Which Premier League STAR does Amad Diallo remind Luke Shaw of? 🤩 | Fan Q&A with Luke Shaw
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We caught up with Luke Shaw in the latest Fan Q&A to hear all about Amad Diallo, Alex Telles' haircut and who the biggest personality is at Manchester United.
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  • Romeo World
    Romeo World

    Luke shaw quints 😂😂

  • Kenny Knowles
    Kenny Knowles

    Shaw if u are 1 of the best finisher that means u need to shoot more on get more involve bro

  • KeanuDaKat

    I used to dislike him not sure why prob jus Petty Utd rivalry, but overall I acc rate Shaw class act icl

  • Astro Genetic
    Astro Genetic

    My question was the 1st to be asked !

  • Ceaira Terpack
    Ceaira Terpack

    The worthless paint italy spill because ex-wife canonically pack following a amused bag. overjoyed, perfect galley

  • Chris Silvester
    Chris Silvester

    Absolutely no doubt his improvement this year especially after the arrival of Alex Telles has made Luke become even better & his performances are so consistent performing week in week out. For me personally & I'm sure the stats back me up that he's the best LB in the Premier League this year. He's really improved his all round game the amount of chances he's created is immense. Love this lad & I'm So glad he's getting all the positive recognition that he deserves. For me is in with a huge shout to be our player of the year again

  • Alex of Smeg
    Alex of Smeg

    we were, not we was.

  • Jordan Bamidele
    Jordan Bamidele

    Luke shaw Has really Improved this season Because he has healthy Competition that make him More hungrier this season in my opinion 💯🥶🔥

  • C Joe
    C Joe

    Brazilian and Portuguese music in the changing room??? No wonder the rest are playing so bad! It's messing up their brainwaves.

  • Animesh Khare
    Animesh Khare

    he seems to blink a lot.

  • anu .S.S
    anu .S.S

    Sooo many "you know" :D Has anyone counted how many "you know" Luke said 🤣

  • Bhavish Shah
    Bhavish Shah

    For a minute I felt Shaw was on Football Daily

  • Jack Harpham
    Jack Harpham

    I’ve always had a soft soft for luke, he’s a quality player

  • Tirtha kumari Tamang
    Tirtha kumari Tamang

    Love💜and Support from mount evrest

  • Preetpal Singh
    Preetpal Singh

    If Beckham and Ryan Reynolds had a kid...

  • Espen Waag Omland
    Espen Waag Omland

    That guy must know a hell lot of things, if Luke is right

  • Birdman Jersey Jay
    Birdman Jersey Jay

    Who cares

  • viz dam
    viz dam

    Like this man sp much...very humble but fierce warrior on pitch..REDS alwayzzzz.

  • Drew_The_G0at

    Challenge: Take a shot everytime Luke Shaw says "you know"

  • Shawn Bens
    Shawn Bens

    @Luke Shaw: how come you’re so overrated and overweight?

  • ahmad afiq
    ahmad afiq

    Every sentence will have you know hahaha

  • Chinedu Micheal
    Chinedu Micheal

    They're is still very young....(mason,amad) Luke you aint old also...you're also still young...😂🤣

  • Helixx

    No one: Absolutely no one: Nobody on this universe: Shaw: You Know

  • Dea Gaming
    Dea Gaming

    How many times did he say you know XD

  • Rahami TV
    Rahami TV

    Tough player, luke ? : Messi ... So who is mo salah? Hahahahaha

  • Bob Liam
    Bob Liam

    Ali Dia

  • krylan20

    Best LB in the prem this season BIG FACTS!!!🔴⚫👹

  • Kedyville Gordon
    Kedyville Gordon

    Now a very happy together club... continue improving

  • Kyōketsu Shinjū
    Kyōketsu Shinjū

    “You know”

  • Alessandro Vocino
    Alessandro Vocino

    if you can count how many times did he say “I know” then you win my respect😂

    • Alessandro Vocino
      Alessandro Vocino

      u know*

  • carlos kharufy
    carlos kharufy

    Yknow yknow yknow yknow yknow yknow

  • Inam Cheema
    Inam Cheema

    2:50 is what you came for!

  • Ty Romano
    Ty Romano

    It’s the”you knows” and the ✨blinking✨ for me

  • Alex Hill
    Alex Hill

    Why does Luke blink so much! Like he blinks 5 times every 2 secs.

  • Niall Hanrahan
    Niall Hanrahan

    Just behind Bruno for player of the season

  • Jay Obaigwa
    Jay Obaigwa

    Maguire was not mentioned.....

  • Mark Momoh
    Mark Momoh

    Dude turned to Roberto Carlos as soon as Telles was signed 😂😂

  • J B
    J B

    Why does he blink so much

  • Sam Morse
    Sam Morse

    CEO of ‘you know’

  • Vulcan


  • Oniel Peterside
    Oniel Peterside

    Thought he was gonna say pepe is the hardest for him cause pepe always spinning him 😂

  • Talal Almalki
    Talal Almalki

    Damn StephenTries aged hella fast

  • Tj S
    Tj S

    He lied when he said Rashy and Martial

  • Tayler Oram
    Tayler Oram

    Take a shot everytime luke shaw says ‘you know’

  • Lenny Chusom
    Lenny Chusom

    Get this guy back in the England Team... Ben Chiwell is crappy lol

  • Mark Shortland
    Mark Shortland

    Cool man Luke

  • liam sewell
    liam sewell

    Did anyone do a ‘ya know’ count

  • Rohan Hasabe
    Rohan Hasabe

    yes we know

  • Ifi Ali
    Ifi Ali

    Best lb in premier league

  • Plop Polar bear
    Plop Polar bear

    Jooeee 👌

  • Rheetam Mitra
    Rheetam Mitra

    Bruno on fire everywhere 🔥

  • Red Lavish
    Red Lavish

    Uniteds best player this season and then Pogba.

