Rodri explains WHY it was his turn to take a penalty for Man City in their 3-0 win vs Spurs
Rodri explains why it was his turn to step up to take a penalty for Man City against Spurs in their 3-0 win.
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  • Emran Abubaker
    Emran Abubaker

    Is it me or he look like a hungry vampire

  • Munsif Thasleem
    Munsif Thasleem

    vamos! this is city!🔵🔵🔵

  • Bruh moment
    Bruh moment

    Damn so a year and half in Manchester can make you somewhat proficient in English but 3 years in Paris won't even make Neymar say a few words in French?

  • Ismail Khlil Studio
    Ismail Khlil Studio

    Spanish footballer kinda smart. They learn and speak english very quick. DeGea/Mata.

  • Chris Sapalidis
    Chris Sapalidis

    Rodri be like 👁️👅👁️

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson

    Rodri > Thiago

  • Balik Supper
    Balik Supper

    It was a terrible penalty.

  • Bossman Jack
    Bossman Jack

    Better English than Kane

  • Mizo Zial
    Mizo Zial

    Very good English

  • Prithvi randhawa
    Prithvi randhawa

    most definitely ederson's turn lol

  • ericha aga
    ericha aga

    Is that Justin bieber plays footbal?

  • Antg203

    Specifirico lmfao

  • sital subedi
    sital subedi

    Dont cry you were poor and luckly it went in, ederson should have given that opportunity

  • Andrew

    People talk about Bruno Penandes while City struggling to score for one. Finishing the job wasn't for everyone

    • Hawi dere
      Hawi dere

      Because aguero is injured that's why

  • Hamiisii M.
    Hamiisii M.

    Ederson could have ended the match with a goal, assist and a clean sheet.

  • Frostyz LF
    Frostyz LF

    When I seen Ederson going down the field to take the shot I was gassed but then Bernardo sent him back

  • amadeusz mozart
    amadeusz mozart

    He took penalty cuz everyone bet on Gundogan to score first... just a business...

  • Tech Insiders
    Tech Insiders

    I hope they loose every game so Man Utd have a chance

  • Luis Villadiego
    Luis Villadiego

    His English is better than Kane

  • Have That
    Have That

    City real test is UCL. Hope they do well and go to the final. They deserve it 👏

  • CODE E
    CODE E

    Nice guy !

  • Souhitya Sen
    Souhitya Sen

    Terrible penalty but great mentality!

  • OZZY Hono20
    OZZY Hono20

    Was a very bad panelty and you were so lucky

  • Gee Mwangi
    Gee Mwangi

    We love you rodri

  • Hx Dx
    Hx Dx

    Why can't he be like ronaldo?!😂😂 We had a fantastic time

  • AB G
    AB G

    Ruben Dias should be given penalty duties for a game or two!!! He's having a good time now and maybe that can translate into penalties as well

  • Fuerte Ash
    Fuerte Ash

    Rodri speaks better English than I thought...👀

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown

    As a united fan glad to see this lad come good. Sound bloke

  • AJC music
    AJC music

    I just want to see ederson take one 🙏🤣

  • Juan Bermudez
    Juan Bermudez

    POV: your looking for a ‘better English than Kane’ comment.

  • Ace 212
    Ace 212

    Ederson could have had a goal and an assist lol.

  • Jake BG
    Jake BG

    Why did i expect Rodri to have a much deeper voice?

  • Daryeel Caafimaad
    Daryeel Caafimaad

    Sterling and Gundogun are failed to score, Man City lack of Penaltist, Like Man U Bruno Penaldes and Salah Liverpool !

  • Daniel

    Rodri backwards is Irdor. Irdor sounds like Hodor. Hodor was in GoT. GoT was watched by people. People commit crime. Therefore Rodri is actually a criminal. Think about it.

  • Nihh Nihh
    Nihh Nihh

    He looks sick why is so pale

  • 9M Hiro
    9M Hiro

    Next time if rodri miss too, ederson will take the penalty

  • Deano 2021
    Deano 2021

    Very underrated player, he’s beginning to have the impact Fernandinho had in his prime for us when we won back to back titles, top player.

  • barbaro Helm
    barbaro Helm

    Abu Dhabi charity club

  • Martin West
    Martin West

    Bunch of children, I want to take it, No its my turn, But you took it last week, And you missed, oh get stuffed, Pep ! Pep ! Will you tell him, he won't give me the ball.

  • Faian Ataide
    Faian Ataide

    I am not a man city fan but Rodri is soo underrated

  • KhaledTM 65
    KhaledTM 65

    The best CDM

  • lardosian

    He was lucky, it was a terrible penalty.

  • Aron Cussen
    Aron Cussen

    Wish gundogon took the pen for the hattrick in hindsight

  • LingardinhoSZN

    After all the misses I see why, but Ederson should have took it

  • ev4n on YT
    ev4n on YT

    Rodri’s English is better than Harry Kane’s 😂😂😂

  • Christian Ogbeide
    Christian Ogbeide

    Well played but let Ederson take pens

  • Pane In The Glass
    Pane In The Glass

    Lovely guy. Nice attitude. Well done son!

  • hayleymorrell1

    It’s Edersons turn he will stick it top bins

  • Yiannis K
    Yiannis K

    Aguero was good, is he considered past?

  • James Beardmore
    James Beardmore

    Was the explanation along the lines of ‘Man City are on an amazing winning run, playing at the top of their game, with a point cushion, with only 1 serious challenger to the league’ so it doesn’t really matter who takes the pens.

