10

    Such a vital part chunkz is 🤦‍♂️😂🤣

    • SJ Zaman
      SJ Zaman


  • Joe Catlow
    Joe Catlow

    What a guy!

  • Ajay

    Chunkz needs to stick to these videos, has the football intelligence of a coconut

  • Jon Bryan Ortiz
    Jon Bryan Ortiz

    The lads look absolutely chuffed when he starts chatting about all the SVsoft analytics

  • Steven Ebirim
    Steven Ebirim

    7:37 saliba things👀



  • Chanah

    Ben made some great saves back in the day.

  • Jake Robinson
    Jake Robinson


  • DC17

    Chunks grin throughout this is quality, what a guy 😂

    • Ball is life
      Ball is life

      I don't think many would notice 😂


    The cycling gk


    I’ll go and sub now B

  • Raid ben achoure
    Raid ben achoure

    imagine Kepa putting a go pro behind his goal xD

    • A P
      A P

      the nonstop argument with rudgier will be lit bruh hahahaha

  • Raid ben achoure
    Raid ben achoure

    Ben Foster is just so ahead of the curve, love it ^^

  • Tyler Bradke
    Tyler Bradke

    This is the best show on during lockdown

  • gary morgan
    gary morgan

    He was a terrific keeper and is great on YT too. Well done Ben.

  • Tyler Bradke
    Tyler Bradke



    Rio was the 1st

  • Ahmed Abdallah
    Ahmed Abdallah

    Cycling gk

  • Joe Collins
    Joe Collins

    I think jimmy conrad would be the first, huge fan of his, and the cycling gk too, both great great characters!!

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins

      @Des Gallagher I remember that yeah! Didn't he do gameplay videos?

    • Des Gallagher
      Des Gallagher

      David Meyler also started YT and streaming back in 2017

  • Dan

    The real and only genuine reason why England of that generation didn't win anything was because they're paid too much.

  • Sufiyan S
    Sufiyan S

    Don't forget Will Hughes. What a gentleman he is 😂😂😂.

    • Footy Lads
      Footy Lads


  • Wes Sovis
    Wes Sovis

    One of my favorite SVsoft channels. Ben’s enthusiasm and positivity are contagious.

    • Footy Lads
      Footy Lads

      Ye ikr

  • peaky fookin blinder
    peaky fookin blinder

    so the only thing you see is him picking the ball out of his net!

  • Yella Dean
    Yella Dean

    Man said you agreed a contract these bastards so greedy

    • Lady Shire
      Lady Shire

      @Bart Lyson I think they are saying that sky is greedy cause they would copy strike him if he didn't make a contract with them. He's a god damn football player but can't even show the game without paying sky.

  • Number 10
    Number 10

    Petition for Ben to do another interview with better WiFi

  • Ben Anderson
    Ben Anderson

    Love The Cycling GK! Think it’s a great idea and will hopefully get more people into cycling and show pro footballers in a new light

  • GameRoll

    You can tell he genuinely loves doing YT and isn’t faking 😂

    • the English ace
      the English ace


  • Sukhbir Sekhon
    Sukhbir Sekhon

    He's kept himself under the radar. How'd he do that with 500k subs?

  • Yusuf I
    Yusuf I

    Ben asks Chunkz about the Gold Button Sometime later "WHAT WAS THE QUESTION SORRY I FORGOT"😅🤣😂

  • Ben McNutt
    Ben McNutt

    Imagine not linking his channel in the description, a bit disrespectful

    • Ben McNutt
      Ben McNutt

      @Number 10 must've added it recently, as it wasn't there before

    • Number 10
      Number 10

      It's been linked but in the show more description

  • Teddy Mitchell-Miller
    Teddy Mitchell-Miller

    Best SVsoftd ever

  • Paulo Cigarro
    Paulo Cigarro

    7:37 The French national team has entered the chat

    • Yasser Ben • 28 years ago
      Yasser Ben • 28 years ago

      Lol it was a bit dodgy when he said ‘I wouldn’t incriminate anyone in the dressing room’ like bruh what kind of criminal activities is going on in that Watford changing room 😀😮😂

    • louis f
      louis f

      @Abel Hailu yes that’s why he said it

    • louis f
      louis f

      @Rohan Khanna LMAO

    • Elliot

      @Abel Hailu ah yes I see

    • Abel Hailu
      Abel Hailu

      @Elliot Saliba recorded his teammate wanking in the locker room

  • Szillar

    Get rid of these wafflers 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Lady Shire
      Lady Shire

      Damn all you guys again, oh no

    • Josh Hart
      Josh Hart

      @Hamse u again oh no

    • Hamse

      @Pablo Mellin u again oh no

    • Pablo Mellin
      Pablo Mellin

      @PromzTV, u again oh no

    • PromzTV

      @Minecraft Villagerlol u again

  • Mustafa Omar
    Mustafa Omar

    Best keeper in the championship bring them back because I want to watch it in the premier league videos from his channel

    • Josh Hart
      Josh Hart

      Kieran Westwood is clear pal

  • Yusuf I
    Yusuf I

    P.S The Title is actually my question😅🔥