  • Talk Is Cheap
    Talk Is Cheap

    Anyone know what platform they use to record these videos?

  • Jonathan Thompson
    Jonathan Thompson

    Our best defender by miles, he's so good

  • Nitrofy.

    the amount of times shaw said ' you know' in this is mad

  • Z X DiRection
    Z X DiRection

    This is how many times he said "U know " 👇

  • zeke zhen
    zeke zhen

    The phobic picture summatively stop because basket encouragingly save before a precious apartment. ugliest, elderly grey

  • ibrahim ali
    ibrahim ali

    luke shaw is such a dead player

  • Hj Ariffin
    Hj Ariffin

    let's go, Amad diallo ,about to go, never slow, and going to score

  • Gabriel Gabriel
    Gabriel Gabriel

    My eyes are bleeding, You know?

  • Liyan Malik
    Liyan Malik

    Still incomparable to the best lbs in the world. He’s been good for half a season united fans. Calm down.

  • Jammy Biz
    Jammy Biz

    On current form best LB in the premier league

  • Calvin Tai
    Calvin Tai

    Luke really turned up after telles came.

  • TJ PlayZ
    TJ PlayZ

    The twist is in Brazil you speak Portuguese

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed

    This video kills you once you notice all the "u'know"s

  • Shahaan Zaheer
    Shahaan Zaheer

    You know

  • Riley Orpin
    Riley Orpin

    Brazilian isn’t a language

  • Emmanuel Munene
    Emmanuel Munene

    Shaw: I would say Ozark Interviewer: Nooiicee

  • Aldrich Antoine
    Aldrich Antoine

    you know I'm waiting for this video, you know because I think you know Luke Shaw had a really good season, you know I don't know how many times he said you know😂

  • Aldrich Antoine
    Aldrich Antoine

    you know I'm waiting for this video, you know because I think you know Luke Shaw had a really good season, you know I don't know how many times he said you know😂

  • Anguzu Keith
    Anguzu Keith

    You know 😂

  • Wisdom Nina
    Wisdom Nina

    Fun fact: He says "u know" 133 times

  • Pierre Loo
    Pierre Loo

    the amount of “You know”s 🤣

  • Hausmanden -.-
    Hausmanden -.-

    Anyone got a counter of how many times he said "u know"

  • Tirop Ian T.I
    Tirop Ian T.I

    Best blinker ever😂😂😂😂

  • Aminah Mather
    Aminah Mather

    Rashy ... and Anthony .... are the best finishers?

  • A

    If Bruno wasn't doing Bruno things he'd be the Man U's Player of the Season

  • Samuel Moniz
    Samuel Moniz

    Maguire must be rolling in his grave after the world officially realizing that Bruno actually runs the room and team.

  • dlzn

    Luke, You Know. Shaw

  • giovanni Libonati
    giovanni Libonati

    8:58 I know this man did not call Martial a great finisher

  • Joon - young
    Joon - young

    *you know* bruh

  • junior sanchez
    junior sanchez

    Luke ¨U KNOW¨ Shaw

  • Karol Lobato
    Karol Lobato

    The amount of times Luke said “You Know” 😂

  • FLV

    You know.

  • Liday _dragon
    Liday _dragon

    you know, you know , you know Hahah xD

  • Suni Simon
    Suni Simon

    10:44 Pogba🔥🔥😍

  • Ahadu Monitor
    Ahadu Monitor

    Luke Shaw: Messi is the best in the world, and has been for the past 10 years Ronaldo: Unsubscribes and clicks off the video

  • JJ Bankzz
    JJ Bankzz

    I think Luke wanted to escape

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    Lesley Gomez

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    • Chris Sian
      Chris Sian

      @Mason Liam Thanks mate 👍 I hope he'll be able to teach me the basics proper way of investing.

  • Everybody Jay
    Everybody Jay

    Best Left back in the World

  • Rayden Tan
    Rayden Tan

    4:28 😂😂😂 8:01 he's the goat

  • Neil Carlson
    Neil Carlson

    11 minutes of luke shaw saying 'you know'🤣

  • Mikel Christopher
    Mikel Christopher

    0:26 I thought it would be pepe jk is always messi

  • SpaceCadet

    who knew that bruno fernandes still uses itunes ay

  • Shay Hibbitts
    Shay Hibbitts

    who is the best lb itl? and why are you?

  • D Jm
    D Jm

    Luke Shaw must get his England place back. Best left back in the Premier League.

  • Olivier Rou
    Olivier Rou

    Shaw should of said nico pepe😉

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson

    He said U know 73 times

  • Lewis Parker
    Lewis Parker

    Luke y’know shaw

  • Padraig Cantwell
    Padraig Cantwell

    Best left back