  • Mitoo

    Hehe... Son and Lamela not dancing anymore🤣🤣🤣😁.. Remember! Manchester United Curse🙂 Thats what happens with imature and disrespectful players..and I am very happy that Tottenham is being beaten by every team..Tottenham is everyone's B...whoever wants, just comes and F them.. I would really like these Tottenham players to review there dance back their in Old Trafford...would they be ashamed of themselves?.seing how ridiculous and shameless they were? 🙂

  • Timo Werner
    Timo Werner

    Gundogan robbed twice of a hat trick

    • mohamad faridzuan mohamad nazri
      mohamad faridzuan mohamad nazri

      Wtf werner? What are u doing here? I heard pep tried signing u last year but u rejected it. Feeling sorry now?

  • Anonymous 123
    Anonymous 123

    Did he just admit that he’s more confident on that side and he’s going to take their next penalty

  • John Murton
    John Murton

    Was a terrible penalty ederson should take them

  • sheed -
    sheed -

    Man is definitely mocking spurs by calling them a strong team,what's strong about that defence

  • Gabriel Langton
    Gabriel Langton

    Their is a thief somewhere, somebody stole his eyebrows :0

  • Roz Con
    Roz Con

    Seems like a nice boy

  • K Q
    K Q

    Professional to the fullest, his English is on point, look at other players that do not learn the language😔 big up Rodri

  • Abdallah Sofiane
    Abdallah Sofiane

    Sterling should be the penalty taker. But first make sure there are no pigeons in the stadium

  • arzemagic

    He seems like a really nice chap I wishing well

  • Cosmic Baggy
    Cosmic Baggy

    Ederson could score a penalty from his own penalty spot.

  • inzamam fahad
    inzamam fahad

    Please don't take another penalty . You almost missed !

  • rockychieng88

    better English than Harry Kane and Jamie Carragher.

  • Abdullah Sabir
    Abdullah Sabir

    if rodri misses eferson should take next penalty

  • Akmal Rodzi
    Akmal Rodzi

    He's lucky, it was a poor penalty

  • EinfachLeoHD

    gündogan player of the year

  • Bút Nguyễn
    Bút Nguyễn


  • HUSH

    At least Sky gave eased up on ramming Black Lives Matter

  • Apex Legends Daily
    Apex Legends Daily

    Top guy, English is fantastic too.

  • Nicholas Benedict Goh
    Nicholas Benedict Goh

    And some of my fellow Chelsea fans were claiming Jorginho is better... C'mon mates one is sitting first and the other was close to leaving the Club...

  • Philipp Dias
    Philipp Dias

    has the same aneurisms as pep lol. spaniards

  • Robert Scott
    Robert Scott

    Ederson probably said to shoot right and he almost messed it up hahahah

  • Sean Diemar
    Sean Diemar

    Rest of the team doesn’t want to take pens because everyone ones afraid they’ll miss

  • Zeded

    But but.. Allison has more assists than Ederson too😂

  • Franco Gugiato
    Franco Gugiato

    POV: Listen to your guts and not listen other persons sences lol

  • Furious Goals
    Furious Goals

    Great Change

  • Tsering getyourbagpack
    Tsering getyourbagpack

    Just give the ball to Ederson 🙌

  • Christians9955

    They will sign mark noble to take the pens next year 🤣

  • Harvey Hill
    Harvey Hill

    What a man 🙌🏼

  • David Scanlon
    David Scanlon

    He's Literally on the ball.

  • john honai
    john honai

    Feeling sad for my bro Ederson who came upto penalty area and he was turned down by Bernardo .

  • Kim Nick
    Kim Nick

    Consistent & influencial player! Joy to see Man City play 🔥

    • S Shah AFC
      S Shah AFC

      Definitely, even rival/ neutral fans can appreciate the way City play 🔥🤩

  • Frank Wehrhahn
    Frank Wehrhahn

    That was a poor penalty tbh

  • Pratik Pradhan
    Pratik Pradhan

    The first was never a penalty.

  • BD

    Fellas turning into some player

  • Aido Collins
    Aido Collins

    Did someone shave his eyebrows and they’re halfway through growing back or are they just a bit thin naturally

  • mzpedro

    Lol he already can speak english??? Good lad

  • Ellis Allen
    Ellis Allen

    So underrated had son and Kane in his pocket

  • lewisyates_ 1021
    lewisyates_ 1021

    1:36 😅😂 didnt listen, I love Rodri

  • lewisyates_ 1021
    lewisyates_ 1021

    Penodri or pendri, which is better?

  • Kathy Lewis
    Kathy Lewis


  • Tom Cheung
    Tom Cheung

    better english than harry kane

  • Cori 9ine
    Cori 9ine

    He didn't take Edersons advice and almost missed the pen

  • Melow Tizan
    Melow Tizan


  • Sigit Prabowo
    Sigit Prabowo

    Speaks better english than Harry Kane

  • Alviand Arif
    Alviand Arif

    Humble player, class player, if you hate this man it's mean you should watch more football

  • Matty Black
    Matty Black

    i dont even support man city but they are best team in world by far

  • Manchester Is Blue
    Manchester Is Blue

    sit down rest of the league

  • Dan

    I’d like to know too seeing as I had sterling 3-0 gundagon 3-0 🙄🤷🏽‍♂️

  • WiLD.R

    Robbed of an ederson penalty